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    'Connection with your Higher Self via Dowsing' workshop with my mum

    'Connection with your Higher Self via Dowsing' workshop with my mum

    My mum is coming to London! Woooo-to-da-hoooooo!

    Many of you have already experienced the power of Lena Alekseeva's distance work as a spiritual healer.

    A few of you have already met her in our family home at my Soul Adventures Raw Food & Yoga Retreats.

    Then you know she is travelling all the way from the magical Andes Mountains, a place known as The Valley of Longevity, or officially Sungate 11:11 in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

    The whole trip takes over 40 hours and she's not here for long.

    This makes it extra special that she wants to spend a day passing on her channelling wisdom to the wonderful souls of London.


     Tanya Maher and mother Lena Alekseeva

    What: 'Connection with your Higher Self via Dowsing' Workshop. Learn how to use a dowsing rod, the best way to formulate questions about your health, relationships and finances, and especially how not to ask questions.

    When: 2:00-5:00pm Saturday 14th October'17

    Where: Central Working Paddington, 2 Kingdom St, London W2 6BD, UK (map)

    Fee: £40 and includes Tanya's organic raw cheesecake sampling. Two different kinds of dowsing rods will also be available to purchase on the day for cash.

    Book via PayPal:


    In more detail:  Lena Alekseeva, a Master Teacher of Holistic Spiritual Diagnosis and Correction, is coming to London for the first time in 8 years and hosting a one off class!


    Acquire practical skills on using a dowsing rod and learn about:

    1. Media advertising: is it helpful or harmful?

    2. What questions can your Higher Self answer?

    3. Different sources for getting the answers.

    4. Reconnection with the Higher Self.

    5. And soooo many more questions!


    Lena will guide you through practice where you will discover how to:

    1. Treat and heal the ego.

    2. Clear the mind with different methods.

    3. Cleanse of soul, spirit, emotional body and negative energy.

    4. Raise the vibrational frequency of the body’s systems, organs, cells, and the emotional structure.


    You will leave understanding how to:

    1. Use the dowsing rod for personal questions.

    2. Ask about specific foods for your body: Healthy or harmful?

    3. Ask about Bacteria and Parasites.

    4. Question whether to meet someone or not. Who is your soulmate?

    5. Discover what is useful regarding information/ books/ trainings for you and your family, including career paths and financial decision making.

    6. Find out whether your soul is in harmony? Why is it not?

    7. Work out if there are energy/ emotional blocks in the body. 





    More about my mum: Lena Alekseeva is a Master Teacher of Holistic Spiritual Diagnosis and Correction. Her technique uses methods from ancient systems of healing (diagnosis) and Theta Healing (correction). These spiritual practices help identify the real causes of the diseases of the body, soul and spirit and restore the balance of spiritual-energy-information systems. Continue reading over on realhelpinfo.com >>

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