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    A couple of weeks ago I got a strong longing to cleanse. 


    Sometimes I cleanse because I want to give my digestion a break, other times I want to shake off some holiday weight, but all the time I cleanse because only this sudden influx of nutrients (and simultaneous avoidance of indulgences) is what gives my immune system a strengthening boost, clears up my skin and makes me feel light and energised.


    Detoxing is something I do periodically anyway, but each time it can look somewhat different depending on the time of year, my work load and my mood. 


    These are the cleanse plans I normally alternate between:


    1. 24 hours on 100% raw food once per week for a month
    2. Seven days of 100% raw food cleansing
    3. 24 hour juice cleanse to give my digestion a mini break
    4. Three day alkaline cleanse, where I literally follow the cleanse protocol we used to offer at Tanya’s Cafe
    5. 21 days of 500-750ml celery juice for breakfast
    6. 28 days being 100% sugar free, including alcohol free
    7. Intermittent fasting for as long as my system enjoys it


    This time I was so fed up of my protruding belly and weird lockdown weight, that I was prepared to do a juice cleanse for as long as needed to feel like me again. 


    What I wasn’t prepared to do however was not to join my family for dinner and let my children see their mama 'on a diet'.


    So, with the limited supply of ingredients in our small beach town of Pauanui, our planned trip to Auckland and all the socialising that was to be had there, equipped with my Big Why on doing the cleanse plus knowing what I wasn’t willing to compromise, here is what I decided on:


    • 9 days
    • Warm water (no lemon, no tea) first thing in the morning
    • A brisk beach walk and lunges, daily
    • 500ml-750ml pure celery juice for breakfast (around 10 or 11am)
    • 500ml-750ml celery/beet/apple/carrot/ginger juice for lunch (around 2pm)
    • A small dinner with the rest of the family (between 5 and 6pm)
    • Lots of herbal teas throughout
    • Definitely no snacking, no sugar, no wine, no overwhelming workload in the diary
    • A wellness book while I cleansed to keep me inspired. This time is was The Fast Diet by Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer


    And inspired I remained! Just look at this amazing quote from the book:


    “The entire time you’re eating, your insulin levels are elevated and your body is stuck in fat storing mode. Only after a few hours of fasting is your body able to turn off the fat storing and turn on the fat burning mechanisms. So if you are continually nibbling, your body will just continue storing fat, resulting in obesity and liver damage.”



    What did each day look like?


    celery juice medical medium tanya maher

    This was my morning. Every morning. To get a 500ml (1 pint or 2 cups) glass of celery juice in the UK, I'd have to juice 1.5 bunches of celery from Waitrose or Ocado. There was just such a demand for organic celery (all thanks to the Medical Medium!:)) that it couldn't grow fast enough and was far too thin. Here in NZ, one bunch yields 1 litre (2 pints or 4 cups) of juice!



    vegetable juice cleanse beetroot carrot celery ginger apple

    These are literally the exact ingredients and amounts I used for my lunch-time juice. It's always best to drink the juice immediately after making it, so that the nutrients aren't oxidised away, but the opportunity cost of time spent juicing and cleaning up for me won over the small percentage of nutrients lost, so I prepared my lunch time juice right after the morning one and left it waiting for me in an airtight bottle.



    nurtured book kids vegan plant based recipes

    Dinner is the only thing that varied from day to day, but usually looked something like these Mexican burritos from the 'Family Meals' section of the Nurtured eBooks series. It wasn't always gluten-free either, but I did stick to dairy-free, because dairy showed up as a sensitivity in my food intolerance test I've done at LMS Wellness.



    So how did it go, you ask?

