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    Hey there, Tanya Alekseeva here.

    Every time I run a workshop, present to an audience or coach a client- the common question is not actually about protein or calcium, but equipment for a raw food kitchen.

    Whether you are starting out and have no idea of where to begin, ready to upgrade but don't know which brand to choose or perhaps you are looking for a meaningful gift to get your raw friend, which they will actually use, I've done the research for you. Here is a list of the essentials that I use, obsess over and always recommend...

    Below is a list of UK based companies where I currently shop for all of my superfood, raw food ingredients, sprouts, aloe based beauty products and supplement needs. Physical health stores and some supermarkets are beginning to stock a bunch of ingredients, but you'll find that it's cheaper to purchase them online via the below. Click on images.


    Starting out with raw foods shouldn't be scary or overwhelming. All you really need is listed below and is incredibly affordable for a complete essentials start-up kit. I still know many thriving on high raw foods with only these basics in their kitchen.

    A good knife | Sabatier
    You don't need to spend a fortune on a chef's knife, but using a good knife is essential as you'll be chopping more fruits & vegetables than ever. This is an amazing strong built, carbon steel and blister comfort knife for all your chopping needs. Amazon>>

    An all in one blender/processor | Kenwood
    An excellent way to get started with raw food prep! This is an all in one food processor (for fine chopping and making energy balls), blender (for liquidising and smoothie making), grater (various blades for grating) & grinder (for hulling flaxseeds and grinding coffee beans or nuts). Amazon>>

    A basic centifugal juicer | Philips
    A centrifugal machine is a great entry level juicer to quickly grind produce and extract juice with least amount of prep and clean up time. If you are however looking to preserve majority of nutrients and get the most out of your greens, consider the next level in a masticating juicer (see Advanced or Pro). Amazon>>

    Nut milk bag | Living Milk
    A must have at any level, this is a multi purpose straining bag for nut/seed milk making, sprouting and even juicing if you only own a blender. When you soak nuts and seeds, you activate the enzymes, hence the milk you'll have after blending and straining is Living milk. Amazon>>

    A beginner's DVD | Raw Food 101
    A complete beginner's guide to raw food preparation in a 2.5 hour DVD. Chapters include Equipment, Smoothies vs Juices, Nut milks, Superfoods, Sprouting, Fermenting, Dehydrating, Flavours & Sauces, Quick meals, Sweets & more. Better Raw Store>>

    When you are ready to upgrade, it may seem overwhelming with all the brands and choices out there, but I've done the research for you! You are welcome :) Consider either this category or jump straight to the Raw Chef Pro if you are in for the long haul.

    A masticating single- auger juicer | Tribest's Solostar II
    This advanced juicer releases more nutrients & minerals as well as actual juice, than any centrifugal juicer. It works slowly, using a chewing action, cold pressing the juice from even the toughest greens & preserving nutrition, while taking longer to oxidise. Very affordable for the quality & freshness you'll receive. See this attachment for portable use. Tribest>>
    A high powered blender | Enpee
    Although I've never used this blender personally, it appears to look and sound just like my beloved Vitamix (see Pro Chef), but at a fraction of the cost. The sharp blades and commercial grade motor will crush ice, blend creamy smoothies and produce hot soups. The mixing rod is ideal for making soft serves from frozen fruit. Amazon>>
    A high powered food processor | Magimix or Cuisinart
    Many brands make food processors, but in my opinion there are just two categories- basic & professional, no in-between. So, when ready to upgrade- go for a top brand: Cuisinart or Magimix. Both serve the same functions to chop, grate, mix, whisk & grind, producing excellent results, so you won't go wrong, but read about my preference of Magimix under Pro Chef.

    A reliable dehydrator | Excalibur
    Dehydrators work at low temperatures to preserve nutrients, slowly extracting liquid to make food dense, warming & cooked-like. Make living breads, crackers, cookies, granola, fruit roll-ups & more. There are many dehydrator varieties at a lower cost, but anything below Excalibur or Sedona (see Pro) won't dehydrate evenly or have enough room for larger recipes like pizza bases. Remember to get paraflexx sheets too. Raw Living>>

    Here's your sneak peek into my own kitchen. Yep, I like to think of myself as a 'pro', but I've also had the privilege of using every piece of equipment I've mentioned and can honestly say, that this category includes the best of the best. All equipment comes with long guarantees and exceptional customer service to answer your questions and queries.

