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    Tanya Maher The Kind Fast 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge


    Don’t wait for new year, leave the 2020 weight where it belongs!


    Join me and a whole tribe of Intermittent Fasters on a 21 day challenge to burn fat, shrink the waistline, feel confident and radiant, improve sleep, strengthen the immune system and look seriously insanely good… all while eating your favourite foods!


    No calorie restrictions

    No magic pills or expensive shakes

    No starving

    No eliminating any foods or food groups

    And, dare I say it, no exercise



    Hi, I’m Tanya Maher, a Wellness Coach, Plant-Based Chef, Nutritionist and Hay House Author.


    Tanya Maher Selfridges 


    I opened ‘Tanya’s’, Chelsea’s high-end organic living food restaurant and Europe’s first ever superfood cocktail bar in 2014, and was the first in the world to launch a raw organic pop-up within a department store (Selfridges, London) the following year.


    I’ve written 100’s of successful personalised detox and weight-loss plans and delivered 1000’s of done-for-you alkaline cleanse packages all over the UK.


    Meanwhile, I’ve watched my own weight fluctuate (dramatically at times) since my teenage years.


    Also meanwhile, I would spend 20 years trialling every diet and product I believed to be either healthy for me or an interesting experiment to discuss with my clients…


    I’ve tried juice cleansing, Eat Right For Your Blood Type, laxative teas, Keto diet, Paleo diet, Mediterranean diet, lectin/dairy/gluten free diet, raw food diet, kale salad diet, soup diet, anti-inflammatory diet, liver flush, calorie restriction plans, sugar detox, vegan diet, fruitarian diet, water fasting, green tea cleansing, intuitive eating, mindful eating, 80/20 plan, master cleanse (lemonade diet), rainbow diet, Noom, body type diet, portion control, Bulletproof diet, activated charcoal cleanse, Acid Alkaline Breakthrough, macro diet, lymphatic drainage massage, sauna and sweat therapy, and countless sessions with personal trainers and nutritionists.


    try again without the socks meme


    No matter what I tried, after a while, the weight would pile back on, the fat would stack on up and my mood and self-esteem would drop so dramatically, I’d need to cancel on people. (And I’m not the type that cancels!)

    Then kids happened.

    Then lockdown happened.

    Then stress took over.

    Then I found myself at my heaviest.


    Sounding somewhat familiar?


    Also, during the first lockdown, I worked out more than I have in my entire life, yet my appetite and waistline only grew larger.


    It was a vicious cycle and I went to a bit of a dark space for a while.


    That’s when I discovered that every single time your tongue touches anything sweet (or any snack for that matter), the brain sends signals to your stomach about the food that’s on its way and this produces an insulin surge.


    With increased insulin in your body, your system remains in the fat-storing mode without any opportunity for fat burning to occur.


    Every bite of carrot is an activity that involves both body and brain.


    Even chewing gum promotes gut activity, stimulates hunger and elevates insulin levels to keep you in the fat-storing state.


    So if you are continually nibbling, your body will just continue storing fat, resulting in obesity and liver damage.

    – Dr Michael Mosley



    There goes my theory of sticking to small meals to boost metabolism and avoid stretching the stomach size.


    (This was my winning weight maintenance strategy during my 20’s… but that was many years ago now).


    So, I downloaded every reputable book and clinical study I could possibly find on this new obsession of mine: INSULIN & OBESITY.


    This is when I discovered Intermittent Fasting (IF).


    IF is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of eating and … well… not eating.


    But, ‘giving your body a rest from eating for a chance to rest and restore’ is not exactly a new concept to us.


    Most religious groups are used to some form of fasting.


    Doctors know that fasting is safe and effective. Whether you go for colonoscopy, surgery or blood work, you’re always asked to fast.


    Our ancestors often went without eating for extended periods of time. They would hunt and gather, prepare the meal, feast, rest and often not have anything to eat for many days on end.


    For most animals in the wild, periods of feast and famine are the norm. And you won’t find a single obese lion in his natural habitat. On the other hand, it is very possible for animals to overfeed and carry extra fat when they’re on an eating schedule in captivity.


    In fact, most of us already do this 12 hours per day, every day. (It’s not unusual to finish your last meal at 7pm and have your breakfast at 7am.)



    The issue is, most of us are also walking around with fatty sluggish livers and 12 hours of fasting is simply not enough for the liver to cleanse and rejuvenate.


    “You can exercise all you want but you can’t exercise your liver.”

    – Dr Jason Fung


    And then on top of it all,  if you’re always snacking, not only does the liver remain sluggish, causing you grief in forms of allergies, acne, brain fog, digestive issues, blood sugar imbalances and fatigue, but your body doesn’t get the chance to burn off any stored fat in other [more visible] areas.



    Science also shows that if you don’t give yourself a decent break from eating, your liver never gets a chance to properly rid itself of stored fats and as a result accelerates aging and invites every type of disease.


