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    For all media enquiries or to book Tanya to speak at your next event, please email hello@betterraw.com or phone us during office hours.
    “Get your questions answered by our panel of experts. Tanya Alekseeva reveals her juicing facts when asked – 'I would like to buy a juicer but I don’t know where to start. What should I look for in a juicer?'”
    Better Raw to round off and demo RawFood101 DVD at the first ever and mega successful RAWvolution event.
    “Grab your blender and get ready to blitz these health heroes. Recipes created by Tanya Alekseeva: wellness coach, renowned raw food and detox expert and brand ambassador for Tribest UK.”
    “Tanya Alekseeva is the first ever spokesperson on Raw Food for Alternatives. She shares how she healed herself with a raw food diet after a near fatal car accident and how she coaches busy individuals to achieve their ultimate health goals.”
    A fun, informal and informative interview with ‘Liz in the Lounge’. -
    “Raw food expert Tanya Alekseeva explains why and how we can attain balance in our lives via her article – Cleansing, the Alkaline way.”
    With Tanya, as a special guest to present about her career journey and her take on Food + Drink in 9 minutes.
    "Renowned Wellness Coach, Chef and Detox Expert Tanya Alekseeva reviews the benefits of going raw!"
    RawFood101 is consistently the #1 selling DVD under 'Raw Food' on Amazon UK  
    "Perennial couch potatoes who want to look lively and start January off on the right foot, should take advantage of the Lush Escapes Raw Food and Yoga Urban Detox."
    Better Raw is awarded 'Top 50 Raw Food Blogs 2012' badge by Institute for the Psychology of Eating
    "Christmas can present some challenges when raw, as we all want to indulge and share lovely times with our loved ones over a delicious meal, and Tanya's 42 page ebook is exactly the recipe book you can use to produce just that."  
    "If you've ever fancied giving raw food a go but wouldn't know where to start, tanya Alekseeva's Raw Food 101 DVD is worth watching."  
    "If you're feeling run down or just want some fresh inspiration, Lush Escapes will leave you feeling renewed."  
    "Tanya Alekseeva talks raw and why 'Better Raw' on The Gourmet Revolution Show "  
    "Tanya Alekseeva is a sought after raw food nutritionist and wellness coach based in London, highlights a few simple ways to change your diet."  
    "London chocolatier, raw food expert and founder of BetterRaw.com, Tanya Alekseeva shares one of her favourite chocolate recipes with the Weekender"  
    "A great DVD that certainly deserves a huge place in the market. It is well thought out and well structured with clear definitions and explanations to give a complete visual guide for any beginner or relative who is at a loss to appreciate what you eat."  
    "The 2.5 hour DVD is designed as a beginner's guide to raw foods- so a perfect gift for someone who might be thinking os starting their journey- but it's also gret for confirmed raw fooders too."  
    "Everything you need is here to do the detox happily and feel well supported on your way. A recommended eBook."  
    "Wellness coach and raw food nutrition expert Tanya Alekseeva reveals how to change your life with the raw food diet."  
    "The photography is just divine but the recipes are magnificently simple, with special tips included in every one. Each recipe has a matching tea too. A nice touch."  
    Ten Ways To Get Detoxing Today artcile by Tanya Alekseeva in Funky Raw
    "Tanya plods through questions and explanations with vigor, dispelling myth after myth related to raw foodism while the [chocolate] workshop itslef works wonders in demonstrating how delicious raw chocolate is."
    Watch our YouTube videos below: BEST GREEN SMOOTHIE WITHOUT A RECIPE Find out what rule-of-thumb is the only one to know for making the greatest smoothie, what 'greens' varieties are out there, how to pick a ripe pineapple, and what makes smoothies healthier than salads.  
    HOW ACIDIC ARE YOU? Learn what the consequences are when your blood is too acid, what exact pH level is required for pure health, three ways to determine if you are acid or alkaline without any tests and how to measure your pH levels at home.
    WHERE DOES CHOCOLATE COME FROM? Tanya is in Ecuador, showing how cacao grows on trees and explaining how it is extracted from the pods and produced from bean to bar!  
    TANYA'S TOP TIPS ON STAYING RAW WHEN IT'S COLD A little educational video shot why skiing in Italy with the best three tips on eating and staying raw in the coldest of climates.
    INTRODUCTION TO RAW FOOD 101 DVD Tanya Alekseeva launches her brand new DVD on 1.01.2012 !! To check out the photos of wellness warriors from all over the world with their copy of Raw Food 101, take a look by clicking the title link above.
    LUSH ESCAPES- RAW FOOD AND YOGA Check out this video on what we got up to at our luxury raw food and yoga escape. We run these weekend retreats only twice a year, but our popular 1 Day City Retreat- a Guided Introduction to Raw Food and Yoga is regular in London.
    WHY SPROUT AND WHICH SPROUTS ARE THE HEALTHIEST? This is a clip from Tanya Alekseeva's presentation on Sprouting at the Vilcabamba Raw Food Conference 2011. You will discover the Six Categories of sprouts from the super nutritious to the healthiest food in the world
    RAW FOOD ICE CREAM Tanya makes an ultra easy and surprisingly creamy ice cream from just three ingredients, Anoushka Davy tastes. The best summer recipe for adults and children without any sugar or cream! CHOCOLATE COATED STRAWBERRIES A delicious and beautiful recipe for any occasion- Valentines, Easter, Birthdays or just because. This recipe is featured in Tanya Alekseeva's downloadable book 'Seduced- Raw Chocolate recipes to get very excited for'. Book is out now RAW FOOD CHRISTMAS PUDDING Featured on Raw Mom TV, this Christmas Pudding is super yummy and fun to make for children and adults alike. Pudding with frosting and Holly decorations, so delicious, just fast forward to 12:30mins to see the finished product and Fiona from RawMom.com tasting one: MARINATED PESTO STUFFED MUSHROOMS A very satisfying dish to serve as an entre or main and a great crowd pleaser served as canapes. Works well as a comforting raw food meal during winter months too. So good! ALMOND MILK AND SUPERFOODS SMOOTHIE Learn how to make your own milk from nuts, which takes no time at all and lasts in the fridge for upto a week. Find out the benefits of soaking nuts and what superfoods I regularly put in my smoothies: RAW FOOD FUDGE BROWNIE My first ever YouTube recipe video. And my favourite recipe too! Have the yummiest Chocolate Fudge Brownies ready in 10 minutes. No baking required, but you will hardly tell the difference!