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    Super cheesy spread (with no cheese, cream or even cashews)

    Super cheesy spread (with no cheese, cream or even cashews)

    During one of my recent workshops, I taught you guys all about cravings, how they come up, what they might mean about the nutrients you're missing and what healthy stuff to eat in order to see those cravings vanish. Something that came up a lot was the craving for cheese. On the one hand it is the flavour and the creamy texture that people dream of but really it is a sign of calcium and essential fats deficiency. This recipe will sort you out! So so so delish, I really hope you get to make it.

    3/4 Cup Pinenuts
    3/4 Cup Macadamia
    6 Sundried tomato halves, soaked if they are too dry
    Juice of 1 Lemon
    ¼ Cup Udo’s Choice Oil Blend (or another healthy oil blend like flax, hemp, olive oil, etc)
    3 Tablespoons Liquid Aminos (or 2 Tbsp Tamari)
    2 Garlic cloves
    1/3 Chilli with seeds, or more to taste
    Water as needed
    -Put all the dip ingredients into a high speed blender, starting with about 1/4 cup of water and adding more if required. Use a tamper to assist the blending process.
    -Scoop out into a dipping bowl to serve with your veggie platter or on sourdough bread.


    sourdough bread with raw vegan cheese spread

    New menu!

    New menu!


    Our new menu launched last week and I have to say- it's my favourite so far!

    Rainbow Pad Thai with crunchy veggies, kelp noodles and a creamy peanut butter satay sauce; Falafel Goodness Bowl with cashew cucumber tzatziki and the best quinoa kale olive tabouli you'll ever taste; and more!

    Many of you have been asking to see the full menu, so I posted it here>>

    You've also requested information on our delivery service and the London zones we cycle to, so I made a dedicated page here>>

    Finally, a big Happy Birthday to all the September babies of the world! We for sure deliver more cakes in September than any other time of year, but it's also a known fact that there are more babies born at the end of September than any other month. Official birth records prove that the Christmas spirit of festivities and goodwill play quite the role in shaping our population!

    So there you have it, an update and a fact for you! You can't say I don't bring value through my blog posts :)

    Happy Wednesday,


    Tanya's cafe chelsea new raw food vegan menu

    tanya's cafe new raw food vegan menu chelsea london

    Tanya's cafe new raw food vegan menu london healthy delivery detox

    Tanya's cafe new raw food vegan menu london healthy delivery detox

    Five Minute Summer Pickle

    Five Minute Summer Pickle

    I’ve been making this pickle a lot over the summer, it’s just so quick, looks beautiful and goes with just about anything. Pretty much all ingredients in here can be adjusted to your taste, so play around and find your flavour.

    Note that when first made, the colour difference between the veggies is more defined, however I experimented with taste and texture by leaving this mixture in the fridge overnight and you can see how the beetroot coloured all contents. The texture did soften up if that’s what you are after, but the taste stayed the same. I think I prefer the overall dish to be made and eaten within the same day though, that’s how you get the crunchy fresh summer experience on a plate.


    250g carrots, grated
    1 raw beetroot, grated
    350g cabbage, thinly sliced
    juice of 1 lime
    3 tbsp olive oil
    2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
    2 tbsp manuka honey
    1 tbsp ground pepper
    1 tsp Himalayan salt
    optional: fresh garden peas, edible flowers, avocado, cherry tomatoes, lettuce

    -Prepare the carrots and beetroot by peeling them and chopping to fit into your food processor chute, if needed. Pick a medium grater blade and feed them through. If you don’t have a food processor, you can simply grate manually.

    -Thinly slice the cabbage into long strips. Toss with grated carrot and beetroot in a bowl.

    -Sprinkle with all other ingredients, except the optional ones and massage the mixture together thoroughly. You can need to roll your sleeves up and really get in there applying some force so the fibres begin to soften and vegetable juice will begin to mix with all the other flavours.

    -Serve over your burger patties, along side other meals, throw into soups, mixed with optional salad ingredients, as a side salad, in a wrap or simply eat on its own.

    raw food pickle sauerkraut

    The Winter Recipe Round-Up, No Dehydrator in Sight

    The Winter Recipe Round-Up, No Dehydrator in Sight

    The UK has seen such a gorgeous and long summer, that I still get shocked each time I walk outside nowadays.

    I forgot what it’s like to be cold and my lordy it is coooold!

    Winter is well and truly here, or so it seems, and right around this time is when I dust off the printed versions of my eBooks ‘Nourished- Comforting raw foods for winter‘ and ‘Festive- The best raw food Christmas recipes‘.

    I wanted to share with you a recipe from Nourished, which is the most perfect side to any meal, just like mashed potatoes, except there’s not a potato in sight. There’s also no starch. Or dairy. Or anything cooked or processed for that matter. Instead though you get a beautiful combination of nourishing seasonal ingredients to keep you balanced, comforted and immunised this winter.

    Oh and I thought I’ll compile a few other recipes, that were a big hit during last frosty season and share with you below. You’ll be happy to know that no dehydrator is required for any of them.

