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    Mango Chai & Gingerbread Lime Cheezecake (nut free, dairy free, gluten free, raw)

    Tanya Maher Mango Chai & Gingerbread Lime Cheezecake

    I don’t know about you but for some reason I’m enjoying the festive season even more than ever this year.


    Maybe it’s got something to do with this Xmas being the last one of this decade!


    Tanya Maher family Christmas


    Maybe it’s got something to do with having little children (that help you to become aware and be in awe of every little thing).


    Maybe it’s because I don’t have a giant 8.5 month preggie belly like I did last year and in 2015 (so I can do cool and ‘dangerous’ things like ice skating!)


    Tanya Maher pregnant Christmas


    Maybe it’s the giddy thought of our forthcoming flight to California and spending Christmas Day the American way with my best friend, aka Lake’s Godmama.


    Maybe it’s the ecstatic feeling of making New Year’s Eve plans with my sister and the thought of seeing more of her in 2020. (A very Russian belief says that the people you’re welcoming in the new year with are the people you’ll be spending a lot of time with over that new year. It may be superstitious but I’ve always enjoyed choosing my NYE crew thoughtfully- you’re guaranteed a great party if nothing else).


    Tanya Maher Amy Clinckard ice skating national history museum


    Maybe it’s because I finally feel like I got my health back and I’ve lots of energy and extra hours in my day to enjoy being alive! (Thanks to LMS Wellness for all the advice and to my fellow Hay House author, Medical Medium for all the info on celery juice, which I’m now drinking for the forth week in a row).


    Or maybe it’s all because of our Christmas tree in The Living Room


    Or the fact that this is the only month of the year, that we're holding not one, not two, but three Festive In The Wild Afternoon Teas.


    Or maybe it's the fact that I had a stall at my first ever (which also happens to be my favourite ever!) Christmas Market this year. Walton Street Market was seriously the best! Reindeer, camels, owls, jazz, traditional organ grinder, the Xmas carols quire, hot kombucha, my cheezecakes not melting, festive vibes for dayzzzz!


    Tanya's Deli Walton Street Christmas Market


    Or maybe it's because 1st of December landed on a Sunday this year and we kicked off the 2019 festivities at a Christmas lunch with special friends.

    I made this nut-free Mango Chai & Lime Cheezecake on a Gingerbread Base and it was a hit and a half! Now you too can make it...


    Mango Chai & Gingerbread Lime Cheezecake

    (nut free, dairy free, gluten free, raw) 

    Tanya Maher Mango Chai & Ginger Lime Cheezecake



    1 cup (90g) jumbo oats

    1 cup (100g) desiccated coconut

    1 cup (150g) pitted dates

    1 tbsp grated ginger root

    1 tsp cinnamon powder

    pinch salt

    1 tbsp maple syrup


    -Process all the ingredients except maple syrup until completely broken down.

    -Add maple syrup to the food processor and process some more until a large ball develops.

    -Transfer to a 7 inch springform tin and press using your hands or the back of a spoon.




    1 cup (240ml) hot boiling water

    3/4 cup (135g) xylitol

    1 block (200g) creamed coconut

    3/4 cup (155g) extra virgin coconut oil or vegan butter, melted

    1 ripe avocado (150g of flesh)

    1/4 cup (60ml) lime juice, approx. 2-3 limes

    2 tbsp grated ginger root

    1/2 tsp spirulina powder, optional


    -Dissolve xylitol in boiling water, inside a blender jug. Chop up the block of creamed coconut and add it to the blender, then blend on high using a tamper rod. 

    -Add all remaining ingredients and blend again until creamy.

    -Pour over GINGER BREAD BASE and smooth out the surface with back of spatula.




    1/2 cup (120ml) cold water

    1 tbsp agar-agar flakes

    200g ripe mango flesh, approx 1 mango

    8 soft pitted dates or 3 medjool dates, de-stoned and soaked if too dry

    2 tbsp maple syrup

    1 tbsp spice mix (mine had cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and cardamom)


    -Pour water into pan, sprinkle with agar-agar flakes and heat without stirring until boiling. Reduce heat, simmer and stir occasionally for 5-10 mins until flakes are completely dissolved.

    -Transfer the agar water and all remaining ingredients into a blender. Blend using a tamper rod until smooth.

    -Pour over GINGER LIME LAYER and smooth out the top with the back of a spoon.

