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    I was just starting to think that perhaps my post-baby-post-(first)-lockdown-post-stress weight was here to stay and then I discovered all the things I was doing wrong.

    And once I discovered them, the weight began to literally melt away.

    No calorie restrictions
    No magic pills or expensive shakes
    No starving
    No eliminating any foods or food groups
    And, dare I say it, no exercise 

    I've been so excited to witness my waistline shrinking before my own eyes, that I now really want to share all the secrets with you, Tan!!

    Whether you have a teeny tiny podgy belly fat or masses of weight you'd rather leave behind in 2020, I hope you'll join me on a FREE LIVE webinar I'll be hosting this coming......


    Please note, the webinar has ended, but you can get the full transcript here:


    Here's what you'll discover:

    • #1 Reason you're not losing weight (hint: it's not the type of food or lack of exercise!)
    • What is Intermittent Fasting and different types
    • Top mistake people make during a fast

    I hope you're excited, because I seriously can't wait to share some powerful stuff!

    Please note, the webinar has ended, but you can get the full transcript here:




    Need cake within 1 hour? Here's how you can get yours delivered in London...

    Need cake within 1 hour? Here's how you can get yours delivered in London...

    A little bit excited over here, because while I continue to struggle with building a whole new website on my own, I'm pretty sure you'd agree that I have my priorities straight!...

    The page with our available large and small whole cakes is now LIVE!

    Not only that, but London delivery has just been confirmed and starts at only £4.50!

    Check out this page for all the details: tanyasliving.com/collections

    You already know that my cake isn't just ANY cake!

    You do, don't you? :-P

    It's Creamy, Delicious, Organic & made entirely from Plants. 

    Cashews give it the creamy texture & because they've been activated (soaked), they are actually good for your gut. Plus since what holds it together is Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (or unrefined Cacao Butter), it makes Dessert good for your Digestion! 

    There’s no gluten, dairy, preservatives or refined sugar inside & best of all- there’s no chemicals! Every seed and fruit used is Organic Certified, so it's even gentler on your body, making all the other nutrients & vitamins more readily available, energising & nourishing at the same time.

    But you’ll never be able to tell any of that when indulging in the taste!

    We have 2 sizes and 5 flavours available.

    Pick up, take away, dine in or get it delivered within London, within one hour, any day of the week!

    See this page with all the details: tanyasliving.com/collections/whole-large-raw-cheezecake

    ...and make someone's week already! 
    ...or their whole Birthday!
    ...or your own :)

    Happy Monday!


    The Alkaline Cleanse is back! Save the date: 13th June for first UK delivery

    The Alkaline Cleanse is back!  Save the date: 13th June for first UK delivery

    [caption id="attachment_2342" align="aligncenter" width="860"]tanya maher _ tanya's at selfridges foodhall Our Selfridges pop-up store, when I was heavily pregnant[/caption]   My famous cleanse is back! This is really really exciting news, if not for you then for me. Ha! :) We missed January this year because of all the reno's, which means I didn't do my usual detox either. That's definitely not the case for June! I'm all in, starting 13th June and inviting you to come along for the ride...   It's a done for you 1, 2 or 3 day cleanse, which is delivered to your door within the UK, and available for 3 weeks only.   [SO SORRY to my overseas friends that it's too hard to keep the cold-pressed products fresh during transit, but if you wanted to do the detox yourself at home, then check out my blog post where I pretty much reveal exactly what to do, at what time and with what ingredients, here>>]   I believe in the power of giving your insides a proper scrub and I know that simply drinking juice may flow through your body undigested. This means you won’t get all, if any, of the nutrients and minerals from it and be left feeling hungry and deprived. You need a carefully constructed detox plan with nourishing solid foods to support your whole body. Book yours now>>   I also believe that my Alkaline Cleanse is not just a cleanse, it is the ultimate body rebalancing system! Why? For starters, the full day's menu is not just about giving you lots of detox promoting ingredients to get your bowels moving. I carefully put every ingredients together from juices to sprouted seeds to probiotics, making sure that you get everything your body requires to thrive. Tanya's+Alkaline+Cleanse Take a look... - Fibre to clean out your intestines - Probiotics to reduce bloating - Calcium to nourish you - Protein to re-build your system - Essential fats for ultimate digestion - Detoxifying spices to accelerate cleansing - Chlorophyll to increase your body’s pH level   My organic cold-pressed juices are the star warrior of your cleanse, but don't forget there is the alkalising raw soup, detox dust coated seeds, fibre wheatgrass crackers, veggie sticks and lemon tahini dip, OptiBac probiotics as well as the Neal’s Yard Remedies green complex powder. This cleanse is designed to clean and nourish at the same time. I even include pH strips to test how acid or alkaline you are, before, during and after the cleanse. And no matter which cleanse you go for- 1, 2 or 3 days- I will include a free cooler bag! Book yours now>>   Did you know: 1.‘Disease cannot develop, live or survive in an alkaline environment.  Every ache, itch and pain is telling you that your body is too acid’ 2. All ingredients we use are organic, raw, unprocessed, unpasteurized and cold-pressed.  We do not use sweeteners, gluten or nuts for this cleanse.  We do sprout and slowly dry alkalizing seeds below 47 degrees to release the enzyme inhibitors, but preserve nutrition and aid digestion. 3. The website www.tanyasliving.com where you can purchase your cleanse is the place where all activity will happen shortly after we reopen Tanya's cafe on 19th June. We're bringing together the best of www.betterraw.com and www.tanyascafe.com to pack out our new website with awesome info, 100's of raw food recipes and details on how you can work with me.