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    Raw Caramel Overnight Oats

    Raw Caramel Overnight Oats

    Just 3 of my favourite breakfasts in The Uncook Book- Apple and Cinnamon Chia Porridge, Acai Bowl and Green Alkaline Oats Just 3 of my favourite breakfasts in The Uncook Book- Apple and Cinnamon Chia Porridge, Acai Bowl and Green Alkaline Oats

    If you have a copy of The Uncook Book at home, it probably doesn't come as a surprise that I love myself a good looking (and hopefully sweet) kinda breakfast.

    You are probably not even surprised that a raw food breakfast can take anywhere between 2 minutes and 40 hours to make. Or that you can still have an oat porridge that is 100% raw.

    As it gets colder here in the UK and my body is starting to long for more hearty, slow energy releasing and grounding foods, it is a bowl of good ol' oat porridge that is the first on my mind. Best thing about this below recipe is that it is just as satisfying and comforting as cooked food, but instead a raw energising breakfast full of enzymes and vitamins.


    Raw Caramel Overnight Oats

    Serves 2

    raw sprouted overnight oats recipe 2 cups water

    4 tbsp coconut butter

    6 medjool dates, de-stoned

    1 tbsp vanilla bean extract

    1.5 cups sprouted oats flakes (Rude Health or Planet Organic)

    Optional: maple syrup, mango slices, hulled hemp seeds


    - Prepare your breakfast the night before for it to properly soak at room temperature and become extra digestible in the morning: blend water, coconut butter, dates and vanilla till smooth.

    - Stir in the oats, cover with a tea towel and leave to soak overnight.

    - In the morning, distribute over 2 bowls, drizzle with maple syrup, top with mango slices and sprinkle with hemp seeds.

    The best raw food granola ever! At the best price ever!

    The best raw food granola ever! At the best price ever!

    I just returned from Holland & Barrett and had to tell you the news ASAP!

    There in my local Fulham store, right before my eyes, Superfoodies granola was flying off the shelves like hotcakes!

    No. Big. Deal…

    H&B is only the UK’s biggest health store chain and Superfoodies granola is only the healthiest raw food breakfast ever!

    Wow. The pride I felt nearly moved me to tears. Not only is this something I dreamed of for the raw food industry ever since the day I got into it six years ago, but because the owner of Superfoodies happens to be a dear friend and I know how hard he works and how kind he is and how amazing his food is…

    Jesse van der Velde, featured several times on this blog, you might even recall this Master of the Month post>>

    So the reason I had to rush to tell you this is that if you get 2 packets of granola, you get Jesse’s book ‘5 Steps to becoming a Superfoodie’ free AND H&B are having a ‘Buy One Get One Half Price’ sale right now. What timing!

    Already at just £5.99 per packet of granola, I think it’s the most affordable raw superfood product on the market, but for only £8.99 you get two granolas AND a book!!!!!

    Here are the flavours:

    1. Red Granola – Goji & Acai (my favourite ever EVER)
    2. Brown Granola – Cacao Nibs & Maca
    3. Green Granola (Coconut & Spirulina)

    And here’s a little about the book, in which you’ll discover how to:

    – improve your Omega 3:6 balance
    – get more iodine into your body (essential for healthy thyroid function)
    – benefit from blue breen algae (with amazing recipes!)
    – enjoy natural low glycemic sweeteners
    – why to love chocolate! (my personal favourite, especially the recipes)

    And here’s a peek inside the book:

    IMG_2932 IMG_2933 IMG_2934

    And here’s more on Superfoodies:

    And here is where you can find your nearest H&B store (the freebie is an instore only special):