    Tanya Maher The Kind Fast 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Course

    Source: Times Square Chronicles


    So, whether you’re looking to:


    • Burn some thickly embedded fat, that’s weighing you down and making you feel gross and lethargic, or
    • Boost your immune system, so you don’t catch every cold and flu going around, or
    • Look younger and more radiant, so you can actually look forward to your next birthday and be proud of your age, or perhaps you just want to
    • Feel more energised, more alive and stronger in body and mind, so that your children and grandchildren grow up with someone healthy they can look up to…



    … It is clear that Intermittent Fasting is THE way to achieve ultimate health.


    But which?


    There’s a variety of Intermittent Fasts you can explore:


    5:2 DIET

    This is where you eat normally for five days a week, then cut your calories down to a quarter for the other two (600 for men and 500 for women each Monday and Thursday)



    Also called ‘Alternating day diet’ or ‘4:3’, this is where you eat what you like every other day and restrict calories to a quarter during alternating days.


    16:8 FAST

    This is where you fast for 16 hours and have an 8 hour eating window each day. Many skip breakfast and eat between 11am and 7pm.


    18:6, 19:5, 20:4, 23:1 FAST

    These are all variations of the above, where you fast for ‘whatever the first number of hours is’ and feast for ‘whatever the second number of hours is’.



    Also referred to an ‘OMAD’, this intermittent fast is exactly as described.



    Slightly confused again?  Are you now asking yourself:


    How do I know which plan is right for me?

    How will I possibly go most of the day without eating anything?

    What if I can’t focus at all, because starvation will consume my mind?

    What if I get so hungry that I faint?

    What if I get so hungry that I end up eating an entire tub of ice cream?

    What if my hunger builds and builds to the point that I explode and become impossible to be around?

    Won’t I also lose muscle mass?

    Won’t I feel weak and fragile and tired without food?



    I can tell you with full confidence that I have tried every single type of Intermittent Fast above and the answer to each concern is a LOUD:


    ‘No’, ‘You won’t’ and ‘The opposite is true’!


    Tanya Maher's The Kind Fast Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Motivation

    Source: Weight Loss Motivation


    So, the whole ‘you feast, you fast’ concept is pretty simple…


    But man oh man is it not easy without the right tools and support!


    Not only is it ‘not easy’, but do this badly and you could completely slow down your metabolism long term, making it harder and harder to lose any weight at all as the years go on.


    Willpower alone won’t get you far either when you could be lacking the right tools to get your body’s appetite centre working again.


    But on the other hand, once the appestat is restored (you should FEEL it only 2-3 weeks in using the simple tools I offer during The Kind Fast Challenge), that’s when:


    • You recover control over food
    • The weight seems to fall off effortlessly
    • Your goal weight is easy to maintain (hundreds reported an average sustained weight loss of 44 pounds)*
    • Your waistline literally shrinks before everyone’s eyes
    • Your body’s intuition for the right foods turns on, driving unhealthy cravings away (There’ll come a day when you’ll pass on the chocolate cake… just wait and see!)
    • You’ll start to save money (hundreds reported US$2,500 saved annually on food costs)*
    • You’ll start to save time (hundreds reported 9 hours saved weekly)*
    • You’ll ditch the calorie counting for good
    • You’ll see that in order to achieve your ideal body, no food is off limits (yet you’ll develop a ‘strange’ need for healthier choices every time
    • The endless negotiations in your head stop
    • You begin to work with your body instead of fighting it

     *Dr Bert Herring’s survey responses to Intermittent Fasting with Appetite Correction


    Now, just imagine showing up at your Christmas Lunch, feeling better and looking slimmer than you have in years!


    And now, imagine being surrounded by every type of festive indulgence, creamy sauces, carb city, gooey puddings and buttery baking…


    But, it doesn’t seem to phase you one bit!


    You sample a little of everything.

    You appreciate everyone’s love and effort that went into each meal.

    But you know when to stop.

    You’re completely happy to walk away.

    Not because you’re restricted but some diet, but because your appetite centre is in balance and you feel wonderfully satisfied.


    Well, Christmas is right around the corner, but that scene doesn’t need to be a dream.


    Tanya Maher The Kind Fast 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Course 


    When you join The Kind Fast Challenge, you will:


    • Discover the exact tools you need to get your appetite centre working again
    • Understand which food combinations are giving you the bloat and which boost digestion
    • Know how to choose the right Intermittent Fasting plan for you and your lifestyle
    • Learn about the most magic healing herb available in every supermarket around the world
    • Receive 11 nourishing plant-based recipe ideas to break your fast with, weekly (33 in total, £57 Value)
    • Get exclusive access to our private Facebook group where all the support happens
    • Have access to join four LIVE coaching calls with me, including a LIVE Q&A (£199 x 4 = £796 Value)
    • Receive recordings of every call in case you miss it :) 




    Join The Kind Fast challenge now and get these FREE BONUSES instantly!


