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    Get The Uncook Book personalised and signed + Win a £200 cookbook bundle

    Get The Uncook Book personalised and signed + Win a £200 cookbook bundle


    UPDATE: This competition is now closed.


    My book has gone into yet another printing (YAY!) but the price of the book will increase to £25. 

    The price has already gone up at all the shops and online, buuuuut guess what!...

    I bought out the remaining stock (don't worry the book is identical) of the last print run which means that Tanya's at My Chelsea is the only place you can still grab a copy for £16.99 (MORE YAY!)

    Not only can you still get the same beautiful book at the old price (till stocks last), I will sign it for you and even address it to any name you wish. The perfect Christmas gift.

    I will also enter you into the draw to win £200+ worth of some of my very favourite healthy cook books written by my friends and heros.

    christmas giveaway the uncook book

    UPDATE: This competition is now closed.


    £200+ worth of amazing books to be won! How to enter:

    1. Buy a copy of The Uncook Book here>>

    2. Inside box 'Special Instructions for seller' (you'll see it at checkout), write a name of person (totally get yourself a copy too!) you'd like me to address the book to.

    personalised book

    I will write this default message inside the cover: "Dear Nancy, Be Rawsome! xTanya'. If you prefer a different short message like "Dear Nancy, Merry Christmas, xTanya' please write the exact wording into the box. If you prefer no name mentioned, simply write 'no name'. If buying multiple gifts, please list a new name in each line.

    3. Check your inbox on Christmas Day to see if you're a winner!




    Small print: You are able to purchase a signed copy of my book no matter where you live in the world, but please note the postage rates vary. The book weighs 900g and postage pricing is based on standard Royal Mail shipping. The competition is open to UK residents only. There will be only one winner, randomly drawn, and the winner will be notified by email on 25th December 2017. Tanya's Living will not be held responsible for any purchases arriving before Christmas. The last purchase before Christmas will be posted on Thursday 21st December and the following dispatch date won't be until Friday 29th December. Stocks are limited.

    The Return from an Irreversible Past, by Elena Alekseeva

    The Return from an Irreversible Past, by Elena Alekseeva

    A while ago my mum Skyped me and said that she heard a voice in the night telling her that she will write a book which will change the lives of many and that it will be called ‘The Return from an Irreversible Past’…

    Today, tears streaming down my face, I’m holding this book.

    The pride I feel goes beyond my own comprehension.

    I’m not so fast at reading in Russian after living in English speaking countries now for 20 years, but this story is so good, pages can’t be turned fast enough. Each word contains so much light, lessons, bravery, love, hurt, betrayal, risk and truth, that you can’t help but see a little reflection of yourself in every character.

    The best part is that while mum (Elena Alekseeva- Master of The Month- in English or Russian) revealed each chapter to dad, my sister and me, she was just as eager to read it herself… The entire book was channeled in her Vilcabamba energy portal, where the plot unfolded and new chapters were revealed.

    Yes- channeled- my amazing mama is the carrier of this light.

    Elena Alekseeva book cover 2

    If like me, you were crazy about ‘Anastasia’ by Vladimir Megre, ‘The Return from an Irreversible Past’ will simply blow you away.

    It is based on real life of Russian folk and a girl whose only family, her dearest and beloved witch mother, vanished into the woods. When this girl gives birth to a baby daughter, she is soon to learn of her child’s extraordinary gift, which had us all worrying, crying and laughing way beyond the final page.

    For now, this book is only available in Russian and I have the VERY FIRST 10 copies ever printed!

    I’m keeping 2 and sending one to the cover designer Natasha Bu, but for a lucky 7 – you can now grab a copy for only £18 + postage.


    Grab it while you can, because if the PayPal button doesn’t work- it means the books are gone: