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    Raw Layered Red Velvet Cake

    Tanya Maher's Raw Vegan Red Velvet Cake Dairy-free Gluten-free

    Firstly... THIS comment:

    "Tanya Maher's cake was incredible- the first non beetroot tasting beetroot red velvet cake I've ever had - and want to make."

    - Anna Mendonca after my demo at The Wellbeing Now Seminar


    Secondly... THIS picture:

    Tanya Maher pregnant

    There's a very happy baby boy inside getting so many benefits from all the beetroot I've been feeding him... But seriously, how is THAT bump only 7 months? 


    Thirdly... THESE benefits:

     beetroot beet powerful benefits for skin, pregnancy, iron, vitamin c

    (Screenshot taken from @earthyandy post on Instagram. So perfectly timed as we're both pregnant and I was just starting to wonder why I'm enjoying beets so much lately)


    Finally... Why are you still here reading and not making this beauty?

    Oh and you do remember that THEEE SALE ends at 23:59 GMT tonight, right? Equipment, books, superfoods and supplements- up to 65% off!>>




    Serves 8-12


    Tanya Maher's Raw Red Velvet Cake

    For the red cake

    3 cups almond meal (left from making milk out of 4-5 cups soaked almonds)*

    1/2 cup + 1 tbsp  beetroot juice (from about 2 beets)**

    8 medjool dates, de-stoned or 16 soft pitted dates

    4 tbsp xylitol

    3 tbsp cacao powder

    ½ vanilla pod, seeds only

    ½ tsp Himalayan salt


    For the icing

    2 cups cashews, soaked overnight

    3/4 cup extra virgin coconut oil, melted

    1/3 cup + 2 tbsp xylitol

    juice of 1 lemon (4 tbsp)

    ½ vanilla pod, seeds only


    For the optional decorations

    goji berries


    edible flowers


    *The prepared almond milk will keep for up to 5 days in the fridge and actually is an amazing accompaniment to this cake. Otherwise make superfood shakes or freeze in ice cube trays to use in smoothies later. I make my almond milk blending 1 cup soaked nuts + 2.5 or 3 cups water + 3 pitted dates + pinch salt, then straining.

    **If you don’t have a juicer, use a blender. Blend up the beetroot and strain the juice through a nut bag/ cheese cloth. I blend approx. 3 small beets with 1/3 cups water.

    -For the icing, firstly scrape out the seeds from a whole vanilla pod. To do so, slice the pod in half lengthwise, then use a teaspoon to literally scrape all the seeds out until the inside of the pod is dry.

    -Blend all the icing ingredients till creamy. Transfer to the fridge while making the cake. (Be sure not to leave it there to solidify fully, we just want to cool it to a spreadable consistency).

    -Process all the red cake ingredients in a food processor with an S blade.

    -Now for the tricky/fun part: divide the red cake mixture into three equal parts, take one part and distribute it along the bottom of a 7 inch cake tin with a removable base (wrap the base in cling film), firmly pressing it down with your hand or a soft spatula. The trick here is not to spread a layer of icing and then add another layer of cake, as it will all turn into one big mess when you try and make a firm smooth layer of the cake again… so…

    -Carefully remove the layer of cake with the base and flip it over onto a clean serving plate. Remove the metal base, then the cling film. Spread a layer of icing on top. Repeat this process of creating the red cake layer two more times, each time carefully removing it out of the cake tin, placing on top of the frosting layer and icing it again.

    -When all three layers of red cake and icing are structured into a cake, use the remainder of the frosting to cover the sides of your cake, until the red colour is no longer peeking through.

    -Decorate with berries / dried fruit of your choice.

    -Place in the fridge for a minimum of 4 hours to set, then slice with a sharp knife, wiping it clean with a paper towel in-between.


