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    Berry Pie for glowing skin

    Berry Pie for glowing skin

    This dessert featured on my 'How to Eat for Beautiful Skin' workshop last month and since so many of you wrote me about this class, I decided to share one of the recipes as well as some key info, here for everyone :)

    In class we learned about where to begin in order to improve your skin's elasticity, heal acne, smooth out bumps and blemishes, avoid flareups, bring out your natural glow and even how to visibly minimise some of those wrinkles...

    The first step always begins in your gut.

    Healing your gut is a massive subject and may involve quite a different journey for most individuals, but the root of the cause is nearly always the same. And it's to do with your digestion.

    If you're not able to break down certain foods, if your system is quite blocked up, if you don't cleanse often, don't fast for long enough (think late dinner and big breakfast), don't get enough fibre or water, if you mix starches and proteins (think mac'n cheese, chicken and rice, baked potatoes with cream), if you have food sensitivities (80% of people don't realise they do!), if you get sleepy or sluggish after meals, etc etc etc... it's very likely that your body is trying hard to communicate that your digestion is not in order either through pain, like bloating and belly aches or visually by displaying signs all over your skin. 

    In my classes, we always focus on good digestion and this pie recipe very much falls into the easily digestive category. 

    KEY TAKEAWAY: If it's easily digestible, it's good for your skin!


    tanya maher raw food recipes


    How is this recipe different to other raw recipes?

    1. The base is not made out of dry nuts, it's all seeds. Nuts require soaking to remove the enzyme inhibitors and make them gentler on our tummies, but the cake would fall apart if we were to use soaked nuts. Seeds are easily digestible without the soaking step.

    2. The cream has nuts (cashews) which have been soaked and rinsed.

    3. Dried fruit and nuts combo falls under the Food Combination To Avoid when you're improving your digestion. With one exception- prunes. Usually a base contains some sort of nut or seed or coconut concoction and then on top of that there are also cashews in the cream. Nuts galore. Then for the base to stick together- dates and raisins are used a lot. They are of course an incredible snack to eat on their own as they provide fibre and slow releasing sugars for long lasting energy, but sadly when mixed with nuts- they confuse the system and can make you feel bloated. Prunes contain sorbitol which is a natural laxative, so they actually support the natural stages of digestion, help break down what ever food they are taken with (also helping you to assimilate its nutrients) and promote swift movement through your gut, which is all about the satisfying elimination.

    4. The cake contains lots of blueberries, cacao powder and additional maqui berry powder, which are all super high in antioxidants. Eating foods rich in these free-radical-fighting-substances will strengthen your immune system and protect your cells. Key to healthy skin.

    5. The coconut oil, sunflower seeds and hemp seeds contain healing essential fats, that work for your digestion like water works for a long and winding water slide. Without the water, it would take a long time to get down the slide, you'd stick to the sides, work way harder than you should and you won't enjoy the ride. Most fat is not even stored as fat, so it's time we start counting nutrients instead of calories.


    At last, the recipe...



    For the crust

    200g prunes

    75g sunflower seeds

    75g hemp seeds

    55g cacao powder

    ½ teaspoon Himalayan salt


    For the filling

    300g blueberries

    150g cashews, soaked overnight

    105g extra virgin coconut oil, melted

    50g maple syrup

    1 tablespoon maqui berry powder (I buy this one)

    1 teaspoon vanilla powder

    1/3 teaspoon Himalayan salt


    -Place all the crust ingredients into a food processor with an S blade. Process till sticky.

    -Transfer the mixture into a pie dish (make sure the base is removable) and press with your fingers and fists till it lines the entire dish and its sides.

    -Place all the filling ingredients into a blender, making sure the blueberries are at room temperature, otherwise the coconut oil will harden.

    -Blend using a tamper rod, till creamy.

    -Pour inside the crust and distribute evenly along the surface.

    -Transfer to the fridge to set for at least 4 hours.


    For upcoming workshop updates, sign up to our emails here>> and keep an eye on this page>>

    My secret to healing 12 years of acne

    My secret to healing 12 years of acne

    If you've been reading my posts for some time now, you might recall a one all about how awful my skin used to be.

    The truth is, it wasn't just awful, it was repulsive.

    After the stress that my body underwent during a car crash, the inflammation that nearly cost me my pancreas and the amount of morphone that was pumped into my veins, my entire back broke out in hideous unsightly acne.

    Over the next few years, I discovered healing via raw foods, Chinese herbs, homeopathic remedies, meditation, juicing, liver flushes, breathing techniques, fasting and more.