    • I lost 2kg (4.5lbs)
    • I lost the weight in the first two days and no more. One week after cleanse ended, I kept it off
    • Lost a whole inch (2.5cm) from my waistline 
    • Got a rare sighting of some long lost abs
    • Day 5 was the hardest and at lunch I gave in to a large helping of vegan sushi which I was making for kids’ pre-school Matariki Night (Māori New Year) and had some chocolate at the event with everyone
    • Staying off wine wasn’t a problem
    • The hardest time of day was getting past breakfast while I made warm cinnamon porridge for the kids
    • The second hardest time of day was around 3pm when I usually have tea with  something sweet
    • What kept me going was the promise of a warm dinner each day
    • What I wish I could’ve done instead was to juice in the mornings and evening but have solids at lunch (it’s always better to go light at dinner and have your main meal in the middle of day for optimal digestion, but that wasn’t an option - for me anyway - with a young family)  



    You’re keen to cleanse too, but not 100% on the difference between juice and smoothie…


    juicer or blender juice vs smoothie

    Differences Juicer and Blender (Source:examinedexistence.com)


    Juices vs Smoothies. Juicer vs Blender. What is the difference? This question is so popular, I wrote a separate post here:  tanyasliving.com/blogs/tanyas-blog/smoothies-vs-juices-what-is-the-difference?



    You want to juice too, but what juicer to buy?


    Choosing a juicer with all the choices out there can feel like a minefield, especially if you've never juiced before!

    Do you go for the cheaper centrifugal juicer and is the more expensive cold-press juicer really better?

    But better how? - better to use or better for the juice quality and therefore nutrient density?

    And once you settle on a cold-press variety, where to here?.. do you go for the masticating, triturating or a hydraulic press?

    Not to worry, I have you covered...

    Download my Juicer Buying Guide now>>




    If you've followed me for some time or done my Acid Alkaline Breakthrough program, you may remember just how many juicers I've tested and experimented with in the past (I'm up to 14 and counting). 

    You may also recall that every single time, I kept coming back to the Green Star Elite. It was always the quietest, it was always very straight forward to assemble and to clean, the pulp came out super dry and there was very little of it (in other words - there was A LOT of juice!), and maybe it's just me but I always felt that my green juice or celery juice always tasted much more pure and refreshing made in a Green Star. This was the only machine I decided to feature in my book, The Uncook Book.

    If you too decide to go for my beloved Green Star Elite, the good people at Inspired Health are offering my subscribers a MASSIVE 25% saving on their machines! Use this code at check out:



    Take a look at the Green Star Elite range now>> 




    Your 1 Day Juice Cleanse - the recipes, the plan, the shopping list

    Your 1 Day Juice Cleanse - the recipes, the plan, the shopping list

    Last month, my sweet little sis-in-law and I did a 1 Day Juice Cleanse, I posted everything Live in Instagram stories and couldn't believe the response!

    So many of you wrote telling me how keen you are to do the same at home, asking for exact recipes and any other helpful tips I could spare.

    So, I've typed out your recipes, your plan and your shopping list, I've included a few bits and pieces I thought would be most important to do before, during and after a mini detox, and even uploaded a compilation of those stories from IG in one handy video below...


    [If the video doesn't show up for you, watch it on YourTube here: https://youtu.be/Bm54366zsak


    The purpose of this mini cleanse:
    1. You probably have your own reasons, but for me it always comes down to my digestion. Having a break from foods is a wonderful gift to your overworked digestive system. Everyone deserves a break from time to time, your digestive system demands it.
    2. Getting a massive intake of nutrients and minerals in a day. Getting your 5 a day may be tricky enough, try getting 20 a day! By flooding your body with an overload of nutrients, it naturally crowds out the bad guys and makes detoxing natural.
    3. Giving your immune system a boost. When nutrients enter the body and toxins stir up, your cells reawaken and feel reenergised again to fight against free radicals. A periodic mini cleanse can really keep them in check.


    The shopping list (this plan is for 2 people):


    1 grapefruit
    3 large cucumbers 4 green apples
    4 sweet apples 1/2 large pineapple
    optional: 1 avocado


    7 carrots with leafy tops
    2 small beetroots
    10 stems of celery with leaves
    2 courgettes
    8 inch ginger root


    Leafy greens and herbs
    300g kale leaves
    30g mint
    50g parsley



    A word on organics:


    When consuming raw fruits and vegetables, especially in amounts as large as you will during a juice cleanse, it is ultra important that you don’t ingest the very poisons you’re trying to detox away- chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, etc.
    If the purpose of these sprays is to keep the bugs away, that doesn’t mean they will sniff it and leave… Insects lick or nibble on the fruit, chemical that is on top of the fruit or inside it, enters their stomach and blows it up. Literally. Think about this- the big difference between humans and insects is our size… so it’s just a matter of time for us. The more conventional products we eat, the faster we will develop stomach pains and the worse would be the consequences. 