    Tanya Maher's Raw Vegen Red Velvet Cake Gluten Free Dairy Free

    Tanya Maher's Raw Vegen Red Velvet Cake Gluten Free Dairy Free

    Tanya Maher's Raw Vegen Red Velvet Cake Gluten Free Dairy Free

    Tanya Maher's Raw Vegen Red Velvet Cake Gluten Free Dairy Free

    Tanya Maher's Raw Vegen Red Velvet Cake Gluten Free Dairy Free

    Tanya Maher's Raw Vegen Red Velvet Cake Gluten Free Dairy Free

    Tanya Maher's Raw Vegen Red Velvet Cake Gluten Free Dairy Free

    Tanya Maher's Raw Vegen Red Velvet Cake Gluten Free Dairy Free

    Tanya Maher's Raw Vegen Red Velvet Cake Gluten Free Dairy Free

    Tanya Maher pregnancy 




    How I nearly died, then became a health coach and opened a cafe in Chelsea

    How I nearly died, then became a health coach and opened a cafe in Chelsea

    I discovered raw food not because I had a plethora of illnesses and this was my last resort. There was nothing wrong with me…


    I was fit, my body was in top shape, I never had to worry about what I ate, my parents were knowledgeable in alternative therapies, I had an awesome job in property, I was young, popular, invincible – I was healthy.


    Or so I thought.


    Looking back at my life now, I can only picture a young girl living in complete denial.


    I often ate a tub of ice cream or an entire block of chocolate instead of lunch and dinner, because I figured I should choose one to avoid overeating.


    I partied ‘til dawn in clouds of second-hand smoke and thought of it as the best form of exercise.


    I thought sleep was overrated.


    My whole back was covered in repulsive acne, but who cares because I couldn’t see behind me and at the beach, it was easy to just sunbathe lying on it.


    I would often get knife-piercing pain in my stomach, but I was the best long-distance runner I knew, so it didn’t matter.


    I didn’t like my own reflection, but I could always grin or pull faces in photos to disguise what I thought was too round a face and too big a nose.

    Tanya Maher and sister Alissa Alekseeva


    I would be bedridden whenever the seasons changed, but so was everyone else, so there is nothing wrong.


    I even thought that a reflexologist who told me to change my diet immediately to save myself from emerging diabetes was mad because, surely, diabetes was only for people who were overweight?


    And while others would turn to binging when it came to work- or relationship-related stress, I considered myself lucky for losing interest in eating when I was stressed, because I starved and got slimmer.


    It took me a long time to unlearn these stories I’d been telling myself. It took me even longer to realise how well I’d mastered blocking out what needed attention, because of how well I’d blocked out one particular major event in my life…


    The year 1999 was one to remember.


    I survived my second year as a teenager, my second year in high school was almost over, my Russian accent had begun to sound more Kiwi (believe me, a foreign accent is a big deal when you’re an immigrant at school) and, for the first time, I was allowed to go away with my best friend for our joint birthday celebrations.


    It was a rainy day, the road was long and winding, but it didn’t matter because I was with my bestie, we had lollies, hip-hop music to sing along to and the whole back of the car to ourselves.


    Nothing was going to stop us from laughing and dancing, not even a safety belt that straps you tightly to your seat. We both pulled our seatbelts over our shoulders and under our arms, so we were secured only around our waists.


    The next thing I remember is seeing a four-wheel drive head on, an unimaginable strike of sharp pain in my abdomen, followed by our car quickly filling with smoke and the struggle to open a jammed door, because I couldn’t possibly stay in a car that might blow up like in the movies.


    I still have no idea whether it was five minutes or five hours between the car accident and being rushed to Auckland City Hospital by helicopters, although I do remember how fast the emergency crew chopped open my favourite checked blue trousers.


    And amidst the uncontrollable pain through my stomach to my back, the haunting repetition of ambulance crew voices shouting something about a fractured spine, I still managed to wish that I was wearing better underwear.


    Everyone in both vehicles survived the crash, but no one walked away injury free…


    I broke my back and had to wear a full-body brace for four months. I still have a metal plate and screws joining my lower spine. My stomach was so badly bruised and swollen from the seatbelt (which also saved my life) that doctors proposed to remove my pancreas.


