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    sardinia raw food retreat europe

    This year.

    This October.

    It is happening once more.

    I can't believe it's been four years since my last Retreat and I promise you this one is worth the wait.

    Whether you are looking to:

    • Recharge
    • Cleanse your mind and spirit
    • Renew your youthful glow
    • Take your soul on an unforgettable adventure
    • Breathe in the purest air
    • Alkalise by marvelling at perfect nature
    • Revitalise by dipping into crystal clear aqua seas
    • Nourish your body with the most flavoursome and nutritious organic meals
    • Learn how to prepare all the healthy raw foods; or
    • Experience how longevity can buzz through each one of your cells…

    …there is no place on earth, like Sardinia to satisfy all of your senses and dreams.



    Hi, I'm Tanya Maher, a wellness coach, chef, author, Reiki do Satori master healer, and a leading pioneer in the world of ultra-nutritious and energising plant-based foods for the whole family.

    I co-founded 'Tanya's,’ a high-end raw cafe in 2014 and merged it with my established wellness company 'Better Raw' in 2017. I'm the creator of the Amazon #1 best selling DVD 'Raw Food 101' and author of Hay House's 'The Uncook Book'.

    I was born in Russia, raised in New Zealand and now raising my own family in London, where I feel super honoured to have been hailed as one of the most recognised experts in the world of gourmet raw food by the likes of Vogue, Daily Mail and Women's Health.

    This ‘Longevity with Tanya’ Retreat is my life’s work.

    I can’t wait to share the experience with you too.


    Come away with me to Sardinia...

    It's one of the blue zones of the world, where more centenarians enjoy the best quality of life than anywhere else on earth. If you've ever visited this glorious island, you'd get why just by breathing in the air.

    It's an island of exceptional natural beauty, with long white sandy beaches lapped by the stunning blue Mediterranean Sea. The south coast of Sardinia provides a spectacular, safe and tranquil setting for your ideal retreat.

    The 'one of a kind' resort where you'll stay, Forte Village offers truly luxury accommodation, and has been voted the World's Leading Resort every year since 1998.

    It's called a 'village' for a reason- this place has it aaaall. And I mean ALL - 47 hectares of lavish gardens, private beaches, 21 restaurants in peak season, detox spas, sports and children's facilities and the list doesn't seem to stop.


    [Fun fact: The original restaurant 'Hell's Kitchen' where Gordon Ramsey offers the winner of popular TV Show a year contract is one of Forte Village's restaurants!]


    The Uncook Book by Tanya Maher and Deliveroo raw food menu

    If you’ve followed me for some time, you already know my standards, you’ve probably made my recipes and perhaps even tasted my raw gourmet organic meals, elixirs and desserts at Tanya's.

    Now this is your opportunity to indulge guilt-free and thrive not only on some of my favourite dishes for a full week, but have them all prepared from local, fresh, organic and most nutrient dense ingredients available to us on the planet. So local in fact that a lot of it will come straight from the resort's own garden!

    As you cleanse your palette and your level of consciousness begins to lift, your taste buds won’t know what hit them. What’s more is that we will practice conscious eating for your ultimate longevity experience...

    I say ‘experience’, because I will guide you to get food working for you, your digestion and any physical or spiritual ailment you may have, as well as excite and satisfy all five of your senses: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. I’ll teach you how to prepare most of the food and email you recipes to enjoy forever.


    tanya maher retreat


    Each morning you'll wake up to gentle movement through yoga and kick off your digestion with warm chlorophyll water.

    We will look at your Acid/Alkaline levels and design a personalised juice, vegetables for which you will pick from an abundant garden set within the 47 hectares of the resort.


    mandala drawing meditation


    You'll understand yourself a little better after I guide you through a magical mandala drawing meditation. I'll teach you how to interpret your drawing so you can really hear your soul's message.


    tanya maher raw food retreat 


    You will benefit from hours of my nutritional teachings, ultra health coaching and raw food workshops for longevity.

    I like to keep my retreats to an intimate number, so you can expect lots of quality time spent together where we'll dive deep into your questions, fun activities and soul enriching group work. Let's call it - group play!



    You'll experience healing and gentle detox through massage and Thalassotherapy.

    The Thalasso Spa has a specially built circuit of six Thalasso pools, each with a unique blend of seawater, oil, salt, and temperature, and all immersed in beautiful tropical gardens. The purpose of this method is to draw toxins through the skin for ultimate rejuvenation.


    sardinia retreat detox longevity


    You'll enjoy the soft warm sand under your feet as you explore the long golden beach.

    Sardinia is one of the most enchanting islands in the Mediterranean, fabled for its stunning beaches and blue waters, it is the only place in Europe comparable to the Caribbean or Indian Ocean. 

    Oh and it's less than 2 hours flight from most European cities!



    And if all of that isn't enough, you can enjoy knowing that you'll be staying at a green and nature friendly resort, voted as "World's Leading Green Resort" on multiple occasions.

    Eighty per cent go the products we'll use for your meals are grown right on its land and are organic. That's some real zero mileage soul food!

    The resort's efforts to help protect the environment include using low energy lightbulbs, watering the grounds with recycled water and water from a private reservoir, recycling refuse and using electric vehicles within the resort.


    Oh and did I mention the magnificent private gardens, breath work, the best life changing conversations and free time in the evening to explore a few of the resort's restaurants? 



    The Package includes:

    5 nights stay in one of Forte Village’s 4 or 5 star hotels from 11th to 16th October 2018.

    Raw Food breakfasts and lunches 

    4 days of Tanya Maher Academy

    1 entrance per person per stay to the Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa

    50 minute massage

    Daily group yoga (every morning from 12th to 15th)

    Free Wifi

    Private Transfer from/to Cagliari Airport



    The Package excludes:

    Dinner (Note that my wish for you is to truly relax, to feel ridiculously good, outrageously happy and...to avoid uncomfortable detox symptoms, so because most of us aren't used to a raw food cuisine 24/7, we recommend that you stick to a familiar diet at dinner.) There is a handful of wonderful restaurants open to explore at the resort.

    Beverages (juices and smoothies will be provided over breakfast and lunch only)

    Extra nights

    Additional services and treatments

    Flights to Cagliari Airport in Sardinia



    Examples of 4 STAR Accommodation:

    Tanya Maher raw food retreat


    Examples of 5 STAR Accommodation:


    Additional nights:

    If you wish to stay for longer or arrive a few days earlier, we have negotiated a very special rate just for you. This includes Half Board (buffet breakfast and dinner, excluding beverages) and is listed in above cost breakdown.


    To reserve your magical retreat:

    Please fill out this questionnaire (https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/ZSDRTYV) and if space is still available, Tanya and her team will be in touch with further instructions.



    Method of payment:

    25% deposit of the total cost of the stay within 14 days of the reservation. The balance is to be paid at least one month prior the arrival date.


    Cancellation terms:

    Up to 30 days prior to arrival date, no penalty will be incurred in the case of cancellation. From 30 to 8 days before arrival, in the case of cancellation the 25% of deposit will be withheld. After that date, the entire cost of the stay will be withheld as penalty.