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    Become a Certified Health Coach

    In early 2013 I received a call from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, offering me a part scholarship for their year-long course.

    I’ve already eyed up their unbelievable-sounding program several times and was well aware of IIN being the world’s largest nutrition school. The call came as a sweet surprise, so I was beyond ecstatic and deeply humbled.

    But I was also extremely overwhelmed. I had so much going on and even the thought of taking on just one more activity made my skin break out.

    So I sat my butt down on a meditation cushion, relaxed my eyes and asked to be guided for answers. But before I could even feel my eye lids sealing shut, my heart did that warm jazz move, which makes you feel like your whole body is smiling. At that very moment I knew that I didn’t just HAVE to do this to be a better coach for my clients, I NEEDED to do this to be a better coach for me.


    Signing up to IIN has been the best spontaneous decision I’ve ever made! 

    photo1 (3)I learned how to control my stress levels, so my skin no longer breaks out like that; I understood how to prioritise properly, so I could easily study while running a full time business, planning a wedding, launching products and travelling; I learned the pros and cons of over 100 dietary theories, which were a revelation when it came to connecting with clients on a deeper level; I expanded my business; hired a new team; finally began earning what I deserve (I even had to take down my coaching page, as I could no longer keep up with enquiries); learned to magnetise the best people and situations into my life and married my soulmate.

    That was only the beginning too!


    I whole-heartedly believe in the power of this life-changing program and have teamed up with IIN to offer you amazing savings too! No prerequisites. No application forms. 





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    I’ll also email you The Health Coach Training Catalogue, so you can discover:
    -What a Health Coach does.
    -How much you can earn as a Coach.
    -What areas of your life need attention now.



    • Learn nutrition from world class teachers?
    • Become the healthiest person you know?
    • Discover your purpose and make your mark?
    • Have a meaningful career?
    • Have a flexible schedule, while earning an exceptional income?
    • Make new friends and connect with 1000’s who are doing just that?
    • Improve every aspect of your own life, such as relationships, spirituality and physical activity?
    • Get a Health Coach Certification in just one year?

    If you nodded your way through the questions, then IIN’s program was made for you!


    IIN study nutrition become a health coach




    With IIN, you get to....


    Which means...

    Become a Certified Health Coach You’ll have all the tools to build your practice and see clients even when you’re still in school.
    Have a career in a year You can start a new career in nutrition and health in just 48 weeks.
    Enjoy a holistic approach Unlike most other courses, which focus solely on feeding via food, IIN’s approach also looks at feeding via lifestyle factors, like career, relationships, exercise and spirituality.
    Study anywhere You can manage your own schedule, catch up when needed, listen to lectures online while in your London kitchen or offline while flying to Costa Rica. You can easily download videos to your phone.
    Learn from the best All the research is done for you by best-selling authors, world-class nutritionists, doctors and mind-body expects, so you can be sure you are in good hands.
    Have business support Apart from getting group coaching, while on the course, you’ll get your own website and step-by-step biz training to create and run a successful practice.
    Access over 100 dietary theories Unlike most nutrition programs, IIN go beyond the USDA government guidelines and provide you with all the info you need to understand bio-individuality, so you can support your clients’, your family’s and your own unique needs better.
    Attend a Live event You can expand your nutrition knowledge, boost your business skills and connect with thousands of other awesome students, in a gorgeous New York venue.
    Get started now At other schools, you have to wait for classes to start. IIN’s program begins right away. As soon as you enroll, you can connect with students and staff, download the Classroom App and start enjoying the best year ahead.




    I’m here to answer your questions. Here are some A's to your Q's:

    What would you say you gained by doing the course that you didn’t have (or know) before?

    When we first learn about raw foods and how life-changing this diet is, it’s very easy to get stuck on one point of view, because we are just so passionate to share our own experience with it. The thing is- there are hundreds of other dietary theories out there, because everyone is unique with highly individualised nutritional requirements.

    “Personal differences in anatomy, metabolism, body composition and cell structure all influence your overall health and the foods that make you feel your best. That’s why no single way of eating works for everyone. The food that is perfect for your unique body, age, and lifestyle may make another person gain weight and feel lethargic.”

    IIN taught me all about bio-individuality, introduced me to over 100 dietary theories and their pros and cons, which didn’t only make me more effective in my coaching practice, but got me learning so much about myself and what is optimum for my own body, immune system, energy levels and creativity potential.

    Is it easy to manage your time with lessons/studying? 

    I can’t say that I wasn’t nervous to begin, because the year I chose for my IIN studies was also the year of other major life commitments, like planning my wedding, running a 28 day Acid-Alkaline Breakthrough e-program, organising my first destination retreat in Ecuador, releasing another eBook, marketing my workshops and launching the pH Booster- alkalising superfood powder.

    BUT as soon as I got started with IIN, I realised how much it helped me to get disciplined and stay motivated. I looked forward to the release of every new weekly module and listened to the videos and podcasts while preparing dinner, going for a walk and even flying, since I could always download any lecture for offline use.  Listening to recordings only required 2-5 hours per week too, so even if I had a huge week coaching, I could always catch up quickly enough.

    The best piece of advice I could give is to print out course materials at the start of each new week, as many of my classmates didn’t realise that we get handed out all the slides and info presented by all speakers and as a result- spent far too long taking notes.

    Has your coaching business expanded since the course?

    I noticed that my coaching enquiries went up as soon as I began the studies. Then all throughout the course I was pleasantly surprised at how many people knew that IIN was the world’s largest nutrition school, as soon as I mentioned it.

    By the time I graduated, I had to take down the entire ‘Coaching’ page on my site, because I could no longer take on any additional clients.

    The most interesting turn of events though was that while I was learning about my own health and diet and how to listen more carefully to the needs of my clients, I discovered my true calling. It was with the help of IIN’s invaluable information, that I confidently transitioned to the next stage of my career and launched the most exciting new project London has seen when it come to raw food in 2014! Tanya's Cafe was born that year!

    I’m now able to offer my online family savings to IIN!

    No prerequisites. No application forms. No limit to available savings.





    Sign up for free instant access to the details on your savings!

    I’ll also email you The Health Coach Training Catalogue, so you can discover:
    -What a Health Coach does.
    -How much you can earn as a Coach.
    -What areas of your life need attention now.


    To learn more about my experience at IIN and the common myths of studying there, read this blog post>>