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    Home Remedy for Food Poisoning

    Home Remedy for Food Poisoning

    Unlucky for my poor fiancé (who spent most of the night hugging the toilet bowl), but lucky for your knowledge bank… Elliot’s unfortunate meal choice yesterday, brings me to share my top food poisoning cure, so you don’t have to suffer again.

    Food poisoning sucks! I’ve had it once and that was enough to know that it was the most awful 24 hour experience of my life.

    Before I get suggesting what you could eat, I must point out that if your body is doing its mightiest to dispose of the offenders in any which way it possibly can… let it. Poop the night away and don’t even try to hold back the vom. Let it aaaall out.

    Our miraculous body does everything possible to fight for us, so when it knows that something within its temple is causing you harm – it will push, shove, kick and scream until the enemy has left the building. But it will probably become weak and exhausted from the fight, so it’s vital that you replenish it with goodness.

    There are two ingredients to have on hand:

    Aloe Vera
    Coconut water (or celery)

    Aloe vera is simply a wonder food. It is packed with essential minerals and vitamins, which every one of your cells would be begging for right now. It is soothing on the stomach and has a pain-killing and antiviral effect, all while restoring the balance in your gut.

    We have a whole aloe plant growing on our window-sill and I often add it to our smoothies or when doing a juice cleanse. You can buy it from your nearest plant nursery and fillet it yourself (click to see how) or you can stock up on readily extracted drinking gel (purchased here) and store it in the fridge.

    As for the coconut water- it is vital for the electrolytes, which you’ll need if you want to regain energy quickly. The word ‘electrolyte’ itself is no different to ‘electricity’ in the way it lightens up and turns on your bodily functions. When you drink coconut water, it acts fast to deliver the electricity to all of your cells. Celery also has plenty of electrolytes, so if you don’t happen to stock any fresh and good quality coconut water, then juice some celery and dilute it with pure water.

    Once you have your two magic ingredients, simply blend them together and drink. It may seem impossible to think about swallowing anything right now, but believe me- you will be so happy that you did.

