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    How I knew a little girl was coming... before I was even pregnant

    How I knew a little girl was coming... before I was even pregnant

    Hi guys,

    If we are not yet best buds on social media where I announced the safe and natural arrival of my mini-me, then you might’ve wondered if she’s even here yet.

    And she is!


    Not only has she been here since 8:16AM 13th January, but I have no idea how I ever lived without my little lady Lake.

    In fact she’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. Ever. I’d hear other parents say that about their children and I thought that it’s just something you say, like ‘My wedding day was the best day of my life’. Perhaps it is very much true for many, but both Elliot and I went to bed that night high-fiving each other because it was over. Heehee. Not that we didn’t enjoy it -it was the most incredible day with our favourite people, in the best location, best food, best speeches, best so many things- but we were just way too happy the planning was over and especially the first dance which we practiced in his work’s meeting room for just enough after-work hours for the security guard to get seriously suspicious.

    Back to Lake.. she is the best thing that’s happened to me and Elliot, we can’t say it enough and can’t get enough of our delicious little girl.


    We knew that we were going to have a girl way before we were pregnant. How?

    Every NYE we sit down with our note pads and list off all the amazing things that happened in a year. They don’t have to all be super happy, but they are all the things we are super happy they happened (everything eventually leads to happiness). In other words, we make a gratitude list to start off the new chapter in a state of bliss.


    On 31st December 2014, we decided to fancy up our little tradition and along with Elliot’s sis, went for a walk to my favourite place in London, Holland Park, to burn stuff. Let me explain…

    1. We wrote down our greatest wishes and desires for the new year.
    2. We read them over, breathed them in and put ourselves in a state of feeling as though everything on that paper was ours right now.
    3. Then to release all attachment to the outcome, we set fire to our folded paper. It was now up to the universe to get to work.


    I personally wrote down 3 wishes, one of which was a happy healthy pregnancy in 2015. By the time Saskia and Elliot’s bits of paper transformed into magical fairy dust, we were all ready to head back for some warmth, except we didn’t, because my bit of paper hasn’t burned out. No matter how many matches I lit or how hard I tried to shield it from the wind, we could’ve been there all night waiting for it to be finish burning.

    I decided it would be just as effective if I buried the remaining piece under all the fallen leaves and let nature degrade it when it’s ready. When my wish is ready…

    Just before I went ahead and left it behind, I was curious to see what could’ve been on that paper which didn’t want to burn.

    Then as I unfolded the wish list, it wasn’t what I wrote which shocked me, it was what I saw:


    Wow, right?

    I couldn’t have created this shape with a magic wand, let alone a match. That was the moment I knew that when we were ready to start trying, a little girl will be ready for us.

    Do you ever wonder how many messages from the universe you might be missing? Or how to look for them? Or how to interpret them when they pop up? Or maybe how to receive them when you need some guidance?..

    Then there’s nothing I could possibly recommend any more than getting involved in a Hay House World Summit this year!

    In a month’s time I’ll be writing to you to let you know how you can get the very best advice, from the very best authors, in the comfort of your own home, completely free of charge. But like with everything super mega valuable, it will also be for a limited time, so make sure you’re on the list not to miss my reminder!


    Have the best day!