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    We just opened Tanya's #2 !!! (plus code for a free spinning class)

    We just opened Tanya's #2 !!! (plus code for a free spinning class)


    I know right?
    I only just managed to blink an eye and boom- Tanya’s Cafe is now in two locations!

    Oh man, I have so much to tell you.

    Before I reveal where this new location is- do you remember reading the post about my vision board or the ‘about us’ section on www.TanyasCafe.com?

    You may recall how I pasted an image of a lovely cafe to my vision board and on it, I wrote ‘Chelsea or Parson’s Green’. You are now allowed one wildly outrageous guess on where the second location could possibly be :)

    That was a little over a year ago.

    ONE year is all it took for this ‘vision’ to realise. I pinch myself just thinking about it. I scare the crap out of myself thinking about the possibilities.

    You know the guy on TV, who only needs to touch something and it turns into Skittles? With a vision board, we ARE that guy! What I haven’t been putting on the board though is unlimited mountains of Nutella with a slim figure and a pimple-free face, covered in Nutella. Must crank up my game immediately.

    My point is- these vision boards work!

    Need more reason to make one of your own?… since the collection of your dream images can only give off pure positive vibes, the vibrations spread beyond what you could even hope for. In my case… this second location is not just another shop, it’s a collaboration with London’s newest and hottest indoor spinning cycle studio!


    Ride Republic, their ethos, energy, vision and their founders are incredible.

    We’d just love it if you popped in and checked out our brand new joint venture and THE place to be in London right now- enter code RAWSPIN at check out and enjoy a free class!! Go straight to www.RideRepublic.com to book>>

    Can’t wait to see you at 709 Fulham Rd, SW6 5UL.

    RAWSPIN baby! Remember the words…

      image Hello image Hello image