    To make this hospital stay even more memorable, a catheter burst inside me, spreading an infection through my bladder, all while I was being pumped with an intense dose of morphine, to which my body reacted with intense hives.


    My mum and dad went through so much stress and my entire focus turned to recovery, just to see these two favourite faces laughing again.


    I tried hard to be a good girl and eat the mashed potatoes, ice cream and jelly they provided as hospital food, but my body would not keep them in. I remember being so angry at it for spewing up anything that went in.


    My weight declined, as did all interest in food, until I couldn’t tolerate the thought of it.


    Meanwhile, doctors were still waiting on my parents’ decision on whether or not to remove my pancreas.


    Knowing that it was a key gland for proper digestion and hormone regulation, my wise family were determined to keep it intact.


    We wanted to learn how to help my body to heal, but no one even knew about Google then, and raw food books certainly weren’t known of in the library, so we did what came naturally in the moment of despair- we used intuition.


    Mum and dad asked me to imagine different foods and name those that didn’t immediately make me feel nauseous.


    There were so many foods I craved, I was literally starving, but the only ones I could entertain of actually keeping in were peppermint tea, high-factor manuka honey and liquidised vegetables.


    How clever our bodies are. Even in the most vulnerable state they know exactly what they need to survive.


    I know now that my body, being so inflamed and sensitive, asked specifically for peppermint tea for its soothing properties, manuka honey for its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal protection from hospital bugs, and raw carrot juice for its antioxidants, nutrients and enzymes, to support my healing pancreas.


    My body knew that raw foods have the power to heal, it knew exactly which foods had the right nutrition for this healing and it was because of raw foods that I got to keep my pancreas – although I didn’t even realise it at the time.


    Fast forward 10 years and it was, again, mum and dad who inspired me to tap onto that intuition and discover a calling within me so deep, it would bring positive meaning to all unfortunate past events. They read raw food expert Victoria Boutenko’s books and literally changed their entire diet overnight.

    Alekseeva family


    They got rid of the microwave, espresso machine and all the food in their pantry. They filled clear kitchen benches with alien equipment, the refrigerator with so much colour it looked like a kaleidoscope, and started dehydrating flax crackers as if they were stocking up for 21 December 2012.


    It was awesome to see them so enthusiastic about a diet, but it’s not like I was about to start doing the same. After all, as you’ve heard, there was nothing ‘wrong’ with me.


    It was also around this time that my husband, Elliot, and I started dating, and I was more interested in showing off my cooking repertoire than rolling energy balls.


    But my curiosity was already ignited.


    I watched my parents shed weight, start to look younger, glow from within, sleep less and do more exciting things with their days, all with an enormous amount of energy and enthusiasm. I had to get my hands on that book!


    It was when I read ‘Green for Life’ and the collection of testimonials from people who had reversed all manner of illnesses (from diabetes, heart conditions, obesity, asthma, chronic fatigue and cancer) with raw food that I made an important connection – that I had also healed my body, all those years ago, with raw food.

    Tanya's cold press juice and almond milkshakes



    It occurred to me that if we can heal disease with raw food, surely we can prevent it too. Now we’re talking!


    What I read in Boutenko’s book made sense – as soon as you apply heat to foods, they shrivel up, vitamins and minerals diminish, antioxidants and proteins are halved and enzymes vital for digestion die entirely. Our bodies then spend all their efforts on digesting the mineral-depleted foods and leave us with little energy for anything else.


    What didn’t make sense is why so few people knew about the raw power of plants.


    And in this I found my calling.


    I immediately began making green smoothies for our breakfast. I loved to cook and experiment with foods, so was in no hurry to change our meals, but my taste buds began to long for more greens throughout the day.


    Without even thinking about it, I reached for a salad instead of a sandwich at lunchtime and filled half our dinner plates with fresh raw vegetables.


    I thought I had really lost it the day I salivated over spinach at a supermarket and came home without commercial chocolate.


    I was loving the new flavours our fresh diet had to offer, as well as all the benefits I detected- increased energy, focus and intuition, glowing skin and sparkling eyes, healing acne, and strong hair and nails. Most of all, I loved how much fun I was having in the kitchen.


