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    Next workshop - 17 June - Easy raw lunches that kids will love

    Lake Maher- healthy toddler

    Feeding our children is a minefield. One day they love your healthy concoction and demand for more, another day they wouldn't even try it if Superman and Peppa Pig themselves made it.

    Get the flavour just right and you may even get them to eat raw plants for a day without even knowing it. That's what I'm hoping to teach you in this class.

    I will demonstrate some truly scrumptious kid friendly recipes, which Lake and I are happy to share any day of the week. We will make Green Smoothie Balls, Cheezy Courgetti, Sunflower Seed Hummus and No-Dehydrator Falafels with a Calcium-rich Sauce.

    You will taste everything in class along with other awesome parents.

    Class is suitable towards parents of 2 to 11 year olds.

    Book here: https://tanyasliving.com/collections/workshops-and-events/products/easy-raw-lunches-that-kids-will-love-sunday-15th-april

    Lake Maher - kids love raw food

    When: 11:30am- 2pm, Sunday 17th June 2018
    Where: Tanya's at My Chelsea, 35 Ixworth Place, SW3 3QX London
    Directions: Here's a great link for your journey planning. To view a detailed map and nearest parking options, visit our website
    Transport: The nearest stations are South Kensington and Sloan Square. Victoria Street Station is a 10 minute taxi ride away
    Fee: £45pp



    Small print: Please note that due to limited seating, bookings are non refundable. However if you are not able to attend for any reason, you are very welcome to transfer your booking to someone else. This option is only valid for this date, which you are booked on.



    Raw Chocolate Masterclass with Pana and Tanya

    Raw Chocolate Masterclass with Pana and Tanya

    If you think raw food is awesome and you like chocolate, you would've probably, most definitely, certainly, absolutely heard of Pana Chocolate!

    Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 11.18.01

    No matter where I am in the world, I always make sure I sample the raw chocolate on offer and although I’ve tasted some pretty incredible treats, Pana Chocolate is still heading the leaderboard for their perfect combination of taste, texture, flavour, values and love marks.

    pana barbounis

    Can you imagine my excitement when I heard that Pana himself (I didn’t know it was a person’s name either- ‘Pana’ sounds like the best raw chocolate in the world to me) is releasing a book AND he’s coming to London from Oz AND he wants to teach us his top recipe secrets AND he wants to do it at Tanya’s!!

    Well if that’s not enough good news, how about that he is going to run this workshop for you next week, so that you have plenty of time to learn the techniques right in time for the healthiest most delicious Easter!

    Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 11.30.43

    The recipes Pana will demonstrate are:

    Chai filled chocolates
    Strawberry Basil tart
    Mini Lamingtons (very Aussie for you)
    Bloom breakfast bars

    And if all THAT is not enough, you will be the first to get an exclusive sneak peek into how we are progressing for the re-opening of Tanya’s Reinvented, sample everything we demonstrate, be able to purchase a copy of the book for only £15 (or bring yours) and have it signed by the master himself, and go home with 2 x Pana Chocolate bars!

    Book your ticket now>>

    Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 11.28.20

    When: Saturday 1st April
    Time: 3pm-5pm
    Where: Tanya’s inside MY Chelsea, 35 Ixworth Place, SW3 3QX
    Fee: £45pp
    What’s included: Step-by-step raw chocolate demo, tasters of our favourites from the book, Q&A with Pana Barbounis, book signing (bring your own or buy a £15 copy on the day) and 2 x Pana Chocolate bars.
    How to book: via Eventbrite here>>

    See you there, I hope!
    It’s my first workshop in over a year and numbers are super limited, so we’ll have full house in no time (don’t say I didn’t warn ya!)
    Happy Friday!

    Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 11.19.27

    Tanya's Talks - The Fitness Edition - Monday 18th July 7-9PM

    Tanya's Talks - The Fitness Edition - Monday 18th July 7-9PM

    events tanyas 4


    You love getting your green on and finding the healthiest choices for your day, and yet nutrition is only half the story of wellness. To reach optimum health you need to move your body.

    But what if exercise has never really been your thing? Sure you’ve tried a lot of classes, and different types of exercise. You’ve even given yoga a really good go, but somehow you lack the consistency of approach to really see a long term difference or find the body confidence you seek.

    It’s true that exercise can be hard to do, it can be challenging, overwhelming, confusing and it can be costly in time and money without always getting results.

    But when it’s the right kind of movement for you, when you get into the flow and stick with it, and when you actually see and experience the benefits… the feeling that fitness gives you can be out of this world!

    So what is the key to finding an approach to fitness that fits you?

    Our expert panel who have a flair for fitness will share their insights and tips to connect you with that fitness freedom that you’ve been looking for. Come and join the conversation with like minded people and reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

    Tanya and her alkalising welcome juice and organic energy balls will be awaiting your arrival too!




    Hear from…

    Pamela Lai about New and Alternative Fitness Trends: How to navigate fitness trends and know the finds from the fads,

    Adrienne Herbert about Intuitive Fitness & Body Confidence: How to listen to your body and know when you can push yourself and when you need to rest,

    Hollie Grant about Forever Fitness: Health, vitality and toning for a lifetime, not just a season.




    Here’s a little more detail of what to expect:


    Pamela LAI copy

    Pamela Lai is the Studio Manager of Slice Urban Fitness which offers a variety of fitness classes in its boutique studios in Parsons Green; over 100 classes per week including different styles of Yoga, Mat Pilates, Dance Fitness, Spinning, Rebounding, Pound Fit, HIIT, Boxfit, Pre and post natal exercise..and more! As well as managing every aspect of the studio, you will find Pamela teaching a variety of classes including Trampoline Rebounding, Barre, Aerobics, Total Body Workout and Zumba. With Zumba Pamela has had the opportunity to perform at various London events, including being on stage as opening for Beyonce’s Chime for Change concert in 2012.

    Pamela will discuss which exercise is right for you, how to choose from the variety of fitness options offered these days with some suggestions of what to try for different fitness levels, and will share examples of classes and success stories on fitness trends that worked for her and her clients  from Pound Fit to Barre, Rebounding, HIIT, Zumba etc…


    2015 Ev Sekkides

    Adrienne Herbert is a personal trainer, fitness model, mother and an advocate for women’s fitness and health. Adrienne shares her passion for fitness on her blog ‘That’sMyMum.com’ as well as contributing to Women’s Health magazine each month. Often teaching classes at fitness studios in London and Hertfordshire, Adrienne also leads talks and workshops to women about ‘Body Confidence’. For more information follow Adrienne on Instagram and Twitter – @AdrienneTMM.

    Adrienne is passionate about body confidence through women’s fitness and health. She will be discussing the importance of intuitive training specifically for women and mothers, as well as her tips to experience true body confidence.


    Hollie Grant copy

    Hollie Grant is an award winning PT and Pilates Instructor, owner of 1:1 London studio PilatesPT and creator of The Model Method online. As a huge advocate of the #strongnotskinny movement Hollie believes we should think more about how our bodies work and less about how they look. This ethos is at the core of all her workouts. Hollie has earned an impressive client list through her innovative method, which includes the likes of Ella Woodward, Millie Mackintosh and Melissa Hemsley. Hollie is passionate about the lifestyle and fitness benefits of Pilates and caring for your health not just appearance. Her training technique reflects this philosophy and her dedication means her clients never fail to leave happy, healthy and strong.

    In her talk Hollie will focus on function over aesthetics. As her fitness career began with teaching Pilates and focusing on the importance of posture and muscular balance she loves to promote how thinking about how your body works, and not how it looks, is the best way to experience lifelong fitness. She will discuss what muscle imbalances are, how they affect your health, performance and posture and how they can be addressed. As well as discussing how we can change our mindset away from short term gains to long term, sustainable, achievable change.


    We’re so excited about this event!

    Bring your questions, and join us for an evening of uplifting conversations about wellness and connecting with the fitness freedom you’ve been looking for!

    Tanya’s Talks – where great advice and great nutrition meet #TanyasTalks #TanyasCafe


    Terms of Purchase: Tickets are non-refundable, and non-transferrable.

    How I healed 12 years of terrible skin...

    How I healed 12 years of terrible skin...

    I must’ve invented my first recipe when I just turned 14 years old, but it wasn’t delicious. It didn’t get better with age. It was rather unsightly too. It also caused much pain for years to come, but at the same time, it was the recipe that made me.

    This recipe involved a combination of teenage hormones, stress in my body caused by a near fatal car crash and a morphine overload pumped into me at the hospital, which I turned out to be severely allergic to…

    What I got was an entire back full of hideous, giant, repulsive acne, which I was too freaked out to lay a finger on myself, let alone have anyone know the real reason I preferred to sunbathe only my front or why I loved long sleeved dresses so much even in scorching hot weather or why I needed a sick-day as soon as the school announced a swimming event.

    It was hard enough being a teenager, but having to hide was pretty damn depressing.

    Eventually I learned to come to terms with what I thankfully didn’t need to look at, as it was going on behind me. I simply figured that it is what it is and it’s never going to go so I’ll just plan my life, my road trips, holidays, sports I played and even friends I spent time with- around how easy it is to hide my back.

    This went on for many many years. And then I discovered raw food!!

    Waamp waamp waaaaamp…

    You thought I’d have something new to share, right? Aha- that I do, and I want to tell you my secret in person!

    I’ll be doing just that at 2 epic events this May…

    MBS workshop Tanya MaherTOPIC | Detoxing the fun way (my talk and demo all about how to cleanse naturally)
    LOCATION |  Mind Body Spirit Festival at Olympia London
    TIME | 1pm-2:45pm, Monday Bank Hol 2nd May
    FEE | £15, limited seating, book here>>events tanyas talks

    TOPIC | Sexy Glowing Skin (skin expert panel revealing their top tips and secrets)
    LOCATION | Tanya’s at MY Chelsea
    TIME | 7pm-9pm, Monday 9th May
    FEE | £25, includes green juice, limited seating, book here>>


    Really hope I’ll see you at one or both of the events! They are both very different and will be jam packed with incredible eye opening info on what is going on inside your body, what is causing the issues and how to clear them (and your skin) for good.

    My own secret, which I’m going to reveal to you is so good, I usually save it for my retreat attendees only. This time I decided to share it in my classes too, since this year’s retreat is still under question…. but if for some reason you can’t make it or live too far away, let me know in the comments below that you’re keen to read about how I healed 12 years worth of awful skin. If there’s enough interest, I promise to write a post for you guys!

    Raw Yoga - Fire Up Your Digestion for 2015

    Raw Yoga - Fire Up Your Digestion for 2015


    Begin the day with a pre-workout digestive shake, as Tanya demonstrates how you can make your own at home.
    Learn what crucial ingredient you need to start your day for ultimate energy and digestion. Hint: it isn’t protein.
    Then let Mona guide you through a flowing yoga practice that will massage you from the inside out.
    This practice will focus on conscious twisting to fire up the digestive and circulatory systems which have been hibernating for the past colder months. Experience release of blockages in the body that also lead you to mentally de-stress and relax.
    Finish off with an organic raw brunch feast at Tanya’s, that includes detox shooters, cold-pressed juices, sprouted grawnola with personalised superfood sprinkles, gluten-free living breads and spreads, as well as spiced digestive teas. Tanya will share some of her top tips on assimilating nutrients from your food and explain the best order to enjoy a bloat-free meal.

    WHEN | 9am-12pm Sunday 18th January
    WHERE | myhotel Chelsea / Tanya’s, 35 Ixworth Place, SW3 3QX
    TRANSPORT | District, Circle or Piccadilly Lines. South Kensington or Sloan Square Station. See map here>>
    FEE | £69pp and includes the mini demo, pre-workout shake, yoga workshop, meditation session and a full organic brunch feast at Tanya’s.
    Spaces are limited to 16 people only, so please book via PayPal below:


    Vilcabamba 2014 tanya
    Hi, I’m Tanya Maher, a wellness coach, chef, author, Reiki do Satori master healer, and a renowned raw food and detox expert. I was born in Russia, raised in New Zealand and now live in London, where I’m super lucky to have been hailed by various magazines as the UK’s leading wellness coach. I’m the founder of Better Raw, co-founder of Tanya’s Cafe in Chelsea, creator of Amazon’s #1 best selling DVD ‘Raw Food 101′ and author of numerous eBooks, all available here on www.tanyasliving.com.
    Vilcabamba 2014 Mona Heep
    Mona Heep is German born Londoner, bringing inner peace to its many residents. Everyone who’s ever attended Mona’s classes fall in love with her energy and her sincere pleasure in helping you with movement, strength and injuries, while improving your overall physical and mental wellbeing. After beginning her practice several years ago, she quickly developed a passion, completing her teacher training, as well as a Masters degree focussing on food politics. Mona’s yoga classes focus very much on the essence of yoga, the relationship between movement and breath which calm the “mind stuff” that stops us from enjoying life to the fullest, cluttering our thoughts with the past, future and internal blocks that don’t serve us in the present moment.