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    You can plan your entire life... plan every day, dawn to dusk.

    You can make weekend plans weeks in advance.

    You can even plan for your retirement.

    But what about everything you can’t plan for—coronavirus, a worldwide shutdown, lost jobs, kids being home from school, and a tumbling economy?

    Yes. We all feel the unexpected pressure and stress. (Even near the beach in NZ, believe it or not).

    But luckily, even though you can’t plan for something like what we’re experiencing now...

    ...You can prepare for it...

    ...by becoming the best version of you yet!

    Join me for the FREE 8th Annual Hay House You Can Heal Your Life Summit, starting April 30.

    This event is always packed with the best self-development lessons to help you shed your limitations and become the best version of yourself.

    And that’s the person you need to be, right now.

    Claim Your FREE Spot >>

    When you sign up, you’ll get instant access to...

    >>Four preview lessons from worldwide luminaries and inspirational figures, including Gabby Bernstein, Mike Dooley, Christiane Northrup, M.D.,and Anthony William.

    >>A free showing of Louise Hay’s iconic movie, You Can Heal Your Life.

    When you’re done watching, if you don’t feel like you can take on the world...come talk to me (just from 2 metres away though :))

    I know this event will help you feel like you can do, be, and have anything you want.

    Because you can.

    The You Can Heal Your Life Summit is 17 days—April 30-May 16—and features 83 of the most impactful teachers from around the world.

    Claim Your FREE Spot >>

    You may not be able to plan for the world changes ahead, but you can prepare to face them with strength, optimism, love, compassion, creativity, intuition, and ingenuity.

    Claim your free spot for this incredible event. Doing so will help you live at your best and usher in a new world that works better for everyone.

    With love,


    How I healed 12 years of terrible skin...

    How I healed 12 years of terrible skin...

    I must’ve invented my first recipe when I just turned 14 years old, but it wasn’t delicious. It didn’t get better with age. It was rather unsightly too. It also caused much pain for years to come, but at the same time, it was the recipe that made me.

    This recipe involved a combination of teenage hormones, stress in my body caused by a near fatal car crash and a morphine overload pumped into me at the hospital, which I turned out to be severely allergic to…

    What I got was an entire back full of hideous, giant, repulsive acne, which I was too freaked out to lay a finger on myself, let alone have anyone know the real reason I preferred to sunbathe only my front or why I loved long sleeved dresses so much even in scorching hot weather or why I needed a sick-day as soon as the school announced a swimming event.

    It was hard enough being a teenager, but having to hide was pretty damn depressing.

    Eventually I learned to come to terms with what I thankfully didn’t need to look at, as it was going on behind me. I simply figured that it is what it is and it’s never going to go so I’ll just plan my life, my road trips, holidays, sports I played and even friends I spent time with- around how easy it is to hide my back.

    This went on for many many years. And then I discovered raw food!!

    Waamp waamp waaaaamp…

    You thought I’d have something new to share, right? Aha- that I do, and I want to tell you my secret in person!

    I’ll be doing just that at 2 epic events this May…

    MBS workshop Tanya MaherTOPIC | Detoxing the fun way (my talk and demo all about how to cleanse naturally)
    LOCATION |  Mind Body Spirit Festival at Olympia London
    TIME | 1pm-2:45pm, Monday Bank Hol 2nd May
    FEE | £15, limited seating, book here>>events tanyas talks

    TOPIC | Sexy Glowing Skin (skin expert panel revealing their top tips and secrets)
    LOCATION | Tanya’s at MY Chelsea
    TIME | 7pm-9pm, Monday 9th May
    FEE | £25, includes green juice, limited seating, book here>>


    Really hope I’ll see you at one or both of the events! They are both very different and will be jam packed with incredible eye opening info on what is going on inside your body, what is causing the issues and how to clear them (and your skin) for good.

    My own secret, which I’m going to reveal to you is so good, I usually save it for my retreat attendees only. This time I decided to share it in my classes too, since this year’s retreat is still under question…. but if for some reason you can’t make it or live too far away, let me know in the comments below that you’re keen to read about how I healed 12 years worth of awful skin. If there’s enough interest, I promise to write a post for you guys!

    Change your life in one weekend!

    Change your life in one weekend!

    If you are in London (or even in UK or Europe) on 5th and 6th of September, there is one event you can drop everything for. It’s called ‘I can do it!’ and it is the best spiritual retreat of all time. It’s developed by the cutest ever love light Louise Hay, where top Hay House authors will be showing you how to:

    • See obstacles as opportunities
    • Expand your perception and burst through the constraints of your current thinking
    • Enrich your relationships
    • Heal and transform past pain into energy that guides you forward
    • Eliminate self-sabotaging behaviours
    • Ease stress, worry and frustration
    • Make positive choices that you will stick to – choosing foods, thoughts and spiritual practices that nourish your body, mind and soul!

    I will be there myself on Saturday 5th September, signing books and selling Tanya’s Cafe refreshments, so come by and cuddle!

    Here’s a free 210 page Ebook for you to enjoy http://bit.ly/icdisampler
    And here’s where you can get your ticket hayhouse.co.uk/i-can-do-it-london-2015

    450 people are expected and all tickets will go, so make sure you’re in too.