    With so much attention paid to feeling awesome, it wasn’t until later that I realised how my painful stomach cramps never returned, my headaches had diminished, my teeth stopped getting cavities, and how flu and colds became a thing of the past.


    I knew I couldn’t keep all of this to myself, so as soon as we moved to London, I went knocking on yoga centre and restaurant doors offering to run lunchtime classes, got kitted up with equipment, started blogging recipes, selling green smoothies and raw chocolate at market stalls, joined raw food networking groups and attended any health-related workshop I could find.


    I began coaching clients. This allowed me to witness the countless benefits of raw foods among athletes, expectant mothers, young professionals and the newly retired.

    Novak Djokovic and Tanya Maher at Tanya's


    Yet, I wanted to go deeper.


    My intention was never to transform the world’s diet to eating all raw, I simply wanted to raise awareness of the benefit of eating plants and my mission became helping people to experience the incredible vitality I was thriving with.


    I really wanted for everyone to feel in control of their own energy and health again.


    I really really wanted to help others tap into that time of youth when they felt invincible, free and full of joy. I wanted them to know how possible it is to feel like that all the time!


    I longed for people to break free from the hypnosis that the traditional medicine, dairy industry and government bodies put us under.


    I dreamed of a world where people didn’t have to suffer and where they believed that vibrant health was their birth-right.


    So badly I wished for people to feel ALIVE again.


    I knew that all of this was pretty BIG and that I couldn’t do it on my own. The thing is I didn’t know where to begin either. So, I did what I knew works - I sat my butt down on a meditation cushion and literally asked to be shown the way.


    What happened right after- changed everything.

    Tanya's Ecuador Retreat


    I opened myself up for possibilities and asked for a clear sign. By the time I heard of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition from three different people in the week right after my meditation, I knew it was the sign I couldn’t ignore.


    I was still paying off my student loan for the Bachelor of Property so wasn’t into the idea of getting into more debt. But, all signs pointed towards going for it, so I borrowed from my parents and enrolled on the year-long journey of online education.


    I thought I was just signing up to qualify as a Holistic Health Coach and be a better counsellor to my current clients, so they can experience everything I dreamed up for them, but I got so much more.


    The same year that I was getting my mind blown from all the powerful realisations and my neck muscles exercised from all the nodding, while listening to lectures on my iPhone, was the year some pretty wonderful things were happening in the background..


    I remained open for miracles and then after five years together, Elliot proposed.


    I remained open for miracles and met with my dream publisher, who would later publish my book.


    I remained open for miracles and began coaching a dream client, with whom I would soon open my café.


    I remained open for miracles and became IIN’s chosen ambassador, which meant that I had the power to offer my readers some amazing discounts to this life-changing course, getting more and more people to spread the ripple effect.


    Suddenly my big dream didn’t seem so far-fetched.

    Tanya Maher's The Uncook Book Launch


    The thing is- I didn’t have to work hard to ‘remain open’. The beauty of the program is that on top of teaching you how to be the best coach to your clients and especially to yourself, it teaches you about nutrition, bio-individuality and how some diets work for some and why not for others, but more importantly, it teaches you how to manifest.


    The entire course is designed to help you be the healthiest person you know and to live your very best life. Guiding you to remain open for miracles and manifest dreams into reality is very much on the agenda!


    So, if you even for a second thought that this course might-be-just-ever-so-slightly-a-tiny-bit interesting, I invite you to do the following:


    1. Register your name and email below or here so I can forward you a FREE sample class and a FREE copy of my eBook ‘One Day Raw- a Beginner’s Guide to Living Foods’.
    2. Add 2PM EST / 7PM GMT Friday 20thApril to your calendar and watch me LIVE as I visit the IIN offices in New York! (I’ll send you a direct link to this FB Live on the day)
    3. Remain open for miracles.

