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    Why Detox?
    Let’s just say that if you got to this page, you already have an idea why...
    You probably already know that you can feel much better, that your skin can do with a much healthier glow, that you can have much more energy for life, perhaps a few less pounds around your waist, better digestion (much better!) and that you can certainly do without the aftermath of alcohol and artificial or heavy food consumption.
    Our extraordinary body has its own natural healing system and renews each and every cell entirely within just seven years, but unfortunately we pollute it with toxins faster than it can eliminate them.
    De-toxing is all about giving your miraculous body that much needed break from its work. It is about cleaning, restoring and nourishing from inside out to protect you from disease and renew your ability to maintain optimum health and vitality.

    Take a Quiz: Discover how Tox-sick you are

    1. Do you often get cravings for stimulants (coffee, sweets, meat, cigarettes)?
    (A) Often    (B) Sometimes   (C) Never

    2. Do you have any allergies (seasonal, environmental or food)?
    (A) Yes    (B) Sometimes   (C) No

    3. Do you often feel tired, stressed and irritable?
    (A) Yes    (B) Sometimes   (C) Rarely

    4. Do you suffer indigestion, gas, bloating or stomach pains?
    (A) Often    (B) Sometimes   (C) Never

    5. Do you tend to get colds and flu’s easily?
    (A) Yes    (B) Sometimes   (C) No

    6. Do you experience insomnia ?
    (A) Often    (B) Sometimes   (C) Never

    7. Do you have trouble concentrating, or staying focused?
    (A) Often    (B) Sometimes   (C) Never

    8. Do you have skin problems or varicose veins?
    (A) Yes    (B) Sometimes   (C) No

    9. Do you have bad breath or body odour?
    (A) Yes    (B) Sometimes   (C) No

    10. Do you go for more than one day without a bowel movement?
    (A) Often    (B) Sometimes   (C) Never

    Add up your answers A = 2, B = 1, and C = 0

    16-20 Red Alert: You are currently experiencing a lot of toxicity and your health could be at risk if you do not take charge of a lifestyle change. You must start immediately with a slow safe detox to prevent major health complications or diseases that may already be a threat. You could experience various detox symptoms, but they will be a good indicator of how successful your toxins release is. Don’t put this off, I’ve never enjoyed saying ‘I told you so’

    11-15 Ah Oh: You will benefit greatly from a detox. Your physical symptoms may be enough to lessen your health over time and prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest. You may feel a little worse before you feel better, because when you improve your diet, not only does the body have to burn the fat, but must cope with toxic waste embedded within the fat. Detoxifying once a year could be your answer to a stronger immune system.

    6-10 Not too shabby: You are in generally good health but you have a few symptoms that indicate toxic stress. Even some minor changes to your diet and lifestyle could make a great impact on your quality of life. Extra nurturing and gentle detox will prevent environmental stressors from having as much impact on you and you will be able to feel protected even in the least healthy environments.

    0-5 My hero: You are in good health and your lifestyle is nurturing and supportive of your physical body. A little added detox week will take you to a superior level of wellness allowing you to experience heightened creativity, intuitive awareness and limitless energy.  

    “Wow, I had no idea how many amazing things you can create without cooking. How many ‘I’ would be able to create! And enjoy them too! Just for the recipes alone, I would’ve paid double and the changes I have seen in my energy levels are priceless”
    –L. Jackson

    “My initial concern before I started Tanya Alekseeva’s Detox Program was being sustained enough to keep off the crappy old diet. This has completely changed- I gained superior knowledge on nutrition, no cravings anymore, completely sustained for the first time in my life, I could never pass a bakery without my lorry stopping, lost 2stone almost straight away and have gone on to lose another 2stone since Jan 1st 2011 [feedback March 2011]. Skin has improved greatly, more energy, sleep better, feel more able to handle stressful situations. Recommend to anyone and everyone.
    -C. Coombe

    “I have been dreaming about losing weight for years after my last baby and thought I was doing all the right things, but meeting you was truly life changing. You have given me so much inspiration and explained everything so clearly, I am sincerely grateful for all your advice and the knowledge I now posses. Losing 8kgs for me was an absolute dream come true, I cannot thank you enough”

    “Tanya, thank you for really listening and providing a program that is so suited for my crazy schedule. I have been putting this off for too many years and felt it was time when I heard about you through a friend. I was worried about being uncomfortable in sharing my ‘issues’, but meeting you was like meeting a good and special friend that I wanted to spill everything to. Recipes were amazing, my transformation very real and I truly feel detoxed, cleansed and ready for bikinis”

    So what to do now?

    You have 3 options...

    FREE: Find out the best tips on how to detoxify with this Free '11 ways to get detoxing today' article

    AFFORDABLE: Get my downloadable book ‘Purified- Your Complete 7 Day Detox Program’, that has 2 successful menu plans (for Budget and Luxury Detoxer), comes complete with a shopping list for each menu, has simple to follow all under 30 minute recipes, even an explanation why each chosen ingredient is so vital for your detox. And you won’t even need a dehydrator or juicer all week.

    INVESTMENT: You can now take full advantage of my high impact One to One coaching programs, where I will tailor a successful results driven plan specifically for your body, your schedule and your lifestyle. I will guide and support you every step of the way to get you exactly where you want to be. (Warning: this may or may not include tears. All part of toxins release :)) Check out the coaching page for details or call right away for a no obligation 15 min chat