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    A whole new Tanya's is coming!

    A whole new Tanya's is coming!

    tanya's selfridges


    I. Have. Something. Pretty BIG to tell you!

    Tanya’s opened its doors to the public after a mini soft opening on 28th July 2014. It was the sunniest of all sunny days, we had more people through the doors than anticipated and managed to run out of ALL the food.

    Yep, it’s true! Someone travelled for 3 hours to us on a train, only to discover that our kitchen wasn’t serving any more dishes and asked if we could scrape out any remains.

    We’ve had days when we’d run out of raw carrot cake and one table would strike a deal with another to leave them a forkful. We’ve had days with queues of people stretching outside. Some were willing to eat standing! We’ve had 18-hour-work days. We’ve had juice-exploding-all-over-the-ceiling days, chocolate-melting-all-over-the-counter days, bring-your-baby-to-work days (and work-with-that-baby-strapped-to-you days) and even chef-wearing-six-inch-heels days. We’ve had days when Tanya’s was on a billboard at Knightsbridge station.

    screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-18-04-17 screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-18-43-26 screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-18-49-25

    There were so many days of Tanya’s. 818 to be exact.

    I wouldn’t even change one of them! After all, it is my calling to spread the message of living foods and all I’ve ever done, which truly mattered, has been because YOU asked for it.

    -You asked for 1-2-1 coaching so I personalised my workshops.
    -When all of your friends wanted a detox plan of their own, PDF docs were created.
    -This, in turn, birthed my first eBook ‘Purified’.
    -You said you lived too far away for my classes, ‘Raw Food 101’ DVD was the answer.
    -Retreats were developed for those keen to live and breathe this lifestyle for a week.
    -More recipes and hot tips called for ‘The Uncook Book’ to be written.
    -You wanted to enjoy those recipes with a day off from the kitchen, Tanya’s cafe in Chelsea was created.


    Today, after 818 days of being in operation, after a pop-up at a fitness centre and a pop-up at Selfridges, after countless events, bespoke raw cake orders, Opentable bookings, deliveries and take aways, and after the ‘Made in Chelsea’ plus ‘The Apprentice’ appearance, we know exactly what You’re after next…

    You want Tanya’s cakes, juices and adventure bowls, but you want them EVEN faster and in MORE locations.

    And so it shall be!

    We are transforming from Tanya’s restaurant as you know it into a Tanya’s Grab’n’Go Retail shop as you want it to be.

    screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-18-08-08 screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-18-06-18 screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-18-34-28

    -This will also enable us to be open more hours in the day and operate 7 days per week.
    -Our expanded production capacity will mean we can finally start saying YES to other cafes and shops wanting to stock our products.
    -And we’ll be joining forces with MY Kitchen, which means that if your non-vegan friends wanted to join you for lunch… all aboard!
    -TanyasCafe.com plus BetterRaw.com will merge into one delicious online wellness hub.
    -Aaaand our ‘Deliveroo’ home delivery menu will have more of your favourites!
    -Aaaand you can expect to see me running uncookery workshops again!

    In order for all of this to work, the entire ground zone of MY Chelsea hotel will need to be remodelled. This means our last day of operation will be Sunday 6th November to reopen again in Spring 2017!

    There is soooo much more I want to tell you, so I’ll be keeping you in the loop via social media, even during construction.


    Now, with only TWO weeks till 6th November, we’ll be running daily in-store promotions (think take-home Superfoods, free raw treats, 2 for 1 cocktails, etc), so keep an eye on Instagram (@tanyaschelsea) for all the detail.

    When Sunday 6th itself rolls around, you can pop in for brunch as per usual or you can pop in for our SALE!…

    I’m doing a big clear out, so everything from ingredients to equipment to supper club dishes to office stationary, will be on sale.

    See you there!

    screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-18-04-55So in summary:
    -Tanya’s Restaurant is transforming into Tanya’s Retail.
    -We will be closed after 6th November until Spring 2017 to remodel.
    -The entire ground floor zone of MY Chelsea hotel will be renovated.
    -You can still grab a juice and raw cake from MY Chelsea during the remodelling period.
    -Sunday 6th November is business as usual plus a BIG clear out sale 11am-4pm!
    -You can follow our progress all along via IG (@tanyaschelsea), FB (@tanyassuperfoods) and TW (@tanyascafe).
    -We love you! Thank you for the years of support and for continuing to inspire us to do more good. You are the best!