    BONUS #1

    One Day Raw Food Detox Plan

    “Feel more energised and less bloated in just 24 hours”

    VALUE: £29

    Tanya Maher The Kind Fast 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Course Bonus

    Don’t wait to start the Intermittent Fasting Challenge and try out a system reset for a day.

    There are two 24 hour menu plans, one for a juicer and one for a blender.

    And with my done-for-you shopping lists, it really doesn’t get much easier to get started.

    Also learn to menu plan and discover my top tips for better digestion plus how to tell which foods are best for healing which organs.

    Watch out though: This plan is known to give you so much energy, you’ve gotta be prepared!



    Get this FREE when you join today!

    BONUS #2

    What Your Cravings Say About You Chart

    “Discover what you may be deficient in”

    VALUE: £39

    Tanya Maher The Kind Fast 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Course Bonus

    Unlike hunger which is controlled by the stomach, cravings are controlled by the brain and have a lot to teach you!

    Whether you’re cravings salty chips, coffee, cheese or crunching on ice, there is a reason…

    Use this chart to work out what you may be deficient in and some suggestions of food and supplements to restore the deficiency and finally let the cravings stop driving you insane.



    Get this FREE when you join today!

    BONUS #3

    The Juicer Buying Guide

    “No more being manipulated by company ads, this is my unbiased report”

    VALUE: £19

    Tanya Maher The Kind Fast 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Course Bonus

    Although we won’t be juicing on The Kind Fast Challenge, I will tell you all about the most magic healing herb which fights autoimmune disease, restores liver function, kills viruses, essential for the brain and gets rid of the bloat.

    This herb is available at your local supermarket and once my clients discover its benefits, they usually rush to buy a juicer… but which one?

    In a single page, I explain the differences between various models and pros and cons of each brand, so that you can make an informed decision and feel confident about your choice.



    Get this FREE when you join today!

    BONUS #4

    Acid Alkaline Food Chart

    “Transform your health by knowing exactly which foods to choose and avoid”

    VALUE: £49

    Tanya Maher The Kind Fast 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Course Bonus

    The science is simple:

    If your diet consists mostly of alkaline foods, you are more energised, vibrant and youthful and you feel happier, healthier, more balanced and more positive about life (and your weight).

    If your diet consists mostly of acid foods, your body is at risk of inviting and breeding disease, you often feel weak and tired, and you recover much much slower.

    But how do you know which foods are alkaline and which foods are acid?

    I put together an entire chart outlining which drinks/fruit/vegetables/sweets/greens/grains/legumes/dairy/nuts/meats/fish/fats sit where on the pH scale.



    Get this FREE when you join today!

    BONUS #5

    One Week Of Raw Food Recipes From The Valley Of Longevity

    “Replicate my spiritual luxury retreat with these top secret recipes”

    VALUE: £67

    Tanya Maher The Kind Fast 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Course Bonus

    This highly sought after menu plan is the exact pdf I emailed to all the retreat participants on my recent Ecuador Retreat.

    Each day we feasted on vibrant gourmet raw living meals, which were lovingly prepared by my mum and myself.

    The best part is that each day had a theme and the whole menu plan is also arranged in cuisines, such as Asian Feast, Italian Feast, Mexican Feast, etc.

    Each participant paid multiple £1,000’s to attend and discover this menu, but until now, no one except them has ever seen the actual recipes!



    Get all of those FREE when you join today!


    Plus, you risk nothing today by grabbing this bundle.


    …Because, your entire purchase is protected and backed by a “no nonsense”…




    Here’s the deal:


    You either love all the information I’ll be sharing with you on our group coaching calls AND when using the tools I share, you slim down by Day 21, or you can send one email that same day and get ALL your money back.


    It’s as simple and straight-forward as that.


    And, better yet…


    You can still keep access to all the live call recordings AND every single one of the bonuses!


    So The Kind Fast Challenge is either everything I’ve described it to be or it costs you… nothing!


    Sound fair?

    If so…


    Tanya Maher The Kind Fast 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Course Bonus


    Let me show you EVERYTHING you get when you order TODAY:


    4 x LIVE Group Coaching Calls (£199 x 4 = £796 Value)
    33 x Healthful Plant-Based Breaking Fast Recipes (£19 x 3 = £57 Value)
    The Kind Fast Tribe FB Support Network (priceless)
    One Day Raw Food Detox Plan (£29 Value)
    What Your Cravings Say About You Chart (£39 Value)
    The Juicer Buying Guide (£19 Value)
    Acid Alkaline Food Chart (£49 Value)
    One Week Of Raw Food Recipes From The Valley Of Longevity (£67 Value)


    TOTAL VALUE: GBP £1,056 (USD $1,402)


    For ONLY £59


    Yes, please, I want it all right now!


    This is a limited time offer.


    Tanya Maher The Kind Fast 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Course