    The effect of each was clearly visible in my eyes, my hair, nails, the skin on my face and neck, my energy levels and my overall attitude.

    But the acne on my back wasn't budging.

    I learned to live with it to the point that I'd often pull out of a beach outings, take a sick day over school swimming events, wear long sleeved tops during scorching summer days and choose the sports that I played according to how well my back will be covered up.

    I hid my back for TWELVE whole years.

    It wasn't till I started sprouting in a very unique way (keep reading), that I began to see changes. Dramatic changes.

    sunflower seeds shoots sprouting tray

    Not just sprouting seeds till you see a little tail, not sprouting wheatgrass (my body could never take wheatgrass EVER), but growing proper green shoots in trays over a bed of soil. 

    Aaaaaaand something else (the 'unique' bit)....

    I soaked these seeds in the same water that I would soak my feet!

    Sounds a bit gross, so let me explain. 

    I got this wild idea after reading the book 'Anastasia' (read her take on gardening for healing via below link).

    The fact that our toxins contain all the information about us really resonated with me. It made perfect sense when I read that if you were to pass on this information to a seed, that it would grow for you as if it was your very own doctor, offering the exact nutrients you needed to heal whatever pain or illness via its fruits.

    I also knew that we perspire a lot via our feet, so it made sense for me to soak my feet (free from nail varnish or creams) in a bucket of hot water. Now this water was equipped with all the information about me, my organs and my cells, through the sweat/toxins that were released.

    I then let the water cool and only after doing so, I added dry peas and unhulled sunflower seeds to this water.

    I then sprinkled the seeds over a bed of soil and continued to water them with this same water until green shoots began to appear. After this (Day 3 approx), I would simply water with purified water or water infused with a little spirulina or chlorella powder. 

    Snowpea shoots sprouting tray

    When the shoots were ready to harvest, I would juice or blend them up into a smoothie. They were super yummy to eat on their own too, but I was juicing lots at the time and needed all the greens I could gather.

    I have to be honest, I began doing this not to heal the acne on my back (I gave up on that long ago) but because I was getting really into sprouting and was genuinely enjoying watching my indoor garden flourishing.

    At the same time, I felt called to do a little experiment.

    There was no doubt, that there was still a fair amount of healing that my body and the whole crash-disrupted digestive system needed to experience. I also knew that Elliot was super healthy, energetic, fit and enjoyed a strong immune, digestive and metabolic system.

    So, I had both of us soak our feet in separate buckets, doing our own sprouting with pea shoots, in our own trays, watering at the same time with our own water, in the same room, under the same conditions.

    Over the course of 3 weeks, my sprouts were evidently taller than his. Literally by at least 3 whole centimetres taller on Day 12!!

    It was as if we were seeing a real green medicine cabinet sprouting before our eyes and mine required just that much more prescribed goodness in order to heal.

    I didn't even really notice the changes to my back, the whiteheads drying out, the bulged bumps disappearing or the acne scars on my back flattening, until I saw that during the second month of this experiment- Elliot's and my sprouts started to grow at the same rate.

    On Day 12, they were now the same height.

    It was then that I ran my hands across my back and felt nearly smooth skin for the first time in many many years.

    Nothing short of a miracle!

    Nature is a miracle.

    If you'd like to have a go at sprouting pea or sunflower shoots, take a look at my step-by-step guide, here>> 

    cucumber rolls Tanya Maher skin workshop

    Remember that it's is only a step to healing your skin though. During this key process, it is also extremely important to know which food combinations are like a pimple feeder so you can avoid those, how stress can contribute to ageing and what simple breathing techniques you can do to infuse the life back into your skin even on your busiest days and of course which key ingredients are vital for keeping your skin smooth and radiant.

    I will be dishing out all of those important tips and teaching you beautiful recipes in a workshop called 'How to Eat for Beautiful Skin'.

    The workshop is happening THIS Sunday 20th May 11:30am- 2pmat Tanya's in My Chelsea.

    To book your space, head here: https://tanyasliving.com/collections/workshops-and-events/products/how-to-eat-for-beautiful-skin-sunday-13th-may

    It's only £45pp, which doesn't even get you a facial cream these days, let alone the miracle cure. Scrumptious tasters are included and everyone that attends will get 25% off the entire shop on the day.

    I really hope you can make it!

