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    Tanya Maher _ Lake Maher _ Banks Maher

    Happy new year/ new decade/ new everything, my friends!

    We just returned from an amazing Christmas and NYE in California and I'm here to remind you that if you haven't written out your wishes for 2020 yet (or if you have and just want to make sure that you're all set up for manifestation success) - you are not too late :)

    I like to call these grand desires for the new year 'wishes' instead of 'goals', because that's one word that doesn't seem to cause anxiety or pressure, it feels light, inspiring and positive. Plus, I don't know about you, but when I make 'wishes', I tend to smile widely, dream freely and breathe beautifully, which is not always the experience with 'goal' setting.

    I've already written several times about the magic of sending out wishes to the universe, but today I have a new fun one to share. And, I'll recap your top favourites for the highest success rate also...


    Take some time in late December or beginning of January (now is the perfect time:)) to write out all the big, small and tiny accomplishments of the previous 12 months. There is nothing as thrilling, motivating, inspirational, fun, eye opening, gratifying, healing and self-appreciating all at the same time. The state of gratitude you create within your being will send signals to the universe that you're ready for more! 

    Read more detail on this method here:  tanyasliving.com/blogs/tanyas-blog/the-most-important-thing-i-do-all-year


    Write down your greatest wishes and desires for the new year. Read them over, breathe them in and imagine as though everything on that paper is already yours right now. Fold it up and set fire to it. You've just released all attachment to the outcome and gave your creator the nod that you're trusting Him to guide you there.

    Read more detail on this method and how I knew a little girl was coming before I was even pregnant, here: tanyasliving.com/blogs/tanyas-blog/how-i-knew-a-little-girl-was-coming-before-i-was-even-pregnant




    Cut out images and words in magazines and print-outs, which inspire you and represent all the things, feelings, desires, goals and wishes which you truly dream of. Place the cut-outs on a large clipboard and arrange them until the complete picture feels right, then glue them in place. Now that your vision board is ready, place or hang it where it can’t be ignored. Take it all in, see it as a whole, see it as individual parts and then breathe as though they have already happened. Give it a little attention daily and celebrate with deep gratitude each desire that is coming true for you. Remember that you’ve done your job, so become an observer, let go of any attachments to it and let the universe do its job.

    See what I ticked off my vision board and read what got me into starting this annual ritual, here:  tanyasliving.com/blogs/tanyas-blog/revealing-my-personal-vision-board-for-the-very-first-time-steps-to-create-your-own


    This is a brand new edition to my wishing ritual since my mum posted the steps to this practice recently, so I'm simply translating it for you from Russian...


    During the New Year transition period, it is customary to make new plans and dream of a beautiful future. And everyone really wants these dreams to come true. I can share with you one practice that will help.


    Make a wish and release your balloon..

    a. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath, exhale. Send a smile to the whole world. Make a wish. Now imagine the wish as it if is already realised - in your mind's eye picture your exact surrounds in as much detail as possible, include the scent, what you might hear, how you might be breathing and how you might be feeling.

    b. Open your eyes and without hesitation, select a balloon in the picture. Remember that the first choice comes from your Higher Self, and the second and subsequent ones are a derivative of logical thinking. So, looking at your magic balloon, mentally infuse it with your desire and its complete picture you've just created. When you are ready to let the balloon go, say to yourself: “I am sending my important balloon to the Creator for consideration and to fulfil my wish!”

    c. Blow this balloon from the picture, clap your hands joyfully and do not look at it anymore so as not to delay its flight.

    You can make three wishes daily, especially around the New Year and your birthday. Just don’t tell anyone about them. Let your desires gain strength and reach the divine miracle makers.

    Know that if you infuse your balloon with a desire to get revenge on someone or to do a nasty deed, then that balloon will burst before it reaches the sky and the contents of it will land all over YOU. I did not make this up, they are basic cosmic laws for us Earthlings. Therefore, my advice to this scenario would look something like this: if you have enemies, then mentally create and send a wish into the balloon in which your ill-wishers will live long and happy lives.

    Wish, wish, wish away and everything will return to you :) 




    P.S. I'd love to know if you've tried any of the above or whether you have a wishing tip of your own. Please share with all of us in the comments below...


