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    Purified Detox eBook gets a review in Funky Raw Magazine

    Hey guys,

    I just received a copy of the most recent issue of Funky Raw magazine, and got lost in a meditative bliss reading all the upbeat articles and healthy tips.

    One of them was a review of my very own eBook 'Purified- Your Complete 7 Day Detox Program' !

    Here's some snippets of what Jessie Maguire shares:

    "The design of the eBook is clean, clear and easy to read. Tanya's energy and enthusiasm is evident and inspiring"

    "After explaining what detox is all about and how this is not a diet, Tanya lists her principles for success and outlines all the essentials for beginners: what to avoid while on the detox, such as caffeine, about emotions discharging, and other detox symptoms that may come up and how to minimise them"

    "Tanya gets us so well organised!"

    "This book gets better and better as you read it. One thing I really liked about this guide is how there are actually two complete plans: one for the budget detoxer, and another more luxurious program, including superfoods galore"

    "The recipes in both programs look delicious, but the preparation time for all of them is under 30 minutes."

    "Everything you need is here to do the detox happily and feel supported on your way. A recommended eBook"

    I reckon that's pretty darn good!
    Yep I am super stoked with that.
    Thanks Jessie :))))

    x Tanya