    The Recipes (this plan is for 2 people):


    First of the day “The Fireball"
    1 Grapefruit with skin 
    5 inch ginger root with skin


    Mid morning juice “The Green Chlorophyll”
    2 large cucumbers with skin
    4 green apples
    200g kale leaves
    15g mint leaves + stalks


    Afternoon juice “The Rainbow”
    7 carrots with leafy tops from 2
    2 small beetroots
    10 stems of celery with leaves
    3 inch ginger root with skin


    Dinner juicy smoothie “The Reward”
    4 sweet apples
    1/2 large pineapple, skinned
    2 courgettes
    1 large cucumber
    100g kale leaves
    50g parsley
    15g mint leaves + stalks
    optional: 1 avocado (blend this in with juice!)


    Best juicing practice:

    Pass softer ingredients through the juicer before hard ones (cucumber before apples, pineapple before celery). If the soft items cause a build-up of puree in your juicer, push through a few hard items to clear the works.

    Pass leafy greens into the juicer before or with other veggies to avoid waste- if any leaves become stuck in the works, the other items will push them along.

    Fresh is always best. If you must make juice ahead of time, only make it for a maximum of 16 hours in advance to avoid it becoming heavily oxidised.



    The day before:

    1. Whether your detox is for one day or 30, start getting your body and mind ready now.
    2. Start drinking lots of herbal tea or water (warm or room temperature is best).
    3. Pick up a dry skin brush and start brushing morning and evening to get the lymph system moving.
    4. Have a light vegan meal the night before, preferably raw vegan so the enzymes spark up in prep for next day.
    5. Most importantly, get excited about your cleanse! The most successful detox happens when you can't wait for it to start.
      During your cleanse:
      1. Please refrain from giving in to any stimulants (coffee, sugar, black tea, cigarettes), but feel free to drink as much herbal tea and room temperature water as you please.
      2. To support your body during the release of toxins, feel free to exercise however you like if it’s part of your usual routine. If not, then let your pores open up to eliminate toxins in a sauna or go for a long brisk walk.
      3. Relax as much as possible during the length of your cleanse and make time to be and feel creative- journal, draw, make a vision board, read, watch an uplifting documentary, walk, laugh and do what makes you happy.
      4. Get an early night. This will ensure you get plenty of sleep and will also help you from giving in to cravings when peckish :)
        The day after:
        1. If you are feeling energised and inspired to continue, I recommend that you do. This is usually your body’s way of telling you that this detox is exactly what it wanted and that it’s not quite finished yet. Feel free to make your own juices, smoothies and raw fibre rich snacks (like soaked seeds, whole veggies and salads), go out for a raw food meal or purchase a variety of vegetable based juices from a local organic cafe.
        2. Ease out of your cleanse carefully. It’s important that your body has a gentle transition and that you refrain from any stimulants for a minimum of 3 days after the cleanse has ended. Otherwise your body can go into ‘shock’ and ‘survival mode’ where it will hold on to all the bodily fats and slow digestion right down. Caffeine can be the hardest to stay without, so if you feel like you absolutely need it, drink clean organic coffee only and do not mix it with any milks or sugars. It is really important right now that you don’t confuse your digestive system and start combining foods. (BTW: my parents drink black coffee with a squeeze of lemon to balance the acidity, it sounds weird but you get used to it super quick and it can easily become your new fave!)
        3. You would’ve noticed your taste buds have changed and your appreciation for basic foods increased. Eat simple plant-based meals only, like soups, steamed vegetables, gluten-free seeds and grains, salads and fruits for a minimum of 2 days. 




        What a day of alkaline cleansing looks like

        What a day of alkaline cleansing looks like

        As you might know, we offer our Alkaline Cleanse packages only three months per year. Since we put a limit to how many we're able to offer, they usually sell out pretty quickly.

        We send these detoxes all across the UK, which is amazing as we are now able to produce more than just enough to service London.