    DIY DETOX - 4 ways to cleanse at home

    DIY DETOX - 4 ways to cleanse at home

    Hi guys,

    I'm writing this to you from beautiful Innsbruck in Austria.

    It's past midnight here. 

    Lake and Elliot are sleeping 1 whole metre away from the computer desk where I've set myself up, trying my hardest to type quietly.

    I'm a fast typist, not a quiet one, so this is taking me a looooong time...

    And just as well- I've no choice but to keep this important post as brief as possible... only the good stuff for you to read :)


    It’s that time of the year between Christmas and New Year when nothing is certain, except that most things don’t fit.

    This doesn’t just mean your jeans either.

    It’s the time of the year when we must recognise which of our previous decisions didn’t fit our values, lifestyle, dreams, relationships and our bodies.

    It's the time to let go of some ‘stuff’ and make room for all the wonderful new things that can’t enter your world because of all that clutter.

    Look towards the new year not to diet, but to give your digestion a break and to flood your precious body with so much nutrition that the toxins won’t stand a chance.

    There is nothing wrong with overindulging over the holidays. Actually, I believe it's important to do that. How else will you get fired up and serious about making changes?

    So, when you're ready (and ONLY when you're ready), refer to my below ideas on how to do a DIY detox at home.

    They are all pretty different, so choose the one that sings to you or try them all.

    And remember- THIS IS NOT A DIET. Diets are awful and make you miserable. This is a break for your digestion system, a release of toxic build up and a celebration of getting back to being YOU gain, just a happier lighter cleaner version.


    IDEA 1- Go raw for a week.


    It's only one week!

    One week of eating lots and lots (I promise you won't be starving).

    One week of flooding your cells with life and energy-giving enzymes.

    One week of learning amazing new recipes and falling in love with being in your kitchen again. 

    One week of letting go of the bloat, the mucous, the discomforts, the laziness-syndrome and a crap-load of toxins (pun intended).

    Many of you already own 'Purified- Your Complete 7 Day Detox Program' already, so all you need to do is dig it out and go shopping. It includes a grocery shopping list already, so just turn up at the supermarket.

    If you're not in the know- this is my first and best selling eBook. There's nothing fancy about it, it doesn't even have pictures except my mug over the entire front cover (really selling it, aren't I?).

    It's just good and simple information with 30 minute recipes, that work. No frills, just loads of testimonials. 

    Download 'Purified' in seconds>>

    IDEA 2 - Do a digital detox.

    Again, not really rocket science (or even diet related, I repeat- none of this is diet related), but disconnecting is the only thing that will make you feel connected once again.

    I recommend a weekend. A week if you can get it off work. 

    And if you still have no idea how one can survive without Facebook, a phone, a tablet, a computer or a television even for a single day, may I suggest... a magazine? 

    Oh and scissors and some glue.

    Dig out that beautiful Home & Garden mag, an outdoor adventure mag, a tourism pamphlet, anything with inspiring photography and words that make you really really happy and daydreamy. 

    If you've been reading my emails for some time, you know that I always use this week to put together my Vision Board for the year ahead.

    It's the one self-care tradition I'm not about to break. 

    Join me!

    See this post on how to put together your very own vision board and check out when I revealed mine for the very first time>>

    IDEA 3 - Do a kidney and liver flush.

    There is an incredible deeeeep cleanse recipe formula, but I don't recommend you do this unless you're a seasoned detoxer and/or unless you've been on a very filling raw food diet for a minimum of three days prior.

    1g castor oil for every kg of your weight, mixed with 2g lemon juice for every 1g of oil. 

    So if you weigh 100kg, you would require a 300g drink each day (100g oil+ 200g juice).  

    The benefits are truly endless.

    It'll be a hard slow couple of weeks, so take your time and be gentle on yourself.

    I've had many clients, including world class athletes take on this challenge and they swear by it.

    Aside from epic weightloss for those that seek it, this flush works on a cellular level, strengthens your immune system, resets your digestive system and scrapes out any blocks, toxins, yeast and disease causing formations within your liver and kidneys, which are the hardest to purify.

