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    Back to [Nutrition] School + How IIN's Health Coach Course actually works

    Back to [Nutrition] School + How IIN's Health Coach Course actually works

    You already know just how highly I rate The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), you wish you could attend it too, but you have no clue as to how you will ever get the opportunity to travel to New York, find the time to do the homework or the funds to afford this prestigious and popular course.

    So, I wanted to explain how this course works.


    Yes, it’s based in NYC.

    No, you don’t have to travel there.

    It’s all online, you can download lectures to your iPhone or iPad and watch/listen to them while offline. I even watched the lectures while flying from London to NZ!


    Yes, it takes a year of commitment.

    No, you don’t need to quit your job or get childcare or give up your free time!

    The classes only take approx 5 hours/ week and they are sooooo interesting, that if your friends are into improving their health at all, they would LOVE to watch some the videos with you on holiday, so you don’t fall behind. I watched Deepak Chopra on the IIN stage with my sister and my mum in Ecuador :)


    Yes, the certification makes you a Qualified Health Coach.

    No, the course isn’t only for those looking to change their career.

    The biggest part of the training is focused on nutrition and the business building bits are useful for ANY career you’re in!


    Yes, the classes are all about educating you in ultimate health and nutrition.

    No, they don’t promote any one diet!

    In fact, the best thing I loved about IIN is their focus on bio-individuality. They would invite a speaker to talk about the adverse effects of the Atkins diet and there’d also be a speaker from the Atkins Institute explaining about the purpose of such a diet.


    Yes, like with any reputable course- an investment is required.

    No it’s not not required all upfront.

    You can pay in instalments and because we are friends, I can pass on up to US $1,500 saving to you as the IIN Ambassador. Sadly I’m not allowed to post prices online because there are tiers of prices and because the IIN team probs think they can sell this course better than I can when you call to speak to them, hahaha. Well, don’t be afraid of getting in contact because you might get a sales pitch, they are really VERY nice genuine people there and they are just so passionate about what IIN has to offer (plus I wholeheartedly support anything they have to say, no other course covers what they cover!).


    Yes, you can withdraw at the beginning of the program.

    No, you don’t need to commit to anything or even talk to anyone till you sample a FREE class for yourself!

    Sign up here to watch>>


    Inside the Sample Class you’ll learn:

    What a Health Coach does and how they help people make lasting changes to their health and lifestyles

    What to expect as a student at IIN as you train to become a Health Coach

    About primary foods & bio-individuality - two core concepts of the program - and why they’re important in creating healthier, happier lives

    And how IIN is leading the way to a healthcare revolution, plus the incredible activities you can engage in when you enroll at the school!


    Yes, I totally think you should start with the Back to School class kicking off this September on the 18th!

    But, here are other options incase you need to plan your year with more notice...



    May 2018 – Monday, May 7th

    July 2018 – Monday, July 16th

    September 2018 – Monday, September 17th

    November 2018 – Monday, November 12th


    If you’re ready to join now, call an enrollment counsellor on (877) 733-1628 for US or +1 (212) 730-5433 for International and be sure to mention my name (Tanya Maher) to get your tuition savings.


    Want to learn more about the program? Check out the FREE sample class I mentioned earlier >>

    Happy Everything,