    Monthly Giveaway | January 2014 Detox Hamper

    Monthly Giveaway | January 2014 Detox Hamper

     Happy New Year Everyone! We're back with the first Better Raw Giveaway of 2014 and we've sourced the perfect prizes to spring clean and reboot your hard-working systems after a busy, sociable, food-frenzy festive period! Our Detox Hamper will give you back the energy, vitality and health you deserve. Even if you haven't indulged as much as others - we applaud your willpower - you can still benefit from these health-conscious, body-loving treats as a way of reinforcing your immunity and overall well-being. So here's to ever-increasing health, happiness and good times this year!
    detox giveaway 2
    Detox Hamper Winner
    The winner of the hamper will be announced in Better Raw's Newsletter on Sunday 2nd February 2014, so to be sure you don't miss the big unveiling, make sure you have signed up to receive the Newsletter. Sign up here >>>
    Prize: Sun Chlorella 'A' Granules (20 x 3g sachets)
    Chlorella is an incredible cleansing/purifying/chelating agent which will ramp up your detoxification efforts 100 fold, no question! It's one of our favourite superfoods here at Better Raw HQ because of its nutrient-packed, heavy-metal cleansing, chlorophyll abundant properties. Chlorella is a freshwater single-cell green algae, a natural whole food that contains a spectrum of nutrients perfectly designed by nature. Those nutrients include Iron, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and Folic Acid. Sun Chlorella® 'A' is the only chlorella that is pulverized by DYNO®-Mill. This remarkable technology liberates the nutrients in chlorella, whilst breaking up the indigestible chlorella cell wall without the need for excessive heat or chemicals. Sun Chlorella granules can be added to juices and smoothies, sprinkled over salads and even turned into salad dressings.
    Did You Know? Chlorella quadruples itself every twenty hours, growing faster than any food crop known to man. When chlorella is ingested by the human body, it dramatically increases the rate of rebuilding and healing in tissues. [Source: David Wolfe, Superfoods]
    RRP: £21.95
    Prize: 2 x Forever Living Aloe Vera Juice
    One thing is certain - Aloe Vera Gel has had a profoundly positive influence on the health and lifestyle of many. This is in part due to the adaptogenic nature of the gel - different bodies draw different benefits, according to their need for nutritional supplementation. Even those who have no particular ailment at present, report that it promotes a good healthy lifestyle and an increased sense of wellbeing.
    Benefits include:
    Maintains a healthy digestive system.
    Maintains energy levels.
    Can be used as a daily nutritional tonic.
    Balances the immune system.
    Keeps for 5 years unopened – 3 months once opened (if kept refrigerated).Did You Know? The armies of Alexander the Great carried potted aloe vera with them on their military campaigns so it could be applied to the wounds of his soldiers. [Source: David Wolfe, Superfoods]
    RRP £42.00
    Courtesy of: www.foreverliving.com
    Prize: Tanya's pH Booster,  Alkalising Superfood Greens
    Contains 22 carefully chosen grasses, herbs and vegetables.
    Contains a selection of vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and other nutrients.
    Ultra concentrated – you’d need to consume large volumes of fresh greens and vegetables in order to enjoy all of the benefits obtained from drinking a glass of water containing pH booster.
    Ideal for those who have neither the time nor the inclination to search for a large number of individual superfoods.
    Ecological - every element is either certified organic or free from agro-chemicals.
    Totally raw - all ingredients are juiced and/or dried below 110 degrees F to preserve their nutrients and enzymes.
    Free from dairy and animal products and contains zero gluten, salt, starch, yeast, preservatives, sugar or any other artificial ingredients.
    Suitable for those following a vegetarian, vegan or raw food diet.
    The perfect accompaniment to Tanya’s innovative Acid-Alkaline Breakthrough program.
    Did You Know? Chronic over-acidity corrodes body tissue – and if left unchecked – will interrupt all cellular activities and functions. It takes 20 times as much alkaline to neutralise one part acid. [Source: Robert Young, The pH Miracle]
    RRP: £23.95
    Courtesy of: www.detoxyourworld.com
    Prize: 'Purified -Your Complete 7 Day Detox Program' eBook
    A complete 65-page Detox Program in one downloadable eBook.
    Option of 2 menu plans - Budget Detoxer and Luxury Detoxer.
    Every Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snack mapped out for you.
    A 7-Day program with a total of 14 Days worth of recipes.
    46 delicious and effective detox recipes.
    No fasting - this proven program is raw food based.
    All quick to prepare under 30 minute meals.
    No Dehydrator or Juicer required.
    Easy to follow Guidelines, Tips and Daily Rituals.
    Ready for you Shopping List for each menu.
    Even information on what you'll get out of each ingredient.
    RRP £15.00
    Courtesy of: www.betterraw.com
    Prize: Shazzie's New2Raw Step-by-Step Program
    Considered the most comprehensive "go raw" program on the market right now. Contains:
    23 Days to Raw Food Heaven (Workbook) Detox Helpers (PDF) Raw Food Quickstart (PDF and Audio) Wake Up Thinking Raw (Audio)
    RRP $97.00 / £59.00
    Courtesy of: www.new2raw.com
    Prize: Raw Freedom, a physical book by Saskia Fraser
    In this stunning recipe book full of mouth-watering photographs, Saskia Fraser (the UKs leading raw food and mind body spirit coach) introduces you to more than 80 easy-to-make raw food recipes for energy, health, weight-loss and detox.  With quick and delicious recipes for breakfasts, soups, pates, pastas, main courses, and delicious desserts such as raspberry cheesecake and chocolate orange mousse, you will be amazed by the flavours and luxurious textures possible with raw food.  Saskia’s recipes are designed for normal people with busy lives, so they are simple and quick to make with the most basic kitchen equipment.  Saskia advocates eating high raw (which means lots of raw food, but not all raw food) and has a very inclusive approach that is accessible to everyone trying to find a better way to eat.  She includes chapters on how to incorporate raw and cooked foods together, how to introduce your family and friends to raw food, as well as lots of other practical and inspiring information on the raw food lifestyle.
    RRP £25.00
    Courtesy of:  www.rawfreedom.co.uk
    For a chance to win this month’s prize, follow these simple steps:
    1. Subscribe to Better Raw’s Newsletter here. If you’re already subscribed, you’re done with step 1!
    2. Follow @BetterRaw on either FacebookTwitterPinterest or Instagram.
    3. Share this week’s prize image (above) on your favourite social network using the hashtag #BetterRawGiveaway. A post to one social network counts as one entry. Post on all four to get four entries!
    4. Bonus Entry - Answer this question in the comments below: "What is the ONE piece of kitchen equipment you couldn't live without and why?"
    You have until Friday 31st January 2014 before the giveaway closes and a winner is selected. Winner announced on Sunday via our newsletter. This giveaway is open to everyone. For full T&Cs, go here >>