        But, I still receive messages from many of you not residing in the UK as well as requests for tips from those that can't afford my Alkaline Cleanse, so I decided to take a day to document what the detox involves, what ingredients we put into it and how I recommend everything to be taken, so you can do your own cleanse at home :)

        Here we go...

        Processed with Snapseed.

        Today, I'm doing my own #AlkalineDetox #TanyasCleanse. FUN!

        'Fun', because not only have I done it before but I designed it my way. I've tried many juice cleanses and noticed that long term they weren't right for me. I needed some solids to make it through; and because I felt so lethargic and starved, I noticed the pH of my body going from slightly acidic to very acidic! I played around with food combinations, added probiotics, fibre, more chlorophyll, calcium and other nutrients and minerals to the mix, spaced out all the 'snacks' strategically and BAM!... Alkaline result!

        My alkaline cleanse comes complete with your own set of pH Strips so you can also monitor your own #AcidAlkaline levels through the day (or buy your own litmus paper from a Pharmacy). 💚

        tanya's cafe alkaline cleanse

        [7:30AM] SPICY CHIA

        Here is my first 'meal' of the day on #TanyasCleanse #AlkalineDetox. I say 'meal' because it is complete nutritionally. The chia provides protein and cleansing fibre, the lime is the most alkalising food of all and the cayenne is there to fire up your digestion.

        If chewing it, you'll receive extra benefits- this meal will be able to mix with your saliva, which is the first step of digestion within your system.


        tanya's cafe alkaline cleanse


        This is our signature organic cold-pressed juice at Tanya's. It's made of kale, spinach, cucumber, lemon & green apple. Greens contain high levels of alkaline minerals, including magnesium & calcium, but they won't digest well if the juice is gulped down. Sip slowly & focus on it making you shine from within.

        Either empty the OptiBac probiotic sachet into the juice or dilute in water to have as a shot, but try to have the probiotics at the same time as sipping on the juice. Optibac offer an amazing line of live cultures for every one of your needs & this one in particular is 'for a flat stomach', because it helps against bloating during the cleanse. I recommend taking probiotics every single day for healthy intestinal flora. 💚


        tanya's cafe alkaline cleanse

        [10:00AM] DETOX DUST SEEDS

        Enjoyed crunching on these super delicious activated sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds. They have been soaked to make them easier on the digestion, then sprouted to boost the nutrient value and their pH, then coated in spices which promote detoxification (cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, rosemary, turmeric, cumin, cayenne, pink salt) while strengthening the immune system. Finally they’ve been dehydrated below 47degrees C to keep them raw and full of enzymes.

        Please chew lots and do not mix these seeds with any liquid. If you are thirsty, let them digest first, then drink after 30 minutes. 💚


        tanya's cafe alkaline cleanse

        [12:00 PM] DOCTOR JUICE

        This organic cold-pressed juice contains beetroot, carrots, celery, green apple, lemon and ginger. The root vegetables are helping to keep me grounded and balanced, while lowering the discomfort of toxin release from my body during my #AlkalineDetox #TanyasCleanse today. The antioxidants and electrolytes within the juice will provide you with energy and mental focus, while looking after your immune system too!


        tanya's cafe alkaline cleanse


        These crackers are packed with fibre to scrub your insides clean. They contain sprouted oats (all gluten free), hulled flaxseeds, chia seeds, kale, sunflower seeds, ginger, cracked pepper, pink salt and lots of wheatgrass powder.

        Please do not flush them down with any liquids, chew them slowly on their own. Your body is designed to provide you with enough fluids for ideal digestion and it is possible to restore this memory within it in as little as three meals. Solids are not to be eaten with liquids and you will get great health benefits following this alkalising principle. 💚


        tanya's cafe alkaline cleanse

        [4:00 PM] VISION JUICE

        This organic cold-pressed juice is the healthiest afternoon treat. It contains organic carrot, orange, mango and fresh turmeric root. The anti-inflammatory properties within the juice will help settle any bloating or joint issues, while the sweetness from the fruit will take care of unhealthy cravings in a healthy way.