    Tanya and Lake at Tanya's


    And, if you feel this is YOUR sign to do the course and you are ready to register for the next class beginning 7th MAY, then here’s what you’ll get as a BONUS for registering:


    1. A 25% discount or an interest-free payment plan.
    2. A FREE copy of my eBook ‘Purified-Your Complete 7 Day Detox Program’.
    3. A parcel in the mail containing my book ‘The Uncook Book- The Essential Guide to a Raw Food Lifestyle’, and a collection of Tanya’s dehydrated snacks- BBQ Spiced Activated Nuts, Detox Dust Activated Seeds, Cheezy Kale Chips, Coconut Chips and Coconut Jerky.

    IIN bonus gift from Tanya Maher


    To qualify for all the bonuses, call my friends at IIN on (877) 733-1628 for US or +1 (212) 730-5433 for International and be sure to mention my name (Tanya Maher). Ask them if you can start on May 7th and I’ll be in touch with the rest!



    Wow that wasn’t a long post at all. Haha.


    Love you!


    Register for IIN Freebies

    * indicates required

    Your 1 Day Juice Cleanse - the recipes, the plan, the shopping list

    Your 1 Day Juice Cleanse - the recipes, the plan, the shopping list

    Last month, my sweet little sis-in-law and I did a 1 Day Juice Cleanse, I posted everything Live in Instagram stories and couldn't believe the response!

    So many of you wrote telling me how keen you are to do the same at home, asking for exact recipes and any other helpful tips I could spare.

    So, I've typed out your recipes, your plan and your shopping list, I've included a few bits and pieces I thought would be most important to do before, during and after a mini detox, and even uploaded a compilation of those stories from IG in one handy video below...


    [If the video doesn't show up for you, watch it on YourTube here: https://youtu.be/Bm54366zsak


    The purpose of this mini cleanse:
    1. You probably have your own reasons, but for me it always comes down to my digestion. Having a break from foods is a wonderful gift to your overworked digestive system. Everyone deserves a break from time to time, your digestive system demands it.
    2. Getting a massive intake of nutrients and minerals in a day. Getting your 5 a day may be tricky enough, try getting 20 a day! By flooding your body with an overload of nutrients, it naturally crowds out the bad guys and makes detoxing natural.
    3. Giving your immune system a boost. When nutrients enter the body and toxins stir up, your cells reawaken and feel reenergised again to fight against free radicals. A periodic mini cleanse can really keep them in check.


    The shopping list (this plan is for 2 people):


    1 grapefruit
    3 large cucumbers 4 green apples
    4 sweet apples 1/2 large pineapple
    optional: 1 avocado


    7 carrots with leafy tops
    2 small beetroots
    10 stems of celery with leaves
    2 courgettes
    8 inch ginger root


    Leafy greens and herbs
    300g kale leaves
    30g mint
    50g parsley



    A word on organics:


    When consuming raw fruits and vegetables, especially in amounts as large as you will during a juice cleanse, it is ultra important that you don’t ingest the very poisons you’re trying to detox away- chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, etc.
    If the purpose of these sprays is to keep the bugs away, that doesn’t mean they will sniff it and leave… Insects lick or nibble on the fruit, chemical that is on top of the fruit or inside it, enters their stomach and blows it up. Literally. Think about this- the big difference between humans and insects is our size… so it’s just a matter of time for us. The more conventional products we eat, the faster we will develop stomach pains and the worse would be the consequences. 



    The Recipes (this plan is for 2 people):


    First of the day “The Fireball"
    1 Grapefruit with skin 
    5 inch ginger root with skin


    Mid morning juice “The Green Chlorophyll”
    2 large cucumbers with skin
    4 green apples
    200g kale leaves
    15g mint leaves + stalks


    Afternoon juice “The Rainbow”
    7 carrots with leafy tops from 2
    2 small beetroots
    10 stems of celery with leaves
    3 inch ginger root with skin


    Dinner juicy smoothie “The Reward”
    4 sweet apples
    1/2 large pineapple, skinned
    2 courgettes
    1 large cucumber
    100g kale leaves
    50g parsley
    15g mint leaves + stalks
    optional: 1 avocado (blend this in with juice!)


