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    Just two days before all of UK went into lockdown, I had a note from our accountant urging to stop all food and drink orders to clear stock ASAP, because the first two weeks of March in 2020 vs 2019 saw a revenue drop by 60%.

    Everyone was already staying away from public spaces and The Living Room at My Chelsea Hotel was deserted.

    Then, forced to close our doors, three months into lockdown was three months too many for some painful financials to deal with.

    To avoid further losses, we had no choice but to hand the hotel and the deli over to another company and say our goodbyes.

    It all feels so surreal and so raw still (no pun intended).

    I just can’t come to terms with the idea of going back to our beloved London without my beautiful deli to visit, without My Chelsea to stay at, without all the staff who became family.

    Discovering just how many businesses the virus has taken and will continue to take is simply heartbreaking.

    We may be a number in the statistics of the world, but for many of us our business used to be the world.

    Time to create a new world now.

    I know that I already posted these words on social media, but I wanted to write to you here and to thank everyone for supporting our restaurant turned deli over the years.

    Honestly, it is our customers, I am missing the most. I just love you guys so so unbelievably much!

    I’m not going far myself (well I suppose NZ is as far as it gets, LOL, but I mean I'm still online connecting with you all) and will continue to post whatever inspires and serves you.

    Speaking of which, what sort of blog posts would you like to see more of...

    Family updates? Recipes (raw or cooked vegan)? Inspirational quotes? Kitchen hacks? Food prep tips? Videos? Cleanse ideas? Nutritional facts? Wellness coaching? Glimpses into my every day life?

    I’d love to know what’s interesting (or not interesting) to you!

    It would be so so so amazing if you could please add your thoughts in the comments section below...

    Thank you.

    I love you.

    Stay well, 

    💚 P.S.  I’ve started coaching on Skype again and it’s keeping my broken heart in one piece.





    Wow what a trip. 


    I haven’t yet connected with a single person that this ‘big pause’ is not having an effect on.


    Not. One. Person.


    As for myself... two Wednesdays ago, my husband (who is also self employed) had the worst day of his adult life as every one of his clients froze all business. 


    Then moments later, I was urged to stop producing and ordering anything new for the deli and to try rid of any current stock immediately.


    While I was in a bit of a state to think straight, my level headed husband suggested we take the kids to NZ ‘because who knows what will happen - London could go into lockdown and we’ll be stuck in a small flat for months’. (Literally his words while everyone else (including Boris Johnson) were saying no way is a lockdown something being considered).


    So on Wednesday lunchtime, we checked out flight prices which were at their all time low. Whoop whoop something positive!


    By Wednesday night, they were 4, 5 and even 6 times higher. 


    And even then, we couldn’t seem to book anything!


    We attempted to book with 4 different airlines, 2 of which took our money and all 4 of which said our booking is not confirmed. 


    We spent many hours trying to reach customer services, playing the ‘you’re on hold’ tunes from both of our phones while we packed.


    We were at Heathrow first thing Thursday morning. 


    We didn’t land in Auckland until Monday.


    Four whole days!!!!


    The entire experience was truly the most surreal thing either of us have ever partaken in...


    Terminal 4 packed like sardines in a can, queues to Nam, rows of white space suits everywhere, masks of every variety on faces, cash not accepted within the premises even for a coffee / especially for a coffee, flight after flight cancelled on the departures board, but the craziest and oddest of all is the deadly silence surrounding us.


    There’s no arguing, no pleading, no bargaining, no abusing, no questioning, no rushing.


    It just was. 


    For four long long days.


    dodging lockdown


    Team NZ (aka Elliot’s amazing family) made miracles happen and took the stress out of every step past the boarder security to support our mandatory 2 weeks of self-isolation. 


    There was a spare car waiting for us, keys in ignition, instructions about our self-isolation house printed, kids car seats installed, snacks for the road, cold-pressed juices and dinner for first night packed, plus not to mention a mountain of groceries already waiting when we arrived.


    Needless to say, I was pretty emotional throughout, but you should’ve seen me when I discovered buckwheat, kombucha and coconut flour while putting the groceries away! 😭


    Then 2 days later the whole of NZ reached emergency level 4 and ended up in lockdown for a month minimum.


    Looks like we’re stranded on the beach for even longer than expected. It’s a tough life for these kids of ours :))


    Pauanui sunset


    Jokes aside, the ‘tough life’ bit is very much a reality for many right now...


    A few of you have already written to me asking whether I could discount the eBooks any further so you could make nourishing meals for your family during lockdown, so I’ve been thinking hard about how best to do this and I reckon I got it!!


    Pay what you can.


    £15 ($18.50)      £27 ($33)       £39 ($48)


    And if you can’t afford anything at all right now, but would love to make delicious nurturing meals for your family to keep them well, I have 2 options for you too:


    1. Download my FREE eBook ‘Nurtured - 10 Most Popular’, which is a little pdf full of your favourite recipes from the entire #NurturedBooks series, that’s available to all!
    2. If you love the pdf from above and keen for the rest of my ebooks but still can’t afford £15-£39, just write to me BEFORE 1ST MAY at hello@tanyasliving.com and I’ll make sure I forward you all 5 eBooks. 


    I know how devastating these times are for so many, so you don’t even need to explain yourself in the email, just write to me and I’ll be honoured to play a small part in keeping your family nourished.


    Be safe and keep well.


    I love you and yes ‘We will meet again’!