        Although citrus fruits are often mistaken for being acid, they actually leave an alkaline ash in your body after they are burned into energy. That’s true only and specifically for cold-pressed, non-processed and non-pasteurized juices, like the organic hand-squeezed juice I had at 4pm during #AlkalineDetox #TanyasCleanse.

        Try sipping yours with closed eyes and visualise how your cells are waking up and guiding the acids to leave your system. 💚


        tanya's cafe alkaline cleanse

        [6:00 PM] ALKALINE SOUP 💚

        This soup contains whole blended vegetables for you to get all the fibre. It, like the entire #TanyasCleanse, is also free from nuts and mushrooms, which can be acidifying for the body.

        I prefer a warm soup, but would like to keep it raw, so I simply transfer mine into a bowl and add boiling water, then stir. As you are not microwaving it or keeping it over a burning stove, this won’t ‘cook’ the soup or kill any enzymes.

        Ingredients: cucumber, spinach, celery, lemon, mint, peas, avocado, basil, mixed herbs, cumin, pepper, pink salt.


        tanya's cafe alkaline cleanse


        Crunching on raw vegetables has been found to release serotonin and aid digestion. That’s an ideal combination for boosting your body’s pH also. Sesame seeds provide the highest form of calcium, which together with the lemon are the most alkaline way to end your day. The turmeric is high in anti-inflammatory properties, perfect for calming any uncomfortable toxin release.

        Remember to chew plenty and enjoy every bite consciously. Ingredients: carrots, celery, raw tahini, lemon, cayenne, pepper, pink salt.

        (I decided on a change of scenery and came out into the My Chelsea reception to have my dinner and just look at what I discovered in their guest book above!)


        tanya's cafe alkaline cleanse


        This 1 litre bottle includes 10g of Neal's Yard Remedies Green Complex Powder. Inside is a mix of spirulina, spinach, parsley, chlorella, seagreens ascophyllum nodosum, barley grass, wheat grass, green tea extract, acerola cherry extract (on manioc maltodextrin), oat grass.

        I simply add filtered water, shake shake shake and sip on it through the day while on the #TanyasCleanse. I also recommend that when you take a sip, imagine it flowing to your cells and purifying them, while you say ‘I love and respect every cell of my body. Being healthy is my divine right’.



        So there you have it!

        As you can see just a 1 Day Package includes more nutrients and minerals than many of us get in a whole week, but if you are after a nice internal scrub, glowing skin, weight-loss, mega energy boost, flatter stomach and serious improvement in your digestion, I'd really go for a minimum of 3 days, better yet- two lots of 3, so you get 6 consecutive days in total.

        1 Day - to give your digestion a break and boost pH levels - £69

        2 Days - for a system reboot and an all organ spring clean - £135

        3 Days - acid toxin release and a clean, slim, alkaline start - £199  

        Happy detoxing!

        New Year Alkaline Cleanse - ready for pick up from Chelsea

        New Year Alkaline Cleanse - ready for pick up from Chelsea

        There is no better way to start the New Year than with a detoxifying cleanse to alkalise your body after the festive season.

        This is not just another juice cleanse or a raw food detox.

        After running the popular Acid Alkaline Breakthrough program and coaching hundreds of clients on boosting their pH levels, I designed a cleanse which is both juicy and raw and guaranteed to purify your body, skin and energy.


        Tanya’s Alkaline Cleanse is specially formulated to provide you with plenty of fibre to scrub out your insides, probiotics to increase your intestinal flora, chlorophyll to boost your pH levels from acid to alkaline, electrolytes to hydrate and calcium to nourish you.

        The package effectively cleanses and nourishes in one and combining juices, soups and high fibre snacks, it wont leave you feeling deprived.


        1 Day – £65
        2 Days – £120 (save £10)
        3 Days – £150 (save £45)


        Currently available for pick up from Tanya’s Cafe, myhotel Chelsea, only.
        Please pick up 8am-11:30am.
        Choose any date between Saturday 3rd January and Monday 12th January.

        3. PURCHASE BELOW:

        Limited packages available daily. We are a small company and only have one Norwalk cold-press juicer, so there’s a limited number of juices we are able to produce. Book your cleanse today and it will stay fresh for upto 4 days from when you pick it up.