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    Need cake within 1 hour? Here's how you can get yours delivered in London...

    Need cake within 1 hour? Here's how you can get yours delivered in London...

    A little bit excited over here, because while I continue to struggle with building a whole new website on my own, I'm pretty sure you'd agree that I have my priorities straight!...

    The page with our available large and small whole cakes is now LIVE!

    Not only that, but London delivery has just been confirmed and starts at only £4.50!

    Check out this page for all the details: tanyasliving.com/collections

    You already know that my cake isn't just ANY cake!

    You do, don't you? :-P

    It's Creamy, Delicious, Organic & made entirely from Plants. 

    Cashews give it the creamy texture & because they've been activated (soaked), they are actually good for your gut. Plus since what holds it together is Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (or unrefined Cacao Butter), it makes Dessert good for your Digestion! 

    There’s no gluten, dairy, preservatives or refined sugar inside & best of all- there’s no chemicals! Every seed and fruit used is Organic Certified, so it's even gentler on your body, making all the other nutrients & vitamins more readily available, energising & nourishing at the same time.

    But you’ll never be able to tell any of that when indulging in the taste!

    We have 2 sizes and 5 flavours available.

    Pick up, take away, dine in or get it delivered within London, within one hour, any day of the week!

    See this page with all the details: tanyasliving.com/collections/whole-large-raw-cheezecake

    ...and make someone's week already! 
    ...or their whole Birthday!
    ...or your own :)

    Happy Monday!


    Tanya's has a new logo!

    Tanya's has a new logo!

    We have a logo! Well, we already had a logo, but as you've read here in the previous post, we were after a refreshed look to match our awesome refreshed biz. From almost 1,000 comments across social media and this site, here's what's clear: -You are a passionate bunch -I am very lucky to have you as my support system -You are loyal to Tanya's brand -You are truly amazing and I love love love you! Thank you so much. I read every single comment and even made spreadsheets against the four presented options to include all of your thoughts and suggestions. Drummm rolllllll...... Here is the result!   As you can see, it's not too dissimilar to our original design, only I have grown up and this logo evolution represents my own journey perfectly :) The changes: -We brightened up the signature fuchsia colour, because you love the vibrancy of our brand. -We kept the 'tanya's' typeface, because you were very loyal to it (and I love it!). -We brought the letters of the typeface closer together, because you felt 'delicious, energising, living food' deserves to pop more on supermarket shelves. -We went for the gradient petals, because they feel 'warm, nurturing, angelic, inspiring and elegant' to you and to me too. -We pumped up the size of the flower to balance against the bolder 'tanya's' typeface. -We changed the tagline to 'Feed your soul', which truly represents what real, organic, wholesome, living food is capable of. This feels most true to my own nature too, because as a Russian, I loooooove to 'feed' and as a raw food coach, I get to witness how living food heals and nourishes the body, fuels with energy, enriches lives and makes you (and your soul) stupidly happy. -The complete logo remains in a circle, because you love the 'holistic' look and it gives us the freedom to use all that vibrant fruity photography as a backdrop (which you also love)! The changes side by side:     What do you think? Let me know in the comments below. Again, thank you so so much for sharing your thoughts on the previous post. I honestly appreciate it beyond words. Happy Thursday!   P.S. The Alkaline Cleanse returns in June! Check your inbox for all the details next week. Here's how to subscribe if you aren't already receiving my updates>>