    Here is what a two day castor oil detox might look like over a period of 14 days:

    Days 1-3: vegan diet, cooked and raw
    Day 4-6: filling raw food diet, like a plan in Purified
    Day 7: castor oil with lemon
    Day 8-10: filling raw food diet, like a plan in Purified
    Day 11: castor oil with lemon
    Day 12-13: majority juice/ smoothie and one solid meal
    Day 14+: vegan diet, cooked and raw, before returning to usual diet

    The number of days for the cleanse will depend on the person and the only thing you should eat through the 'castor oil and lemon' day is a maximum of 20 dates (yes seems a lot, but trust me you'll want them) with detoxifying herbal tea.

    This is recommended by a Russian doctor Alfei Budilov and is available in more detail in this article: Deep cleanse of the organism>> 
    [Note the article is written in Russian, so pop it into a google translator if you're interested in knowing more.]

    IDEA 4 - Do an Alkaline Cleanse!

    Have you ever tried peeing on some litmus paper to check where you are on the pH scale?

    Most people are shocked by the result!

    Everything in the universe is about creating balance, your body included. 

    The balance I go on about is called Acid-Alkaline, otherwise known as the pH balance.

    It might ring a bell if you pay any attention to shampoo ads. The beauty industry loves to point out, that their product is ‘pH balanced’.

    It works just as your own body temperature, where too much variance on either side of the normal 98.6F / 37C is very dangerous to your health.

    PH Balance also has a scale, which measures how acidic or alkaline any environment or substance is on a scale of 1-14.

    Seven is Neutral. Anything below it - is acidic; anything above it- is alkaline. A slightly alkaline body (at 7.36) is crucial for good health, but unfortunately the majority of our human race is no where near it.

    It is when your pH levels are low, that your body becomes acid and vulnerable to germs, creating an environment for bacteria to thrive and for yeast to throw an ultimate party.

    Disease (including cancer) cannot live in a slightly alkaline, oxygenated environment! Free radicals don't stand a chance of survival.

    I've worked hard to construct the exact plan to help you go from acid to alkaline in the shortest possible time.

    We offer a limited number of 1, 2 and 3 day packages just twice a year and post them all across the UK.

    Obviously I would LOVE for everyone to purchase a package because I know exactly how incredible you will feel for a long long time afterwards, but I also know that this is simply not possible. Many of you live outside of the UK, some can't afford this done-for-you kit and all of you want to be able to try it for yourselves, so what I've done is document what a day on my Alkaline Cleanse looks like. 

    I've recorded the exact time and order I take every juice and snack, plus listed out the exact ingredients that go into each 'meal' and given you links to any ingredients that you might not find in a supermarket.

    You can replicate the cleanse that made Tanya's in Chelsea famous and reap all the benefits by making it all yourself. Yay!

    Here's the link to order a readily packaged Alkaline Cleanse>>

    And here's the link to seeing what a day on this cleanse looks like>>

    Oh and here's the link to a 10% off code, only good till 2nd Jan>>

    Well now it's reeeally late and I'm too pumped to sleep.

    Can't wait to get back to London and get onto all of the above myself.

    Please please join me! I'd love to know what detox spoke to you and how you got on, please leave me a comment below!

    Happy New Year, my friend.
    I wish for 2018 to be your year!

    The most important thing I do all year...

    The most important thing I do all year...


    Every year before it ends, Elliot and I sit down to write out all the big, small and tiny accomplishments of the previous 12 months.

    This has become the single most important task I do all year.

    There is nothing as incredibly thrilling, motivating, inspirational, fun, eye opening, gratifying, healing and self-appreciating all at the same time.

    It’s too easy to say that another year just flew by and there are many things you never got a chance to do, but when you start to write down all the things you DID do, the experience is entirely different. The deep gratitude stirring within you, makes it so much easier to plan for the year ahead.

    If I ever struggle to remember all the details on the spot, I open up my diary and go through it carefully. All those meetings, trips, events, tasks, highlighted dates, dinners and bookings in my calendar never fail to amaze and delight even the most pushy-never-enough-accomplished-critic within me.

    It really is that powerful! And simple. And fun! So fun, what are you waiting for?

    Happy Happy Happy New Year!