    A pro chefs knife | MAC
    Entirely manufactured in Japan, MAC knives are a combination of the best in Western design and Japanese knife-making craftsmanship. This is one of the very top stainless steel knives on the market, retaining sharpness several times longer than other leading knife brands, suitable for raw enthusiasts to professional chefs. Amazon>>

    A triturating twin gear juicer | Tribest's Green Star Elite
    Bringing you the ultimate in twin gear technology & maximising the benefits of your juice from any masticating juicers, nothing compares to a Green Star Elite. Not only does it work to carefully crush produce without damaging nutrients, it cold presses the most juice from all greens & now provides a 3rd stage- mixing, so that cell membranes can be easily opened to allow even more minerals to be extracted & preserved for longer. Tribest>>

    The ultimate high power blender | Vitamix
    My all time favourite kitchen equipment and without a doubt- one of the greatest loves of my life. A Vitamix is so much more than a blender, it is superb for making soft serves, pastes, smoothies, hot soups, doughs and even rawtella. The powerful motor & sharp blades break through cellulose cells in greens, making nutrients more available for us to assimilate when drinking smoothies. Get free shipping with my promo code>>

    The best performing food processor | Magimix 5200
    Smooth, quiet & so easy to use- Magimix processor even adjusts the power automatically depending on what's in the bowl. The quality is unparalleled to any other (20 years motor guarantee!!), it's manufactured in France by the giant of all commercial food processors- Robot Coupe. Larger capacity recommended, see comparison guide here. Amazon>>

    A commercial grade dehydrator | Tribest's Sedona
    Sedona Dehydrator is the best I've ever used, while making living breads, flax crackers, veggie burgers, kale chips, fruit leathers, granola, cookies & more. It can be divided into 2 drying chambers if you aren't taking up full capacity, has an all-digital control panel, extra quiet fans for night time operation & a gorgeous glass window. Remember to order Teflon sheets too. Tribest>>

    I don't like to overload my kitchen with too many gadgets, which seem exciting but hardly get used, so here you'll find only the important bits I'd recommend. I even listed them in order of importance from my own personal experience.

    Water purifier | EVA
    I own this particular model with the infrared mineral tray and can definitely taste the difference in purity of water even distinguishable from bought mineral water in glass bottles. It is accredited and scientifically proven by independent laboratories and is currently the most complete filter cartridge system in Europe. Amazon>>

    Nut milk bag | Living Milk
    A must have at any level, this is a multi purpose straining bag for nut/seed milk making, sprouting and even juicing if you only own a blender. When you soak nuts and seeds, you activate the enzymes, hence the milk you'll have after blending and straining is Living milk. Amazon>>

    Manual citrus squeezer | Chef'n Freshforce
    This super cool and handy lemon/lime squeezer is possibly the best [a little] money can buy for your raw kitchen. I contemplated on making it part of the Newbie Essentials list, but decided that anyone at any level must be blessed with this invention. Amazon>>

    A spiraliser | Lurch Spirali
    An absolutely awesome gadget for sprucing up your salads and making the most impressive spaghetti pasta out of courgettes. I also often use it to spiral carrots- they just taste so much better looking so cute! Amazon>>

    A mandolin | Grunwerg Benriner
    This original Japanese design mandolin comes with interchangeable blades. This is the best invention ever for courgette lasagna sheets, evenly sliced root veggie chips, creative salads & loads more. It gets used equally as much as the spiraliser in my kitchen. Amazon>>
    Cut resistant glove | Any brand
    One thing that puts off many from using mandolins is the fear of the sharp blade. Use it in complete confidence with this microplane cut resistant glove, which will protect your hands. One size fits all, works for either hand. Amazon>>
    A powerful citrus juicer | Tribest's CitriStar
    The Gadget Show's favourite juicer is this good looking CitriStar citrus juice extractor. It has a powerful motor, is incredibly affordable and includes a stainless steel spout for your juice to pour directly into a glass. Tribest>>

    A cleaver | Any brand
    A cleaver is vital if you plan to open young coconuts for intake of their healing electrolyte rich water and protein rich flesh. These knives are cheap and can be found at any Asian supermarkets. Make sure you get one that has its blade sitting firmly within the handle, such as this one with three rivets and a full length tang for durability, safety and performance.

    Automatic sprouter | FreshLife
    Sprouts are possibly the most nutrient dense, energising, healing & alkalising food available to man. You can make your own for pennies! Just fill this sprouter with water, add seeds, plug it in, and in 5-8 days you'll be enjoying your very own organically grown wheatgrass, micro-greens & sprouts. Tribest>>

    Ice cream maker | Cuisinart
    Even though I make perfectly amazing ice creams in my Vitamix, they must be consumed instantly, because if you freeze them, they'll turn into a block of ice. The ice cream maker works slowly to stir and knead the mixture of coconut flesh, cashew creams, berries and fruits to produce commercial quality ice creams, dairy free yogurts & sorbets. Amazon>>

    I'd never want my health and dietary preference to be compromised when travelling and constantly asked about how I do it. Honestly, the #1 equipment I'd use is my Sedona Dehydrator, because I prepare a bunch of crackers, muesli bars & snacks in it before I hit the road, but the below list is just as essential.