    Best juicing practice:

    Pass softer ingredients through the juicer before hard ones (cucumber before apples, pineapple before celery). If the soft items cause a build-up of puree in your juicer, push through a few hard items to clear the works.

    Pass leafy greens into the juicer before or with other veggies to avoid waste- if any leaves become stuck in the works, the other items will push them along.

    Fresh is always best. If you must make juice ahead of time, only make it for a maximum of 16 hours in advance to avoid it becoming heavily oxidised.



    The day before:

    1. Whether your detox is for one day or 30, start getting your body and mind ready now.
    2. Start drinking lots of herbal tea or water (warm or room temperature is best).
    3. Pick up a dry skin brush and start brushing morning and evening to get the lymph system moving.
    4. Have a light vegan meal the night before, preferably raw vegan so the enzymes spark up in prep for next day.
    5. Most importantly, get excited about your cleanse! The most successful detox happens when you can't wait for it to start.
      During your cleanse:
      1. Please refrain from giving in to any stimulants (coffee, sugar, black tea, cigarettes), but feel free to drink as much herbal tea and room temperature water as you please.
      2. To support your body during the release of toxins, feel free to exercise however you like if it’s part of your usual routine. If not, then let your pores open up to eliminate toxins in a sauna or go for a long brisk walk.
      3. Relax as much as possible during the length of your cleanse and make time to be and feel creative- journal, draw, make a vision board, read, watch an uplifting documentary, walk, laugh and do what makes you happy.
      4. Get an early night. This will ensure you get plenty of sleep and will also help you from giving in to cravings when peckish :)
        The day after:
        1. If you are feeling energised and inspired to continue, I recommend that you do. This is usually your body’s way of telling you that this detox is exactly what it wanted and that it’s not quite finished yet. Feel free to make your own juices, smoothies and raw fibre rich snacks (like soaked seeds, whole veggies and salads), go out for a raw food meal or purchase a variety of vegetable based juices from a local organic cafe.
        2. Ease out of your cleanse carefully. It’s important that your body has a gentle transition and that you refrain from any stimulants for a minimum of 3 days after the cleanse has ended. Otherwise your body can go into ‘shock’ and ‘survival mode’ where it will hold on to all the bodily fats and slow digestion right down. Caffeine can be the hardest to stay without, so if you feel like you absolutely need it, drink clean organic coffee only and do not mix it with any milks or sugars. It is really important right now that you don’t confuse your digestive system and start combining foods. (BTW: my parents drink black coffee with a squeeze of lemon to balance the acidity, it sounds weird but you get used to it super quick and it can easily become your new fave!)
        3. You would’ve noticed your taste buds have changed and your appreciation for basic foods increased. Eat simple plant-based meals only, like soups, steamed vegetables, gluten-free seeds and grains, salads and fruits for a minimum of 2 days. 




        My best tip for improving your digestion

        tanya maher on digestion

        If your digestion isn’t in order, the chances are you also experience at least two of these symptoms:



        -Heart burn or indigestion

        -Food allergies


        -Skin breakouts

        -Skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, acne or psoriasis 

        -Weight gains

        -Constipation or loose stools

        -Flatulence or belching

        -Parasites or Candida

        -Weak nails and hair


        Poor digestion is awful and sadly unless something is done about it, it may only get worse with time.


        Have you ever said...

        “I used to be able to eat anything” or 

        “I never had to exercise to stay in shape” or

        “My baby weight never went away” or

        “My digestion is not what it used to be”?


        [Personally, I’m guilty of all the above, especially when I have the below reference taken circa 2013.]

        tanya maher's body on raw food


        If you want something done about this digestion of yours (btw it’s not the same as metabolism- you can eliminate quickly and stay slim but it still doesn’t mean that you’re making the most out of your food and assimilating the goodness), the first thing you must do is begin eating consciously.

        Easier said than done? 

        Nope, it’s very very easy to do. Continue reading for my top tip that works every single time and is actually fun...