    P.S. Originally, I wrote out a few of my accomplishments as an example for you to read. They were so damn good and I was so madly proud that I figured it’s probably not the most inspirational example for anyone but me. It could even put you off starting your own list, not because no one would ever top my examples but because they couldn’t possibly compete with YOUR examples. There is no one (I repeat ‘NO ONE’) that has achieved what you have, do yourself a favour and stop reading already, unless it’s your online calendar of 2016 and you’re making notes!

    P.P.S. Screw New Year resolutions, it’s all about the Old Year solutions!

    P.P.P.S. Don’t ever listen to anyone that tries to tell you that 1st of January is just another day. It isn’t. It’s the best day ever!

    P.P.P.P.S. If you’re still reading this, then it’s very likely that there’s nothing to do in the office at this time of year and my email was possibly the only email you’ll receive all day, so why not play a game. Here’s a game>>

    Revealing my personal vision board for the very first time + Steps to create your own

    Revealing my personal vision board for the very first time + Steps to create your own

    It may not appear this way, as I’m always on social media posting instant updates, but I’m a pretty private person.

    I work away quietly in the background, I’m what they categorise as a hermit, prefer to do many things alone, I keep a ‘sometimes’ diary and often don’t share half of what’s inside even with people closest to me.

    I have never showed my vision board to anyone.

    So yeah- sharing it publicly is a pretty big deal.
    Before I do the big reveal though, I wanted to tell you how I knew that IT REALLY WORKS …

    The first time I’ve ever heard of this manifestation technique was when I was fresh out of uni, working in my dream job as a commercial leasing agent, already with two mortgages on investment properties, $25K in student loan debt (some of which went towards the investments), rent to pay in central Auckland and just $200 in my bank account. Being commission based, I never knew when I’d be paid next. Having to drive clients around (without knowing when I’d be paid next) was fun, but on a gas tank that cost half of what was in my account, not so much.

    Then I got hold of a book called The Secret.

    A certain visualisation exercise really inspired me. You had to focus on a word or image, which you desired and by doing so daily, you’d send out vibrational frequencies, that should eventuate into reality. That same night, I printed off my bank statement, twinked out the date and the summary balance (remember twink?) and changed them to $45,000 for a year from then.

    It felt totally absurd writing down five figures, especially since I was so used to seeing only three or even two, and had absolutely no crafty plan or clue about how that would even happen.

    Very soon, I was to learn this:




    Almost a year later, it seemed that things got even worse and I was going backwards…

    The big recession started to creep in. The property market dropped and so did the leasing demands, I was advised to sell my properties fast, but no one wanted to buy. Meanwhile, the ‘twinked-out’ aka ‘dream’ bank statement remained up on my dressing mirror. I still took note of it every day.

    Then my business partner decided he didn’t want to sell our investments for any lower than our purchase price, instead we got a valuation and he bought me out.

    Can you guess what I got for the deal? That’s right- $45,000.


    Could it really be that easy? Does this really work every time? Is our potential really only limited by our own imagination? Does law of attraction truly exist?

    There was only one way to find out… I need to experiment some more! :)

    I put together my ‘proper’ vision board, which is basically a collage of pictures and words that you desire. I’ve done this now  for every new year and today will mark my seventh. I won’t say that every year, it all got ticked off, but the universe has a fascinating way of translating our little pictures into our big picture. Sometimes the result was even better than what I set out to manifest. Sometimes, it wasn’t in my spiritual DNA and I was guided to change my next year’s image that was nearer to my true calling.

    Below is my 2014 vision board.

    If you’re inspired to create your own, see the steps beneath it. If you’d like to know more about mine and what got ticked off, continue scrolling…

    ..   tanya maher_ vision board_ how to_ 2014


    1. Play some good tunes, light a scented candle, clean your sacred space for creativity, load up on magazines or have the printer handy if you are searching online.

    2. Cut out images and words, which inspire you. They may be feelings, desires, goals, specific targets or numbers, and as long as they aren’t so completely unreasonable that you don’t believe them achievable for a second yourself, then they belong on our vision board!

    3. Place the cut-outs on a large cardboard or a stretched canvas. Continue to arrange them, until it feels just right, then glue them in place.