    There are also some epic recipes, that have been featured on the blog recently but not yet in my newsletters. Keep scrolling for the round-up from our four most recent Masters of the Month…



    1 head of cauliflower, chopped

    1 cup cashews, soaked
    ¾ cup warm water
    ¼ cup olive oil
    4 tbsp nutritional yeast
    3 tbsp manuka honey
    2 tbsp lemon juice
    2 cloves garlic, minced
    1 tsp paprika
    salt and pepper to taste

    -First blend the cashews and water to make a creamy paste.
    -Add the remaining ingredients to the blender and blend until smooth.
    -Serve as a side dish or with ‘Never Miss Meat’ Stroganov recipe (pg. 48 of Nourished) or Mushroom Jus (pg.16 of Festive).



    raw food chia seed apple cinnamon pudding2 cups nut milk
    1-2 apples, peeled and deseeded
    3 pitted dates
    2 tbsp chia seeds
    ½ -1 tsp cinnamon
    Optional sprinkles: bee pollen, raw honey, goji berries, chopped fruit, fresh berries, cacao nibs, figs, etc.

    For instructions, go to the original post here>>  


    Better Raw Health Benefits of Ginger Juice Recipe 10 inch ginger root

    2 apples

    small bunch of mint leaves

    For instructions, go to the original post here>>  



    P10209403 cups butternut squash/ pumpkin
    1 cup pure water
    1 golden sweet apple
    juice of 1 lemon
    2 Tbsp tahini
    1/2 inch ginger root
    1/2 red chilli, deseeded
    2 garlic cloves
    1 Tbsp fresh thyme
    1 tsp turmeric
    1/2 tsp salt pinch pepper
    optional: fresh thyme, pumpkin cubes and seeds to garnish

    For instructions, go to the original post here>>  



    Anna Hart_BetterRaw_Master of the month
    1/2 cup almonds
    1 cup walnuts
    1 tbsp cacao nibs
    10 pitted medjool dates
    3 tbsp almond butter
    2 tbsp virgin coconut oil1 teaspoon vanilla paste or vanilla powder
    2 tsp spirulina powder
    1 – 2 tsp water
    1/2 cup shredded coconut to coat


    James Colquhoun _ Better Raw _Master of the Month _ Skin salad2 handfuls of young rocket
    2 handfuls of baby spinach
    1 carrot 2 radishes
    2 small cucumbers
    1 small red onion
    3 limes, juiced
    1 avocado
    1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
    1 pinch cayenne pepper
    1 tsp raw honey
    1 handful fresh herbs
    ¼ tsp sea salt


    Master of the Month _ BetterRaw _ Tara Stiles 1 handful of spinach
    1 banana
    1 cup of almond milk


    Deliciously Ella Woodward1 cup medjool dates
    3/4 cup almonds
    3/4 cup walnuts or any other nut
    2 Tbsp chia seeds
    2 Tbsp ground flax seed
    1 Tbsp coconut oil
    1 Tbsp hemp protein powder
    1 Tbsp raw cacao powder
    For instructions, go to the original post here>>

    Cafe doors opening, Early Bird retreat applications closing...

    Cafe doors opening, Early Bird retreat applications closing...

    I can hardly believe it, but the dream I’ve been busy building since for ever and working on tirelessly with the best team in the world for the last five months, has just been realised.

    I have a cafe! With my own fricken name on it!!!

    It’s been so full on that I don’t remember the last time I sat down or even slept for more than 5 hours, but today… today is different.

    I finally got a chance to sit on our comfy cafe banquettes, looked around at all the beautiful natural walls full of living plants, observed the hardworking team happily chatting away and then overheard a customer on the phone:

    ‘I found the perfect new spot for us! Meet me in Chelsea, at Tanya’s.’tanya's cafe pic instagram 3Then suddenly, it sunk in.
    This is the real deal.
    These are real customers.
    These are real people who really love raw food. My raw food!
    These are real chefs who can make my recipes to my standards and perfect them to theirs.
    These are real mixologists, who are as passionate about incredible cocktails as I am about quality, superfoods and life.
    This is my new family. And they love coming to work and promoting the healthiest lifestyle ever.
    This is my new home, my new office, my new happy place.

    One day I will figure out how to put so much gratitude, joy and emotions into words, but for now I am happy sitting here breathing in what love created. 

    It was built for you, so I invite you to do the same. If you are anywhere near London, stop by and say hello. We are open 7 days a week 7am-11pm (apart from Sunday and Monday when we close at 4pm). tanya's cafe pic instagram 2

    Our menu offers a variety of breakfast items, including rawtella un-toast and dehydrated fruit crepe, pour over coffee, cold-pressed juices, smoothies and liver flush shooters. Our lunch menu has an even bigger selection and includes multi-layered lasagne, detox salad, soft shell tacos with marinated oyster mushroom meat, pad thai and organic natural wine. Then come four- you can enjoy a shared platter of nachos or cheesecakes and chocolates, as well as our superfood cocktails made only with the top quality, vegan and organic spirits mixed with cold-pressed juices and superfoods.

    Here’s more: www.TanyasCafe.com

    I can’t wait to see you! Now we have a meeting spot :)

    With Love,

    x Tanya


    P.S. While the cafe doors are opening, the early bird opportunity to Soul Adventures Retreat in Vilcabamba is closing. Just as predicted, we’ve got over a hundred applications already and until yesterday we had the retreat completely full. Two ladies can no longer make it, so I’m opening the applications once more. If Vilcabamba, organic raw food, meditation on cliff tops and yoga in the valley of longevity speak to you… Read on and apply, here before 1st August>>

    Vilcabamba 2014 retreat