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    We are having a baby!

    We are having a baby!

    Hi my friends,

    Do you remember this post ‘When nothing goes to plan‘?

    I wrote about how no matter what I did to locate my passport (which I have never ever misplaced, ever ever), no matter how hard I tried to ignore my own intuition and even the cramps and pains in my body because of the divine messages coming through, the universe had another plan for me.

    A plan to stay home.

    It didn’t make any sense, but I ended the post with this:

    I’d always known that I’m being protected and I’d always trusted that the universe has my back. That doesn’t mean that I’ll give up on something just because my intuition is in a chatty mood, but in this case I know I’ve tried every avenue and I have to believe that my guardian angels are by my side. I also know that I don’t need to know or wonder now about what could’ve happened if I went anyway. I may never find out the reason.

    Well I didn’t have to wait long for the answer.

    It came that very weekend.

    I spent the entire time over what would’ve been the duration of our holiday, bent over the toilet, whole body shaking, head heavy, legs weak, back aching, nothing left to come out, but tears through the thinnest openings of what could pass as wasp-stung eyes.

    And the throwing up still didn’t stop.

    And each time you think that surely this is when you will feel better because the bug must be out of your system. But there is no bug to leave your system, unless you call a life stirring around, fizzing up, sparkling changes and developing inside of your own body temple- the miracle little bug.

    We are having a baby!

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