    4. Now that your vision board is ready, place or hang it where it can’t be ignored. Take it all in, see it as a whole, see it as individual parts and then breathe as though they have already happened. Give it a little attention daily and celebrate with deep gratitude each desire that is coming true for you. Remember that you’ve done your job, so become an observer, let go of any attachments to it and let the universe do its job.



    tanya maher_ vision board_ 2014


    1. The office table represents a clean workspace where I can be more organised and creative. We moved house in 2014, got an extra bedroom for an office and a desk and chair for our wedding present. TICK.

    2. The ‘my’ stickers over a kitchen represent a collaboration with myhotels group for a new cafe. When I put this board together at the end of 2013, we were just ‘chatting’, but i knew what I wanted. The result- Tanya’s Cafe inside myhotel Chelsea! TICK.

    3. The living wall is actually part of the kitchen in the photo. For anyone that’s seen Tanya’s, you’d know that I got my living wall :) TICK.

    4. My book deal with Hay House! There are so many authors whose work I respect and words I treasure, but the majority happen to be Hay House authors. I’ve decided long ago that this is a publisher for me but only added them to my vision board in 2014. [BTW note how being specific and putting a picture of yourself on the cover tells the universe that YOU are the author]. In July I received the most exciting email of the year, from none other than… HayHouse! In December, I signed a contract for The Uncook Book, out September 2015. TICK.

    5. Interestingly- this was an empty area and I needed to find a picture to fill it up. I randomly chose the pic of these tigers as they seemed to fit in perfectly. Ha! We all know nothing happens randomly and the more I looked at it, the more I resonated with the spiritual meaning of a tiger totem:
    “By affinity with this spirit animal, you may enjoy dealing with life matters spontaneously, trusting your intuition and acting fast when needed.”- Spiritanimal.info TICK.

    6. Visa! In 2014, we were due for a visa renewal, which was the most challenging thus far. We’ve celebrated five years in London, which meant that getting this visa would give us Indefinite Leave to Remain. But first, there was studying for a Life in the UK exam, hundreds of documents to fill out and thousands of pounds in accountant’s and immigration lawyer’s fees. All totally worth it, because now we are only a year away from a British passport. TICK.

    7. This picture to me represented open plan living, a bigger kitchen and a creative space to work. Interestingly, not only did we move to a new much-bigger flat, which TICKS these elements, but it also has an exposed brick wall!

    8. I love this picture so much. Not only do I have the love of my life by my side, but we are facing in the same direction, doing the same thing, in the best city in the world, while being totally random and taking risks on such an iconic public bridge. It’s just a feel good image and a vision board is meant for feeling good. I wanted to create more memories with Elliot by my side and of course 2014 was the year we said ‘I do’. BIG TICK.

    9. I love green and to me, this image means relaxing holidays in nature. We tied the knot in the most beautiful place best known for its outdoors- the Coromandel, NZ, our friends took us glamping in Wales as a wedding present, my 30th was on a beach in Barcelona and my retreat was in the most pure organic part of the word- Vilcabamba, Ecuador. TICK.

    10. Here’s an obvious one. Babies, babies! 2014 was the year when Elliot and I settled on a plan, we are both happy with. TICK.

    11. IIN x 55 was about getting that many people signed up to the health coach course in a year. I’m a proud ambassador for IIN and a big believer in everything they do, so this year I wanted to aim higher than the 13 people I referred in 2013. I’m a couple of people away, so would like to call it a TICK!

    12. Family. I love my family to bits, but while my sis lives in New York with her husband, my parents live in Ecuador, I’m in London with my husband and his parents are in New Zealand- our wedding in March made it- THE family year. TICK.

    13. My sis and I make hearts using our hands and yoga poses too, so this is the image which represented us together. She surprised me for my 30th with a trip to Barcelona! And it was on a beach too! TICK.

    14. This was something I felt silly doing, but just goes to show how powerful a vision board can be. At the time I photoshoped the number of fans Better Raw has on FB, there were only 12,000 odd. The difference may not seem like massive ask, but it did take me 3 whole years to gather 12,000 fans and a whole lot of competitions, bribery, posting, sharing, liking, linking and commenting to get there. How I was to get to 45,555 in a single year, I had no idea, but remember the ‘how’ is not up to you, just know ‘why’ you want it. I knew I had too many inspiring healthy tips to share that would improve the lives of many. A year later and we are up to 47,480. Wow! TICK.