    Your 1 Day Juice Cleanse - the recipes, the plan, the shopping list

    Your 1 Day Juice Cleanse - the recipes, the plan, the shopping list

    Last month, my sweet little sis-in-law and I did a 1 Day Juice Cleanse, I posted everything Live in Instagram stories and couldn't believe the response!

    So many of you wrote telling me how keen you are to do the same at home, asking for exact recipes and any other helpful tips I could spare.

    So, I've typed out your recipes, your plan and your shopping list, I've included a few bits and pieces I thought would be most important to do before, during and after a mini detox, and even uploaded a compilation of those stories from IG in one handy video below...


    [If the video doesn't show up for you, watch it on YourTube here: https://youtu.be/Bm54366zsak


    The purpose of this mini cleanse:
    1. You probably have your own reasons, but for me it always comes down to my digestion. Having a break from foods is a wonderful gift to your overworked digestive system. Everyone deserves a break from time to time, your digestive system demands it.
    2. Getting a massive intake of nutrients and minerals in a day. Getting your 5 a day may be tricky enough, try getting 20 a day! By flooding your body with an overload of nutrients, it naturally crowds out the bad guys and makes detoxing natural.
    3. Giving your immune system a boost. When nutrients enter the body and toxins stir up, your cells reawaken and feel reenergised again to fight against free radicals. A periodic mini cleanse can really keep them in check.


    The shopping list (this plan is for 2 people):


    1 grapefruit
    3 large cucumbers 4 green apples
    4 sweet apples 1/2 large pineapple
    optional: 1 avocado


    7 carrots with leafy tops
    2 small beetroots
    10 stems of celery with leaves
    2 courgettes
    8 inch ginger root


    Leafy greens and herbs
    300g kale leaves
    30g mint
    50g parsley



    A word on organics:


    When consuming raw fruits and vegetables, especially in amounts as large as you will during a juice cleanse, it is ultra important that you don’t ingest the very poisons you’re trying to detox away- chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, etc.
    If the purpose of these sprays is to keep the bugs away, that doesn’t mean they will sniff it and leave… Insects lick or nibble on the fruit, chemical that is on top of the fruit or inside it, enters their stomach and blows it up. Literally. Think about this- the big difference between humans and insects is our size… so it’s just a matter of time for us. The more conventional products we eat, the faster we will develop stomach pains and the worse would be the consequences. 



    The Recipes (this plan is for 2 people):


    First of the day “The Fireball"
    1 Grapefruit with skin 
    5 inch ginger root with skin


    Mid morning juice “The Green Chlorophyll”
    2 large cucumbers with skin
    4 green apples
    200g kale leaves
    15g mint leaves + stalks


    Afternoon juice “The Rainbow”
    7 carrots with leafy tops from 2
    2 small beetroots
    10 stems of celery with leaves
    3 inch ginger root with skin


    Dinner juicy smoothie “The Reward”
    4 sweet apples
    1/2 large pineapple, skinned
    2 courgettes
    1 large cucumber
    100g kale leaves
    50g parsley
    15g mint leaves + stalks
    optional: 1 avocado (blend this in with juice!)


    Best juicing practice:

    Pass softer ingredients through the juicer before hard ones (cucumber before apples, pineapple before celery). If the soft items cause a build-up of puree in your juicer, push through a few hard items to clear the works.

    Pass leafy greens into the juicer before or with other veggies to avoid waste- if any leaves become stuck in the works, the other items will push them along.

    Fresh is always best. If you must make juice ahead of time, only make it for a maximum of 16 hours in advance to avoid it becoming heavily oxidised.



    The day before:

    1. Whether your detox is for one day or 30, start getting your body and mind ready now.
    2. Start drinking lots of herbal tea or water (warm or room temperature is best).
    3. Pick up a dry skin brush and start brushing morning and evening to get the lymph system moving.
    4. Have a light vegan meal the night before, preferably raw vegan so the enzymes spark up in prep for next day.
    5. Most importantly, get excited about your cleanse! The most successful detox happens when you can't wait for it to start.
      During your cleanse:
      1. Please refrain from giving in to any stimulants (coffee, sugar, black tea, cigarettes), but feel free to drink as much herbal tea and room temperature water as you please.
      2. To support your body during the release of toxins, feel free to exercise however you like if it’s part of your usual routine. If not, then let your pores open up to eliminate toxins in a sauna or go for a long brisk walk.
      3. Relax as much as possible during the length of your cleanse and make time to be and feel creative- journal, draw, make a vision board, read, watch an uplifting documentary, walk, laugh and do what makes you happy.
      4. Get an early night. This will ensure you get plenty of sleep and will also help you from giving in to cravings when peckish :)
        The day after:
        1. If you are feeling energised and inspired to continue, I recommend that you do. This is usually your body’s way of telling you that this detox is exactly what it wanted and that it’s not quite finished yet. Feel free to make your own juices, smoothies and raw fibre rich snacks (like soaked seeds, whole veggies and salads), go out for a raw food meal or purchase a variety of vegetable based juices from a local organic cafe.
        2. Ease out of your cleanse carefully. It’s important that your body has a gentle transition and that you refrain from any stimulants for a minimum of 3 days after the cleanse has ended. Otherwise your body can go into ‘shock’ and ‘survival mode’ where it will hold on to all the bodily fats and slow digestion right down. Caffeine can be the hardest to stay without, so if you feel like you absolutely need it, drink clean organic coffee only and do not mix it with any milks or sugars. It is really important right now that you don’t confuse your digestive system and start combining foods. (BTW: my parents drink black coffee with a squeeze of lemon to balance the acidity, it sounds weird but you get used to it super quick and it can easily become your new fave!)
        3. You would’ve noticed your taste buds have changed and your appreciation for basic foods increased. Eat simple plant-based meals only, like soups, steamed vegetables, gluten-free seeds and grains, salads and fruits for a minimum of 2 days. 




        Our famous 1, 2 and 3 Day Alkaline Cleanses are selling fast!

        Our famous 1, 2 and 3 Day Alkaline Cleanses are selling fast!

        January has just begun but the Alkaline Cleanse packages which we send all across the UK are selling out. There are only 3 delivery dates left for this whole month. Take a look...

        DIY DETOX - 4 ways to cleanse at home

        DIY DETOX - 4 ways to cleanse at home

        Hi guys,

        I'm writing this to you from beautiful Innsbruck in Austria.

        It's past midnight here. 

        Lake and Elliot are sleeping 1 whole metre away from the computer desk where I've set myself up, trying my hardest to type quietly.

        I'm a fast typist, not a quiet one, so this is taking me a looooong time...

        And just as well- I've no choice but to keep this important post as brief as possible... only the good stuff for you to read :)


        It’s that time of the year between Christmas and New Year when nothing is certain, except that most things don’t fit.

        This doesn’t just mean your jeans either.

        It’s the time of the year when we must recognise which of our previous decisions didn’t fit our values, lifestyle, dreams, relationships and our bodies.

        It's the time to let go of some ‘stuff’ and make room for all the wonderful new things that can’t enter your world because of all that clutter.

        Look towards the new year not to diet, but to give your digestion a break and to flood your precious body with so much nutrition that the toxins won’t stand a chance.

        There is nothing wrong with overindulging over the holidays. Actually, I believe it's important to do that. How else will you get fired up and serious about making changes?

        So, when you're ready (and ONLY when you're ready), refer to my below ideas on how to do a DIY detox at home.

        They are all pretty different, so choose the one that sings to you or try them all.

        And remember- THIS IS NOT A DIET. Diets are awful and make you miserable. This is a break for your digestion system, a release of toxic build up and a celebration of getting back to being YOU gain, just a happier lighter cleaner version.


        IDEA 1- Go raw for a week.


        It's only one week!

        One week of eating lots and lots (I promise you won't be starving).

        One week of flooding your cells with life and energy-giving enzymes.

        One week of learning amazing new recipes and falling in love with being in your kitchen again. 

        One week of letting go of the bloat, the mucous, the discomforts, the laziness-syndrome and a crap-load of toxins (pun intended).

        Many of you already own 'Purified- Your Complete 7 Day Detox Program' already, so all you need to do is dig it out and go shopping. It includes a grocery shopping list already, so just turn up at the supermarket.

        If you're not in the know- this is my first and best selling eBook. There's nothing fancy about it, it doesn't even have pictures except my mug over the entire front cover (really selling it, aren't I?).

        It's just good and simple information with 30 minute recipes, that work. No frills, just loads of testimonials. 

        Download 'Purified' in seconds>>

        IDEA 2 - Do a digital detox.

        Again, not really rocket science (or even diet related, I repeat- none of this is diet related), but disconnecting is the only thing that will make you feel connected once again.

        I recommend a weekend. A week if you can get it off work. 

        And if you still have no idea how one can survive without Facebook, a phone, a tablet, a computer or a television even for a single day, may I suggest... a magazine? 

        Oh and scissors and some glue.