    Try This Tuesday | The End of Year Roundup

    If you already follow Better Raw on Facebook, it's no news to you that each weekday is a groovy topic for inspirational nuggets. Here is what you'll be used to seeing me post:
    On the last Tuesday of 2013 and to celebrate the End of the Year, here is the second half of this year's round-up of Better Raw's Try This Tuesday - from August to December 2013. To see the first half - from January to July 2013 - click here.

    If you eat oranges (and you should), then why not create roses out of peels and make a potpourri or a centrepiece for the most citrus fresh and naturally fragrant environment.

    Add more fibre to your diet! It increases stool weight and promotes speedy bowel movements, helps cure high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, IBS, constipation and colon related conditions, as well as promotes weight loss! Excellent raw food fibre sources come from psyllium husks, sprouted whole grains, oats, carrots, apples, pears and tomatoes.

    Four life changing words you can say to another person are 'I believe in you'. 
    Make sure you say them to yourself too.

    Do you ever plan your meals for the week ahead? Do you ever wish menu planning was easy? 
    Check out this excellent example of a fun and breezy menu planning DIY board... 
    Simply write the names of your favourite dishes and their recipes on the back of each card, pick out 7 cards at the beginning of every week, and take them shopping, so you have the ingredients list and all of your food can be purchased for the week ahead. Genius!

    Be the reason someone smiles today.

    Aloe Vera plants propagate quickly, so buy yourself a plant and it will keep on giving. I took the offspring (left pic) and potted it into an old candle pot (right pic)- here's what 10 months on a windowsill did.

    When I posted my 'effective moth repellent' question last week- this suggestion came up a few times. Definitely doing this!

    Recycle Recycle Recycle!
    Just check out how many gorgeous uses an old crate has for furniture.

    Clean out your fridge and pantry and get rid of every expired jar or ingredient that hasn't served you. Replace with fresh, vibrant and nutritious food. If you keep good food, you will eat good food.

    Guys - want to prevent baldness?
    Ladies - need iron to combat fatigue & anaemia?
    There's a herb you want to try! It grows wild and free for all:

    26 seconds is all it takes for the chemicals in your personal care products to enter your blood stream. If you won't eat it, then don't put it on your skin. I dare you to do a 21 day challenge of using nothing but edible natural products, like Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Essential Oils, Apple Cider Vinegar, Sea Water, Avocado, Baking Soda, Seaweed, Volcanic Clay and my personal favourite- Aloe Vera!

    Add Acai berry powder to your smoothies, cereals, crackers, salads, soups, and anything else you fancy. This superfood is a potent source of Vitamin C and many immune boosting qualities to help you ace through winter, it's packed with antioxidants to protect from many things, especially cell and skin damage, it's a great energy booster and digestive aid also.
    It tastes delicious and my shake here has 2 cups almond milk, 1 frozen banana, 5 soaked dates and 1 heaped tablespoon Acai.

    I'm excited and super proud to announce that I haven't had either a cold or a flu in over FIVE years now! Diet is the biggest contributor in my case but also due to the variety of foods that I continuously try. I wanted to tell you about 5 of them. Here are the superfoods that my body is loving this winter:

    Make your favourite raw food ice-cream, smoothie or cheesecake recipe and freeze it in ice-pop moulds. This way your freezer will always be stocked with delicious healthy desserts, anytime you have that sweet tooth craving.

    Are you eating the World's 15 Healthiest Foods? Do you know what they are and how to incorporate them into your meals? This little eBook is a completely free resource, which I've created for you to say thanks for trusting me with your email address and your passion for healthier living. You can download it in seconds, but not for much longer, as very soon- I will change it forever. Get yours here: www.BetterRaw.com

    Take a break from work for a fun puzzle or a mini challenge like this one. Then watch your productivity, creativity and problem solving abilities soar. Ok so try it and tell me the missing number in the comments, but don't read the comments for clues...

    Colloidal Silver is your immune system's best friend. It's a liquid solution in which microscopic, electrically charged particles of Silver are in suspension. It's known to kill 650 different kinds of pathogens, such as bacteria, fungus, viruses, streptococcus and many others, by inhibiting the enzymes which allow their oxygen metabolism. And it does so in minutes, safely, with no side effect. It doesn't even taste of anything. I remember my parents putting a silver coin in a jug of our drinking water when I was little and some may remember their grandparents putting silver coins in milk to preserve it. Now you can 'preserve' yourself by taking a teaspoon of Colloidal Silver a day 
    There are lots of places to get it now, just google. One example is this great brand:

    Act without expectation...

    Add 1/4 cup white vinegar or 1/2 cup baking soda to your wash cycle. Not only is it a natural fabric softener, it will also eliminate static cling.

    Rub a walnut over dings and scratches in your furniture to hide them. Now that's really thinking beyond food as medicine!

    Master 1 daily raw food meal....
    It’s easy to add raw foods to your meals and you probably already have salad with your potatoes, fresh fruit with your yoghurt or raw snack bars with your coffee. But what about having a full meal per day, which is 100% raw? Food combining can be tricky for the body, as different nutrients require different parts of your digestive tract to be properly broken down. That’s why even when you add raw foods to your meals, they don’t necessary go well together and some people experience indigestion or bloating. When you have a meal that is totally raw, the benefits are pretty impressive and in most cases immediate. I suggest mastering your breakfast. It’s usually super easy and there are so many options of what you can make, like green smoothies, veggie juices, living chia seed porridge, nut milk and granola, coconut yoghurt with blueberries, dehydrated energy/muesli bars, superfood shakes, fruit salads and more. When you master your breakfast, it will set the tone for the rest of the day. 

    The pumpkin season is among us, but don't go throwing out all those precious seeds which you scoop out! Sprinkle a bit of soil on tray, top with seeds and cover with a little more soil. Water daily and watch them sprout in 7-10 days when you can add the ready sprouts to salads, smoothies and juices.

    Stand on your head for a few minutes each day to rebalance. It's a cure for everything. David Wolfe even has a great example about how the only two mammals which don't get arthritis- bats and possums- have their 'hanging upside down to thank for that.

    Practice hydrotherapy. There is no better way to wake up and renew every cell in your body and get energised for detoxification, than taking a really hot shower to thoroughly warm up, then switching to cold for 30 seconds, repeating 3 times. Try it! It's the best energy boost ever.

    Christmas parties aren't exactly known for their healthy feasts, but the issue is not in indulging once in a while, it's in overindulging and on the wrong things. You can still have a delicious merry time with raw foods (and without the immune system crash), so why not bring a plate to your next Christmas work party or social gathering and surprise everybody? You may even changesomeone's life with this simple idea. If you are after recipes, you already know that I have a whole eBook 'Festive-The Best Raw Food Christmas Recipes' on special now (25% off), but what's more is that I have a bunch of free recipes online too! Start with this collection:www.betterraw.com/2010/12/christmas-in-raw-no-dehydrator-needed.html

    Disclaimer: I respect and support the creative minds behind each image, so every known author/artist will always be published. If however an image has no original source sited, it is only because it was either sent to me or went viral online. If you are the source or you know the source for any if the above, please leave a comment below and I'll link your creation back to you!
    To make sure you don't miss another Try This Tuesday, 'Like' Better Raw on Facebook and share it with your friends. 


    raw food recipe

    Happy New Year loves!

    This is officially my very first post for 2013, so I wanted to make it a goodie and share one of my [not so] secret tips on how I went from getting a cold at every change of season to working harder than ever before and never feeling anything that even resembles a sore throat in FIVE years now.

    I won't deny that it's due to much much more than just one thing- green smoothies, raw foods, balanced meals, exercise, healthy thinking, periodic detoxing, skipping in the rain, aloe vera, forgiveness, high fives, group hugs, food combining, alkalising, laughing, blowing bubbles, and the list goes on- but if I had to single out vital player in all of this, then ginger it is!

    So if you've had a ginger root staring at you from the supermarket shelves and needed one good reason to add it to your diet, how about three...

    Natural anti-inflammatory.
    Ginger- like turmeric, hop extract, ashwagandha, boswellia and aloe vera- helps to reduce the overproduction of leukotrients that cause inflammation. It is a powerful supplement for reducing pain and swelling for those with arthritis, especially when taking 500-2000mg or eating/juicing a ½ inch of fresh ginger root daily. Ginger essential oil drops in your bath will help with aching muscles and joints.

    Digestion’s buddy. 
    If you suffer with minor or serious indigestion, your first step will always involve a detox. Whether you decide on a spring clean for your body, a strict change of diet or a serious intestinal tract clear out (involving colon cleansing and taking fibres such as psyllium husks, herbs, oat or beet fibre, incorporated with juicing and exercise), you will soon notice that ginger is on the menu. And no wonder every expert recommends it- ginger has the power to fire up your digestive juices, whilst improving the absorption and assimilation of nutrients, so you don’t only get the bad stuff out, but keep the vital stuff in.

    Immunity booster.
    Don’t wait to get congested and unfit for work to resume to a ginger honey tea (although- excellent idea!), but add ginger to your diet on a regular basis and let your immune system know that you are serious about kicking bugs and viruses. Ginger promotes healthy sweating, where a potent germ-fighting agent (dermicin) produced in healthy sweat gets transported to the skin’s surface. This not only removes the toxins from inside the body, but protects it against invading microorganisms from the outside. If you suffer from motion sickness or nausea, this wonder root will be the best therapy to eliminate gastrointestinal distress, calm and prevent the symptoms.

    You may remember me posting this photo to Facebook before my long flight, followed by a 15 hour bus journey to Ecuador (note the ginger extract I used and click on the image to get it):

    "All other antioxidants are jealous of my breakfast right now! I'm flying this morning, so got up extra early to make this beet+carrot+celery juice. But first- the double shot of berry aloe vera drink & ginger extract. Jet lag who?"

    Then Christmas rolled around just as quickly as it went. Elliot and I, along with Tim and Kirsty (our London family for the third Christmas already!) decided to spend the festive break in Prague.

    I've dreamed of this city for far too long to spend the time blending and juicing while we are there, so left all the gadgets at home. But not before making a batch of Ginger Heaters (as seen in 'Nourished- Comforting Raw Food Recipes For Winter' eBook) and making sure I get my dose of immunity boosting before the trip. Here's the recipe:

    Ginger Heaters
    Yields 4 shooters

    10 inch ginger root
    2 apples
    small bunch of mint leaves
    Juice all the ingredients, stir and pour into shot glasses.
    Drink right away to warm up.
    Here are a couple of shots from the stunning city herself (more images, including the raw food restaurant we discovered in Prague, see here>>)...

    Do you like this recipe? How about another 38 warming, hearty and healthy raw food recipes for winter? In my brand new eBook 'Nourished', you will find only the healthiest, enzyme rich and nutrient dense ingredients, which I specifically combined to support you and your immune system during the cold months of the year. Check out what you will find>>


    A guest post by Dr. Peter Atherton

    Aloe gel fillets going into a blender, before drinking it as a shot.

    Imagine slicing open an Aloe leaf and consuming the Gel directly from the plant. Forever’s signature product, Aloe Vera Gel, is as close to the real thing as you can get. The first of its kind to receive certification by the International Aloe Science Council, this rich blend of pulp and liquid gives us a product as near to nature as possible. The proof is in the Aloe - after reading my top 10 reasons why I think you should drink Aloe Vera Gel, you will definitely see why Aloe Vera has earned the nickname ‘the medicine plant’.

    10. Effect on the gut
    Aloe Vera has a wonderfully beneficial action on bowel function which results in a smooth and efficient transit of contents, often eradicating inconvenient, colicky pain.

    9. Assists in healthy digestion
    A healthy digestive tract ensures that nutrients from the food we eat are absorbed into the bloodstream. There is clear, clinical evidence that by drinking Aloe Vera Gel the bowel is able to absorb these nutrients more efficiently, especially protein. I also suspect that many other substances are much better absorbed under its influence.

    8. Effect on gut flora
    Aloe Vera is a natural balancer in many areas and nowhere more so than inside the gut where it tends to regulate the proportion of bacteria and yeasts that inhabit it. At various times in life people can develop an imbalance through a variety of causes which can lead to problems and, as with probiotics, Aloe may often help to normalise the situation.

    7. Effect on the skin
    When they are first produced deep in the epidermis skin cells are rather large and very much alive, but by the time they reach the surface after 21–28 days (in normal skin) they are a shadow of their former selves and are transformed into just thin flakes of keratin which eventually fall off. Aloe Vera Gel provides the essential nutrition to feed the basal cells and therefore the skin remains healthy and is able to perform its vital functions more efficiently - as well as looking much better!

    6. Increases the activity of fibroblasts
    Fibroblasts are specialised cells found in the skin and their job is to produce fibre such as collagen and elastin. These fibres give the skin its structure and, of course, make it look plump and elastic. This is fine from a cosmetic point of view but they are also extremely important in wound healing, as these fibres create a mesh or network over which the new skin cells advance to close the wound. The effect of Aloe Vera is to stimulate them to reproduce faster and therefore, being more of them, they make more fibre. The time taken for wounds to heal under the influence of Aloe Vera can be reduced by up to a third.

    5. Antiviral activity
    Within the mucilage layer of the leaf which surrounds the inner gel there is a long chain sugar or polysaccharide. This has the capability of being able to help defend us against attacks by various viruses from the simple ones causing every day illnesses to the more complex ones. This sugar has actually been extracted from Aloe Vera in the USA and made into a drug but it is actually not necessary to extract the magic bullet. Drinking the Gel is just as effective.

    4. Anti-inflammatory and pain killing effect
    Among the substances that have been identified in Aloe Vera are several that are anti-inflammatory and pain killing which are very helpful for people experiencing these symptoms.

    3. A useful source of minerals
    Some of the minerals found in Aloe Vera include calcium, sodium, potassium, iron, chromium, magnesium, manganese, copper and zinc. This is because the plant tends to grow in areas where soils are rich in these minerals and its roots are able to absorb them and deliver them to us in a very
    available form.

    2. A useful source of vitamins
    Aloe Vera Gel contains a large range of vitamins - even trace elements of vitamin B12 which is rarely found in plants. Apart from vitamin A, it contains B-group vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E and folic acid. Many of these vitamins cannot be stored by the body so we need to constantly top them up from the food that we eat. What better way than by drinking a daily amount of Aloe Vera Gel while at the same time building up the body’s defence system against oxidative stress naturally? 

    And my number one reason for drinking Aloe Vera Gel is...

    1. A general tonic for good health
    By drinking the Gel with all its important ingredients (often now deficient in our food) including 19 of the 20 amino acids needed by the human body, and seven of the eight essential ones that just cannot be made, the body is able to get enough to allow complex enzyme systems to work really well. This means the body can function at 100%. The net result to the individual is a wonderful feeling of wellbeing which tends to go with an improved ability to withstand and even fight illness.

    As you can see from these 10 great reasons, taken daily - either alone or mixed with fruit juice or our other wonderful antioxidant product Pomesteen Power - Aloe Vera Gel is one of the best nutritional supplements available! 

    To learn how to fillet your own plant and find out even more ways of using the gel, than taking it internally, read Tanya's article here>> 

    For the highest quality aloe drink available, buy it here>>

    Dr Peter Atherton, MB ChB, DObst RCOG, FRCGP & Advisory Board Member
     After a 30 year career in general medical practice Peter Atherton developed an interest in complementary medicine and embarked on a two year research fellowship at Oxford University examining the medicinal qualities of Aloe Vera. What he found convinced him of the efficacy of this plant and led him to use it in practice. He now writes and lectures on its qualities internationally and is regarded as one of the world's experts on the subject. He has also helped set up several clinical trials whose results are persuading conventional physicians to look seriously at its therapeutic potential. His first book "The Essential Aloe Vera" became an international best seller.