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    Limited Edition raw treats shop is open for UK delivery!

    Limited Edition raw treats shop is open for UK delivery!

    Guys, brace yourself for all the exclamation marks ahead, this is some seriously exciting news!

    But first some FACTS about YOU:

    #1  I know you salivate over my posts online (you tell me all the time!)*

    #2  I know you love chocolate (you tell me all the time!)*

    #3  I know you don't live close enough to us in Chelsea to try everything I make (you tell me all the time!)*

    #4  I know you'd way rather eat all the rawsome, GF, DF, RSF cakes for breakfast (if they tasted as good as the overindulgent ones do!)*

    #5  I know you wish I could be your personal chocolate elf, rolling you handmade truffles and sneaking them on your desk (you tell that all the time!- in your own language though)*

    #6  I know you also love to share and want to give the best, the tastiest, healthiest, creamiest, most decadent treats to everyone you love (that's what you tell me when you've eaten enough dessert yourself!)

    #7  I know you love Valentine's Day just as much as I do!*

    *If I got you completely mixed up for someone else, go here and make these salad recipes>>

    Tanya's raw dairy free cheezecakes

    Well my friend, I'm literally about to make all of your dreams come true!

    For the first time EVER and only until Valentine's Day (that's next Wednesday 14th February for those that couldn't care less about this Valentine fella, but still reading because of, hmmm, chocolate?) I'm sending out some of my very best treats across all of the UK!

    Yes yes UK- you heard!

    [Please forgive me, my overseas friends, you've no idea how much I wish that I could post some handmade sweetness your way too, let's first see if they survive the overnight post locally :)]


    Tanya's raw vegan cheesecake london

    Oh and did I mention that I'm making everything by hand? 

    Speaking of which, I have to limit the number of available love balls, truffles, cookies, slices, etc, because you know- 2 hands, 24 hours in a day, a toddler, and all- so order yours quickly!

    Go straight to the online store: https://tanyasliving.com/collections/valentines-day-gifts

    Bring on Love Day 2018!

    Happy Shopping and Happy Valentine's...


    Notes on delivery:

    FREE pick-up option is available. Please come to Tanya's at My Chelsea (SW3 3QX) on the evening of Tuesday 13th or any time on Wednesday14th.

    London residents - You can order whole cakes too! (Please see this map to check if your area is covered by our delivery partners). If your order includes a cake, the entire order will be delivered on Wednesday 14th. If your order has no cake, it will be posted by 1st class Royal Mail with the rest on Monday 12th.

    UK residents - Please place your order by 10am Monday 12th if you'd like us to mail it that day. We can't guarantee your delivery on or before Wednesday 14th if an order is placed after 10am Monday. Your order will be sent via 1st class Royal Mail and needs to go straight into the fridge as soon as it arrives.

    Peanut Butter & Jelly Cheezecake (raw living, vegan, dairy free, gluten free, decadent cake of dreams!)

    Peanut Butter & Jelly Cheezecake (raw living, vegan, dairy free, gluten free, decadent cake of dreams!)
    THIS raw creamy decadent cheesecake truly came out special beyond words. The flavours had it all- zesty, punchy, salty, sweet, vanillary, gooey caramelly, chocolatey, refreshing, nutty and fruity- and together they just worked.

    Read more

    Free Cake for all - Save the Date - Monday 4th September

    Free Cake for all - Save the Date - Monday 4th September

    Today I learned/ realised three things:

    1. Earth Angel to millions, my publisher Louise Hay, has been promoted to Angel to trillions. On this very day of her transition, I got a crazy urge to run again. I haven't been for a run in a long loooong time and today I ran like I did in my years of Cross Country before I broke my back in a car crash. And I didn't just run either, I ran with affirmations flowing through my mind while rain drops were soaking my clothes. I thought of Louise Hay because she introduced me to the power of affirmation. Then I got home and learned of her passing. With a heavy heart, I reached for her Power Thought Cards and this is what I pulled out: "The Past is Over. This is a new day, one that I have never lived before. I stay in the Now and enjoy each and every moment". Thank you for this message dear Angel Louise -this time and for the first time- from above.

    louise hay passed at age 90

    2. This year my birthday falls on my favourite day of the year. Monday. I've always loved Mondays, I believed Monday to be lucky and it has always brought me luck. And this year I'll be turning 33. For anyone not in the know- 33 is the Jesus Year/ Year of Christ. It is the age he was risen so this year is significant to many (me included) as it's all about reinvention, rebirth and setting new benchmarks. How dear this all feels to me knowing that this is also the 1 Universal Year. Wow. (It also marks the beginning of a long 9 year journey towards my Elvis Year at 42, so I best be making the most of Jesus Year then 😜)

    Tanya's raw vegan cheesecake london

    3. I remembered that I vowed to never work on my birthday ever again so next Monday 4th September instead of doing any work or answering emails, I'll be eating and giving out cake! Pop in to Tanya's @ My Chelsea any time from 10am (till we close at 11pm) and share a delicious slice of indulgent organic vegan cheezecake with me, on me! No purchase necessary. No limit to how many of you turn up. You can thank Jesus (and Angel Louise) for that!

    Bring on next Monday!
    Hope to see and meet lots and lots of you,