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    How to turn tap water alkaline (+ Hay House World Summit News)

    How to turn tap water alkaline (+ Hay House World Summit News)

    Thank you so much to everyone who commented to request a post about how I healed 12 years of terrible skin. Looks like there’s a new article in your future!

    But first…

    I have something else (and potentially even better) to share with you!

    You may have heard about Dr Emoto’s work. He is the awesome dude who showed us that although all molecular composition of water is H2O, it is the structure of all water which is different. He took water from various sources and demonstrated it to us under a microscope to reveal snowflake-like structures, he then uttered various words to the water and demonstrated what happens to these structures. Here’s an example:

    Dr Emoto did an experiment which blew everyone’s minds and got us all trying this at home. He distributed the same amount of rice and water from the same source into identical jars and put them near each other in the same room. Then, every day for a month, he uttered the words ‘Thank you’ to one jar, to the middle jar he said ‘You’re an idiot’ and the last jar- he completely ignored.

    After a month, the rice that had been thanked was fermenting and giving off a pleasant aroma; the rice in the second jar turned black; but it was the rice that had been ignored which shockingly was the most ‘damaged’. It started to rot.

    Dr Emoto believed that this is the same as how we bring up children. We should converse with them and give them attention. Indifference does the most harm.

    Deepak Chopra took this experiment even further and showed us how the same principle applied in the work force, where to be criticised is actually better than to be ignored. Your rate of disengagement falls to a whooping 42% when you are ignored, 25% when you are criticised and just 1% when you are supported.

    Deepak Chopra also showed us that when we experience love, our brain goes into a healing mode. And the same goes for all water. Kind words such as ‘I love you’ or ‘Thank you’ or ‘You’re beautiful’ uttered lovingly to your glass of water even when it comes out of a tap can transform the pH of it from acid to alkaline.

    That’s some powerful stuff! Can you even imagine what else you can do with such simple techniques if you only knew what they were? Can you imagine having the key to shedding off the weight which is bothering you, improving your digestion, healing your skin, increasing bone density, transforming your relationships and just being the awesomest amazing you?…

    Deepak has all the answers! Not even kidding.

    Download a taste of Deepak for free before it’s gone>>

    They said 'strictly no photos'. He may be Deepak Chopra, but I'm Russian :)



    If he’s good enough to be Oprah Winfrey’s No1 advisor/guru/mentor, then he’s good enough to be my teacher too! So good in fact, I happily paid hundreds just to hear him Live for a couple of hours when he was in London and paid thousands to hear him present only one lecture on my Nutrition course. So now that there’s this insane opportunity to hear from the man himself and for absolutely nothing, I HAD to share this with you…

    Hay House is at it again! They’re bringing you another World Summit to empower, heal and transform your life with the world’s leading experts.

    If you’ve never experienced a Hay House World Summit, you’re in for a real treat! Now there’s 20 days to listen, a downloadable Hay House World Summit Welcome Pack to help you take action, and a supportive global community –devoted to learning, growing and living life to the fullest!

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    Pre-Event Attendee Bonus Lessons

    As a “Thank You” for registering, Hay House is offering 4 amazing audio lessons for you to enjoy for FREE. These lessons are a great way to start your learning adventure while you wait for the summit to start! Hear the sensational…

    Marianne Williamson – Wisdom from a Course in Miracles
    Deepak Chopra – Who Am I?
    Brian Weiss – Meditation, Past Lives and Relaxation
    Davidji – Meditation and Mindfulness

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    What’s in this World Summit for you?

    • 100 experts, authors and spiritual teachers covering multiple topics including, physical, mental and emotional health, spirituality, prosperity, relationships and self-empowerment. (I’ll be there too!!)
    • Inspirational movies to uplift, stimulate and renew your mind, body and spirit.
    • The Hay House World Summit Welcome Pack to help you follow through in making changes that are important to you.
    • Choose Your Personal Growth Path Infographic to guide you to the lessons you most want to hear.
    • Exclusive access to our Hay House World Summit Facebook Group, a group of like-minded people who understand you and will support and nurture you in living your best life.

    Get all of this wisdom FREE with 20 days to listen and learn from the world’s leading experts!

    P.S. Deepak Chopra’s and Marianne Williamson’s audio lessons will only be available for 3 more days!

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