        But first I’d like to paint you a picture of what happens when you DON’T eat consciously.


        Tanya's pantry for The Uncook Book


        I bet there’s been a time that you’ve taken your sandwich to your desk and swallowed it so fast, you weren’t sure if you even tasted it, let alone felt any satisfaction. 

        You certainly were a bit annoyed at yourself for spending money on yet another lunch you don’t remember eating. 

        I mean- how did it disappear from your plate? Wait, maybe someone played a trick on you and you haven’t even taken a bite! Mmmm maybe not.

        Suddenly you feel bloated. Dissatisfied, irritated and bloated. Awesome combo.


        What actually happened when you swallowed that sandwich is that it got dumped into your stomach without any warning, without the host having a chance to get the space ready for it, in fact it squashed the host unconscious, confused the whole digestive system so it stopped operating altogether. Your body’s alarm went off to send signals of there being something wrong and the only way it knew to communicate that was by making you bloat.


        You didn’t respond to those cries so it gave you a headache.

        You blocked out the headache with a painkiller so it gave you visible red patches on your neck and breakouts on your chin.

        You covered them up with concealer so it gave you extra love handles you couldn’t cover up.

        You told yourself that next time you’ll just skip lunch to which you immediately felt an inflammation response.

        Now your joints hurt.

        WTF? Surely that’s got nothing to do with a sandwich!

        And why do you feel so tired when food is supposed to give you energy?


        Now let’s rewind for a moment and try that again...

        Holy Kale & Avocado from Tanya's raw food London cafe

        You unwrap your sandwich, feeling good within yourself that you got up to go out and buy it, feeling proud that you got at least a little movement into your day.

        You start to breathe deeper with that thought of gratitude.

        In turn you begin to relax and even get a whiff of the deliciousness you’re about to enjoy.

        You begin to salivate.

        You take a small bite and you chew chew chew.

        Your brain then sends the message to your stomach (the host) that food is coming so it starts to tidy up and pump out the welcoming mat (hydrochloride acid).

        The food slides down with joy, lands not in a dry sad desert but a fun pool of digestive juices.

        It breaks down effortlessly, without the need for your body to spend any more precious energy, so you feel like you have lots of energy to actually do some work.

        Minerals, nutrients and vitamins then spark into fireworks that go straight to the cells which need them most, while the remains take a different route towards easy elimination.

        No arguments, no confusion, no need for setting off any alarms, everyone knows their role and they get on with doing their thing so you can get on with doing your thing.


        tanya maher the uncook book


        So next time you’d like scene #2 instead, next time you’d prefer to feel alive, energised, relaxed, bloat free and happy within yourself for eating consciously, try this tip:

        Imagine that while you’re eating that sandwich, a hidden camera is projecting your every move onto a National News channel! Your face is on everyone’s screen for millions to watch you eat. 

        The Royal family watch the news too, you know :)


        Royal family watching you eat on the news


        P.S. I touch on the topic of digestion and often discuss it in depth at every single one of my workshops. You can bet that I'll be covering this topic in the next classes 'Easy raw lunches that kids will love' and 'How to eat for beautiful skin'. All classes can be booked via this link: https://tanyasliving.com/collections/workshops-and-events

        The real reason we crave bread, cheese and chocolate

        The real reason we crave bread, cheese and chocolate

        The first time I’ve encountered food cravings wasn’t when I was pregnant (didn’t crave a thing during pregnancy) but a few years prior to that when I was exploring the raw food lifestyle for the first time.

        I was loving making all sorts of classic dishes out of plants and without cooking, yet all I could think of was Kinder Eggs.

        Not even kidding.

        I’ve never even had that many in the past, yet the cravings weren’t just for commercial processed chocolate, they were pretty specific.

        I began to explore raw chocolate making then (it was almost 10 years ago now! Whoa), I was loving discovering what is possible with pure cacao but the very specific craving remained.

        I then went on to learn everything about the Cacao fruit and all its mega powers to discover that often when us women are at a particular time of the month, we lose magnesium and our body naturally asks for chocolate because it knows that cacao contains loads of this mineral.