    A portable blender | Tribest's Personal Blender
    Hands down- the best travel companion for a raw foodie or anyone on the go to suit a busy lifestyle. You can grind nuts to make vegan Parmesan, blend dips, sauces & salad dressings, and whizz up individual drinks to a creamy consistency. Mason jars attach right to the blender, drink right away or put on a lid and have on the go. Tribest>>

    A portable juicer | Tribest's Z-Star Manual Juicer
    This lightweight, portable juicer is very versatile too. The single-auger design uses an extremely gentle and efficient process to extract more high-quality juice from fruits, vegetable, greens, even wheatgrass and without any electric power. Note if you own a Solo Star II (Advanced Affordables category), you can just get the Z-Star Conversion Kit. Tribest>>

    A portable spiraliser | Gefu Spirelli
    A super fun & useful travel tool for making courgette noodle pastas and spiraling carrots, sweet potatoes, etc for your salads. It extracts the middle part of the vegetable, so the spiralled product can last longer- make in your hotel room and take the salad hiking! Amazon>>

    pH booster | Alkalising Superfood Greens by Tanya Alekseeva
    Perfect for mixing with water, juice or sprinkling on your meals, this powder will ensure you get a heap of enzymes, probiotics & amino acids to keep yourself immunised and alkalised while travelling. Detox Your World>>
    A parasite zapper | Terminator by Don Croft
    This little pocket device is a parasite remover to help aid the body in the elimination of parasites such as bacteria, worms, yeast, and fungi. All diseased tissues are positively charged, but the zapper introduces negative ions when touching the skin, killing parasites by reversing their polarity. Totally silent, I use it on planes, while walking or even during meetings. Raw Living>>

    A water purifier | Black and Blum Charcoal
    This reusable drink bottle is great for travelling with, as the BPA free bottle is lighter than glass and it contains a binchotan active charcoal filter (6-12 months use) that purifies tap water, making it taste better. A method used in Japan since 17th Century. Amazon>>

    All the books I currently offer are digital (download yours in seconds), but I do have plans for a published hard cover book, which I'm now busy writing. Watch this space! If you are after a physical product- check out my DVD RawFood101 or a suggestion of my top picks below.

    Purified- Your complete 7 day detox program | eBook
    This eBook is a step-by-step detox guide with 2 different menu plans- 1 for the luxury detoxer and 1 for the budget detoxer. Every breakfast, lunch & dinner recipe is designed with a busy individual in mind, taking only upto 30 minutes to prepare. Comes complete with shopping lists. Better Raw Store>>

    Seduced- Raw chocolate recipes to get very excited for | eBook
    It's all in the title really. This eBook contains 22 gorgeous & simple raw chocolate recipes, including raspberry jam centres, marzipan cigars & chocolate coated strawberries. There is even a superfoods glossary & none of the chocolate making requires any special equipment. Better Raw Store>>

    Festive- The best raw food Christmas recipes | eBook
    This eBook contains the most flavour rich, luxury recipes that are not only incredible for the Christmas & Holiday seasons, but any time of the year. You will find 30 recipes with stunning photography. Everything is as always absolutely free from gluten, dairy, non-cultured soya and wheat, but definitely not the taste! Better Raw Store>>

    Nourished- Comforting raw foods for winter | eBook
    This stunning full colour eBook contains 39 of my most carefully selected recipes to feel warm, comforted and nourished during winter & beyond. Get a whole heap of extra tips on staying healthy & immunised in the cold, as well as a guide to seasonal local produce. Better Raw Store>>

    Raw Food 101- Your first steps to the healthiest lifestyle ever | DVD
    This DVD (a physical product) is the best beginner's guide to raw foods in a 2.5 hour DVD. It contains 20 easy & scrumptious recipes to give you confidence in the kitchen & health everywhere. Chapters include: Equipment, Smoothies vs Juices, Nut milks, Superfoods, Sprouting, Fermenting, Dehydrating, Easy meals, Sweets & Success Stories. Better Raw Store>>

    Recommended recipe & nutrition books
    Better Raw- pure eating, healthy thinking. This collection of my favourite raw food & nutrition books is the 'pure eating' part. Amazon>>

    Recommended inspirational & spiritual books
    Better Raw- pure eating, healthy thinking. This collection of my favourite inspiration & empowerment books for the mind & soul is the 'healthy thinking' part. Amazon>>

    If you have any suggestions of your own, perhaps I've missed your favourite equipment or you'd like me to recommend something specific, please leave me a comment below. I'll review the product and definitely add it to the list if it's a goodie.