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    The world's most nutritious ice block

    The world's most nutritious ice block

    I reckon if there was a competition for the healthiest and most nutrient dense ice cream that kids actually enjoy, this recipe could very well be IT!

    It's easy to make in any blender and any ice block mould (or improvise with a baking tray like I've done below). And just take a look at the health benefits of the ingredients:



    Pili nuts:   These are my latest obsession and are possibly the most delicious nut ever. They taste like a blend of macadamia, cashew and brazil nut. The Raw & Wild brand which we stock at Tanya's already comes activated, so if you have a powerful blender, there's no need to soak! Pili nuts are ultra high in Vitamin E, magnesium, manganese, thiamine/vitamin B1, phosphorus and copper. They are also great for getting extra iron, zinc and calcium in you! This cocktail of nutrients is quite literally amazing for everything from healthy hair and nails to top immune system and bone health to better sleep and controlling your blood sugar levels to improving mood, brain function and even vision!

    Udo's Choice Oil Blend:  This oil blend of essential fats derived from flax, sunflower seed, sesame seed, evening primrose and coconut is honestly magical! It provides all the Omega 3s and 6s you need in one day in a single spoonful. Aside from being incredible for your skin and brain function, I add this to my family's recipes for great digestion. I'm so eager to have you giving it to your family that I've arranged a special 20% off discount for you... Simply go to the Udo's Choice website and enter promo code BETTERRAW at check out for the whole store!

    Mango:  Most of you might agree that no other fruit compares to a sweet ripe aromatic creamy mango. It therefore comes as a surprise to many that mangos are jam packed with nutrients which help combat diabetes, promote smoother elimination, protect against free radicals, strengthen bones and improve joints.

    Apple juice:  When you use freshly squeezed apple juice (or buy cold-pressed!), it gives you extra enzymes for energy and every bodily function really. Apple juice contains lots of Vitamin C, so it's great for the immune system. It even cleanses the liver! Please only ever use organic apples though, because if you juice conventional, you're consuming all the pesticides, herbicides and chemicals that come with them, no matter how hard you scrub your apples.


    Creamy Raw Vegan Ice Blocks

    2 x Ripe Mangos, peeled and de-stoned

    1 x 70g pack Original Pili Nuts (buy at Tanya's, Whole Foods UK, Planet Organic, etc)

    300ml x Organic Apple Juice

    3 tablespoons x Udo's Choice Oil Blend (see promo code above)

    Optional (advised for fussy kids): 60g Maple Syrup


    -If you don't have a high powered blender, soak the pili nuts in water for 4-6 hours, otherwise use straight out of packet.

    -Transfer all the ingredients into your blender and blend till creamy. Note: if using maple syrup, it is likely to taste too sweet, but don't worry because sweetness dulls once frozen.

    -Transfer into ice block moulds, insert a wooden stick and transfer to the freezer for a minimum of 4 hours.

    [We were in NZ at this time and didn't have our ice lolly moulds handy, so I found this baking tray and folded some tin foil inside to the point which held the right amount of mixture, so that the sticks had plenty of support]:


    In this below pic, Lake is 1, her cousin Stanley is [almost] 4 and cousin Theo is 2,5. At this age, Lake hasn't had anything sweet apart from fruits, so she was super into the ice-block and ate up the entire thing! For the boys, I wish I added the optional maple syrup, they would've finished more than 1/3 and got all those amazing nutrients into them.

    You know your kiddies and their fussiness best, so keep that in mind when contemplating the additional maple syrup- the overall sweetness of anything will always dull when food freezes. 

    raw vegan ice cream


    If you'd love to know more tricks for sneaking vital nutrients and vitamins into your children's lunches, as well learn some seriously delicious recipes that your 2-11 year olds won't even realise are healthy, my next class is for you!...  


    Healthy toddler food diaries - What I feed my 15 months old in a day

    Healthy toddler food diaries - What I feed my 15 months old in a day

    Lake Maher plant based vegan food diary Today is all about yummy healthy foods for kids! I've had so so many requests to share what I feed Lake ever since she came along nearly 16 months ago, that I've had the brilliant idea of filming a whole day's worth of her food intake. So 'brilliant', that it took me an entire week to film it and then another week to paste it all together. (Mums and dads - I know you hear me!) But I did it and if you're into it, then prepare to see a monthly edition :) In this one short video, I cover everything from making seed milks from scratch to using supplements to three ingredient purees and raw porridges, as well as share my tips on how I keep her teeth clean of dehydrated fruits (it's not with a toothbrush). Enjoy watching and please let me know what you think! Happy Friday! P.S. There is already a post packed with three ingredient weaning recipes, here: http://betterraw.com/2016/08/healthy-baby-weaning-recipes-3-ingredients-less.html P.P.S. The Alkaline Cleanse returns in June! Check your inbox for all the details next week. Here's how to subscribe if you aren't already receiving my updates>>