        Dig out that beautiful Home & Garden mag, an outdoor adventure mag, a tourism pamphlet, anything with inspiring photography and words that make you really really happy and daydreamy. 

        If you've been reading my emails for some time, you know that I always use this week to put together my Vision Board for the year ahead.

        It's the one self-care tradition I'm not about to break. 

        Join me!

        See this post on how to put together your very own vision board and check out when I revealed mine for the very first time>>

        IDEA 3 - Do a kidney and liver flush.

        There is an incredible deeeeep cleanse recipe formula, but I don't recommend you do this unless you're a seasoned detoxer and/or unless you've been on a very filling raw food diet for a minimum of three days prior.

        1g castor oil for every kg of your weight, mixed with 2g lemon juice for every 1g of oil. 

        So if you weigh 100kg, you would require a 300g drink each day (100g oil+ 200g juice).  

        The benefits are truly endless.

        It'll be a hard slow couple of weeks, so take your time and be gentle on yourself.

        I've had many clients, including world class athletes take on this challenge and they swear by it.

        Aside from epic weightloss for those that seek it, this flush works on a cellular level, strengthens your immune system, resets your digestive system and scrapes out any blocks, toxins, yeast and disease causing formations within your liver and kidneys, which are the hardest to purify.

        Here is what a two day castor oil detox might look like over a period of 14 days:

        Days 1-3: vegan diet, cooked and raw
        Day 4-6: filling raw food diet, like a plan in Purified
        Day 7: castor oil with lemon
        Day 8-10: filling raw food diet, like a plan in Purified
        Day 11: castor oil with lemon
        Day 12-13: majority juice/ smoothie and one solid meal
        Day 14+: vegan diet, cooked and raw, before returning to usual diet

        The number of days for the cleanse will depend on the person and the only thing you should eat through the 'castor oil and lemon' day is a maximum of 20 dates (yes seems a lot, but trust me you'll want them) with detoxifying herbal tea.

        This is recommended by a Russian doctor Alfei Budilov and is available in more detail in this article: Deep cleanse of the organism>> 
        [Note the article is written in Russian, so pop it into a google translator if you're interested in knowing more.]

        IDEA 4 - Do an Alkaline Cleanse!

        Have you ever tried peeing on some litmus paper to check where you are on the pH scale?

        Most people are shocked by the result!

        Everything in the universe is about creating balance, your body included. 

        The balance I go on about is called Acid-Alkaline, otherwise known as the pH balance.

        It might ring a bell if you pay any attention to shampoo ads. The beauty industry loves to point out, that their product is ‘pH balanced’.

        It works just as your own body temperature, where too much variance on either side of the normal 98.6F / 37C is very dangerous to your health.

        PH Balance also has a scale, which measures how acidic or alkaline any environment or substance is on a scale of 1-14.

        Seven is Neutral. Anything below it - is acidic; anything above it- is alkaline. A slightly alkaline body (at 7.36) is crucial for good health, but unfortunately the majority of our human race is no where near it.

        It is when your pH levels are low, that your body becomes acid and vulnerable to germs, creating an environment for bacteria to thrive and for yeast to throw an ultimate party.

        Disease (including cancer) cannot live in a slightly alkaline, oxygenated environment! Free radicals don't stand a chance of survival.

        I've worked hard to construct the exact plan to help you go from acid to alkaline in the shortest possible time.

        We offer a limited number of 1, 2 and 3 day packages just twice a year and post them all across the UK.

        Obviously I would LOVE for everyone to purchase a package because I know exactly how incredible you will feel for a long long time afterwards, but I also know that this is simply not possible. Many of you live outside of the UK, some can't afford this done-for-you kit and all of you want to be able to try it for yourselves, so what I've done is document what a day on my Alkaline Cleanse looks like. 

        I've recorded the exact time and order I take every juice and snack, plus listed out the exact ingredients that go into each 'meal' and given you links to any ingredients that you might not find in a supermarket.

        You can replicate the cleanse that made Tanya's in Chelsea famous and reap all the benefits by making it all yourself. Yay!

        Here's the link to order a readily packaged Alkaline Cleanse>>

        And here's the link to seeing what a day on this cleanse looks like>>

        Oh and here's the link to a 10% off code, only good till 2nd Jan>>

        Well now it's reeeally late and I'm too pumped to sleep.

        Can't wait to get back to London and get onto all of the above myself.

        Please please join me! I'd love to know what detox spoke to you and how you got on, please leave me a comment below!

        Happy New Year, my friend.
        I wish for 2018 to be your year!