        I figured, that’s it, I just need to eat lots of raw chocolate, my magnesium levels will replenish themselves and my cravings will go away.

        Tanya Maher's Seduced Raw Chocolate Ebook

        It didn’t quite work out like that.

        I still thought about those Kinder Eggs and it was driving me insane.

        During that time of transitioning to a more plant based diet, by default I was cleansing and becoming more in tune with my body.

        I began asking my body: ‘what do you need?’ rather than ‘what do you feel like?’.

        It was during one of these moments that my body urged me to think on exactly why I may be craving those silky milky treats, because the answer was contained within.

        I really had to close my eyes and visualise what exactly it was that raw chocolate couldn’t deliver.

        Fearne Cotton and Tanya Maher

        It was obviously, not just the magnesium and antioxidant-rich chocolate itself or I would’ve been the happiest girl in the world crunching on cacao nibs. Plus I was already getting plenty of magnesium from leafy greens and antioxidants from berries.

        Was it the sweetness? Nope, because if it was then I’d be satisfied simply by swallowing a tablespoon of white sugar.

        The answer was clear. I longed for the creaminess, the milkiness, the fattiness, the dairyness!

        I longed for fats.

        Interestingly, although my cravings were that specific, eating Kinder didn’t seem to make me want it less.

        Turns out that my body was trying to tell me that it needed lots of cold pressed essential fats and fatty acids, but the only way it knew to communicate this was pointing out the very thing that contained lots of fats, albeit the wrong kind.

        It’s not like my body was ever going to get me salivating for a cup full of fish oil or a can of sardines, so it communicated the only way it knew how...

        It kept reminding me of those creamy little buggers, creamy, creamy, fatty, fatty, till the message hit home.

        I bought all kinds of seed oils, oil blends, extra virgin varieties and cold pressed extracts, then began blending them into my smoothies and shakes, desserts and salad dressings.

        raw vegan red velvet cheesecake at Tanya's Cafe

        Soon after that, my cravings for Kinder Surprise went away. Forever!

        Now I know that simply dreaming about a certain food doesn’t mean that you’ll be completely satisfied as soon as you give in to it. Certainly not long term.

        I know to really think about that food and to really dissect what’s inside.

        There lies the answer of what minerals and nutrients my own body may be missing. And that there is always a solution to how this deficiency may be restored.

        At times, I may crave bread...

        I know now that it is when I am boarding on a chromium or nitrogen deficiency.

        If these cravings keep reappearing, I simply up my intake of cinnamon, grapes and sweet potato for chromium or greens, grains and legumes for nitrogen.

        Other times I may long for cheese...

        And I don’t mean ‘oh there’s cheese in front of me, I kinda fancy some’, I mean I reeeeeally want cheese so much that I’m willing to change out of my pj’s, at 9 o’clock at night, and walk for 20 minutes each way to the supermarket for cheeeeese.

        That’s a pretty clear call for a top up on essential fatty acids and calcium.

        I would go for more omega 3’s (EPA and DHA), tahini, broccoli and kale, then just like a miracle- not one more thought about cheese for months.

        tanya maher salads

        Those are the most common cravings that I’m sure you too experience from time to time.

        I also get emails about more bizarre cravings like crunching ice or being too snacky or dreaming of alcohol.

        These’s also cravings for coffee, fizzy drinks, burned foods, salty foods, popcorn, red meat, crisps and so many more.

        And guess what- they ALL mean something.

        And we will discuss them in depth at this Sunday’s workshop ‘What your cravings are telling you’.

        More importantly, I will teach you how to make the most satisfying raw food delicacies such as a Butterscotch Marble Triple Choc Cake, Creamy Mylk-shake, Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms and a yummy Cheezy Dip, and we will enjoy them all in class.

        11:30am-2pm Sunday 11th March...

        Can’t think of a better way to spend Mother’s Day than doing what I love the most.

        I hope you will join me, as now there are only a few tickets left.

        Book here: