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    Welcome to the world, my son

    Welcome to the world, my son

    And then there were 4.

    Our son (aka 'Lake's baby') has been earthside now for 3 weeks. If you haven't yet seen the announcement all over social media, then I'll post his weekly pictures so far for you below...


    Day 1  #BanksWeekly

    Banks Maher _ Banks Weekly _ Baby Boy Banksy


    Our little man is here at last!
    Introducing Banks Vasiliy Maher.
    ‘Banks’ because another nature name and we thought it sounded pretty cool for both baby and a grown up dude .  ‘Vasiliy’, because his sister has a Russian middle name too and this is the name of both my grandfathers whom I dearly miss.
    Born 18:18 on 17.01.19
    55cm, 8.4 lbs
    This is officially the Day 1 pic of #BanksWeekly so he will get a nice little collection just like #LakeWeekly after a year. We are crazy crazy in love.



    Week 1  #BanksWeekly

    Banks Maher _ Banks Weekly _ Baby Boy Banksy


    Baby Banks is 7 days old today. The best 7 days of my life. Not even kidding. I just can’t get enough of you baby boy. Can’t put you down. Can’t stop kissing you. Can’t stop cuddling you. Can’t believe my luck. Can’t get over how amazing your big sister is. Can’t get enough of seeing the two of you together- you listening to her, her gently kissing your whole face. I want these moments to last forever.
    P.S. the gorgeous knitting is by Gran who is here with us, the blankey is from Auntie Alissa and the toy doggie is a gift from big sister Lake.
    #BanksMaher #BanksWeekly



    Week 2  #BanksWeekly

    Baby Boy Banksy _ Banks Maher _ BanksWeekly


    ‘I like naps & I like you’...Auntie BB’s gift that keeps on giving, because Banksy’s big sister wore this onesie 3 years ago. Though she was more like 8 weeks old, not 2 weeks! This boy is going to be tall no doubt. And just check out those booties 😍 literally obsessed with Gran’s knitting. #mustlearntoknit. For those familiar with ‘My Breastfeeding Nightmare’ blog post, I’m pumped to report that BF this time around is a veeeerrry different experience and the little munchkin was already back to his birth weight by day 5, then by day 10 he already gained 200g. He truly is a dream. THE dream. Doesn’t really cry, just feeds, then folds into a froggie for cuddles on my chest, sleeps for 3-4 hour stretches and only wakes up once in the night. I just love love love being a mama of 2! #BanksWeekly#BanksMaher


    Week 3  #BanksWeekly

    Baby Boy Banks Maher


    This tiny bundle of love is 3 weeks old today. Two big events for the past week- we parted with our beloved Gran who’s been here Banks’s whole life 😜 as she flew back to NZ and then just yesterday, on his Babushka’s birthday, baby boy gave us his first full on awake smile! In other news, we seem to have established a routine without even knowing it. At first I was just ‘feeding on demand’, then started to add regular fresh air walks to the equation, then daily chamomile tea baths. Also, we spent the first week co-sleeping and once he transitioned to his baby hammock (still right next to me), I tried to stick to this bed situ only for night sleeping so in turn he rewarded us with staying asleep in it for upto 5 hours at a time which meant only getting up once in the night to feed. I’m sure the feeding times will change again soon but here’s what they’ve been for the past 2 weeks:
    #notetoself #babyacne #handknitting#banksmaher #banksweekly