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    affiliate marketing program - earn commission on better raw's products

    Would you love to help others get healthy while earning extra cash?

    I currently have these products available in the Better Raw Store:
    1. Purified - Your Complete 7 Day Detox Program
    2. Seduced - Raw Chocolate Recipes to Get Very Excited For
    3. Festive - The Best Raw Food Christmas Recipes
    4. Nourished - Comforting Raw Food Recipes for Winter
    5. PLUS a highly popular eBook Bundle with all the books!
    I am planning on releasing even more, so you can have a whole range to offer and get paid for.

    What is an Affiliate?

    An affiliate is someone who earns commissions for promoting someone else’s products or services. This person can already have products of their own and sell others’ products to compliment their range or they can make it their business to just promote other’s products. I personally know someone making six figures doing just that!

    Who Can Become an Affiliate?

    You can! If you love to promote health and wellbeing, use fun loving and ethical marketing methods and won’t tolerate spam either.

    Does it Cost Anything to Become an Affiliate?

    Definitely not - it's FREE all the way! All you need is a PayPal account to sign up and get paid.

    Do I Need to be Technology Savvy?

    Not at all. Once you are registered, you will get full access to a members area, where you'll find your unique URL, which is just a link you can post on your blog or website, your mailing list or just friends, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social networks. By promoting this link, any referrals that click on it are tracked and automatically linked to your account, getting you commissions once the sale is made. If you like to use images, we have even created a bunch of gorgeous banners to choose from, so it’s as smooth sailing as possible for you.

    What Are the Benefits if I Join?
    • 50% commission on every eBook sale and other commissionable products and courses to be announced soon
    • Earn up to 60% commission with a 2ndTier bonus of 10%
    • Earn a bonus of £75 (approx. US $119) every time your commissions add to £750
    • No sales cap, so unlimited earning potential
    • Cookies don’t expire for 365 days, be assured that even if your client visits us directly within a year, you will still be credited the commission 
    • Real-time accurate sales tracking and your own member’s area to view it all
    • Help others reach their ultimate health goals and thrive
    • Have real quality products to recommend with masses of positive review.

    How Much Can I Earn?

    Your earning potential is unlimited, but let me show you a very conservative example, so you can see how easy it is:
    1. You email your list with the unique tracking code we provide, pop a few links on your website/blog and post this link on your social networks
    2. People click it, they like the eBooks and the variety and you end up selling 2 eBooks per week (this is pretty easy to do, as I’ve created my eBooks especially for different seasons- Purified for detoxing time like the New Year and end of summer holidays, Seduced for Valentines and Easter, Festive for Christmas and more eBooks to come!), so 50% of £15 x 52 weeks x 2 books = £780
    3. Then your contacts decide they also want to become affiliates, sign up to earn 50% like you are now, but because they ended up on my site via you, you will now earn an extra 10% on every sale they make. You get 10 of these contacts over the course of the year and they sell on average of 2 books per week, so 10% of £15 x 52 weeks x 2 books = £156
    4. I give you a bonus of £75 for every £750 in commissions you make, so £780 + £156 + £75 = £1,011.00 (approx US $1,600.00)
    And that’s truly conservative - your earning potential is unlimited!

    How Will I Get Paid?

    Once you earn £75 in your commissions, we’ll pay you via PayPal, 30 days after the close of the month this commission was made.

    What Do I Do Now?
    1. Click to join Better Raw’s Affiliate Program
    2. Enter your details, so you can get paid
    3. Choose a banner and pop it on your website, blog or anywhere on the internet
    4. Send an Email or Social Media blast with your unique link
    5. Get rewarded for spreading the wellness word!

     Take a look at the gorgeous banners you'll have to choose from once you join...