    -To set, transfer to the fridge overnight or to the freezer for 4 hours. Store refrigerated at all times and serve cold.


    Lake Maher and Tanya's Mango Chai & Ginger Lime Cheezecake

    Raw Plant-Based Christmas Hampers are here!

    Raw Plant-Based Christmas Hampers are here!

    You guys,

    This is pretty exciting!

    I've been working around the clock to create the most beautiful, the most delectable, the most special and the most festive hampers of your most healthiest dreams...

    How my days look recently:

    I wake up, get Lake ready for nursery, check the dehydrator, squeeze oranges, get high on smelling brandy, soak more seeds/ nuts/ dried fruits in said o.j. and brandy, blend up the Xmas mince pie 'dough' mixture, spend hours carefully forming the mince pie bases, check the dehydrator, run out of organic supplies, order more online or run (read: crawl with my 8 month bump) to the shops or Tanya's in Chelsea, chop/ blend/ mix/ spread all the ingredients for the grawnola, collect Lake from nursery and keep her entertained by seeing how many soaked almonds she can peel for me, answer questions about the hampers on social, look for another way to entertain a bored toddler, get her involved in sampling everything in the dehydrator (always regret this bit- she eats A LOT!), give Lake a bath, make dinner together, eat and clean up, blend up the Xmas pudding mixture, spend hours forming the puds while listening to Xmas tunes and checking out Lake's latest moves that she wants to show me and to try out for myself of course, do the longest bed time routine imaginable (probably due to a hyper child after dance party), then once she's singing happily to herself in bed at 9pm, I return to the most festively scented kitchen for the final and most peaceful hours left in the day.

    And honestly.. I love every single moment.

    Christmas is truly the most magical time of year and since I really don't know what life with two kids will be like, I wanted to make this Christmas the most satisfying, which very much involves satisfying all of your requests for Raw Organic Xmas Hampers that we've been getting since first opening Tanya's in 2014.


    Soooo, check this out:

    We have DELUXE and LUXURY Hampers available...

    DELUXE Raw Organic Plant-Based Hand-made Xmas Hamper

    What's included:

    1 x Christmas Mince Pie
    2 x Mini Christmas Puddings
    2 x Festive Chocolate Truffles
    1 x Salted Caramel Fortune Date
    1 x 50g BBQ Spiced Nuts
    1 x 35g Coconut Jerky
    1 x 115g Festive Grawnola
    1 x Beautiful Storage Basket*
    *Note baskets may vary 


    LUXURY Raw Organic Plant-Based Hand-made Xmas Hamper

    What's included:

    2 x Christmas Mince Pies
    2 x Mini Christmas Puddings
    2 x Festive Chocolate Truffles
    2 x Salted Caramel Fortune Dates
    1 x 50g BBQ Spiced Nuts
    1 x 35g Coconut Jerky
    1 x 115g Festive Grawnola
    4 x Pana Chocolate Bars 
    1 x The Uncook Book signed by Tanya
    1 x Beautiful Storage Basket*
    *Note baskets may vary 


    If you'd like to see the list of ingredients or to order your gift hamper, hop over to our online store now: https://tanyasliving.com/collections

    If you'd like to make your very own hamper just like mine, make sure you're subscribed to my newsletter, because come Monday, EVERY SINGLE RECIPE of each item in these gift hampers will be in your inbox. 

    Subscribe here: http://eepurl.com/dw9CCn


    Merry Christmas x

    Get The Uncook Book personalised and signed + Win a £200 cookbook bundle

    Get The Uncook Book personalised and signed + Win a £200 cookbook bundle


    UPDATE: This competition is now closed.


    My book has gone into yet another printing (YAY!) but the price of the book will increase to £25. 

    The price has already gone up at all the shops and online, buuuuut guess what!...

    I bought out the remaining stock (don't worry the book is identical) of the last print run which means that Tanya's at My Chelsea is the only place you can still grab a copy for £16.99 (MORE YAY!)

    Not only can you still get the same beautiful book at the old price (till stocks last), I will sign it for you and even address it to any name you wish. The perfect Christmas gift.

    I will also enter you into the draw to win £200+ worth of some of my very favourite healthy cook books written by my friends and heros.

    christmas giveaway the uncook book

    UPDATE: This competition is now closed.


    £200+ worth of amazing books to be won! How to enter:

    1. Buy a copy of The Uncook Book here>>

    2. Inside box 'Special Instructions for seller' (you'll see it at checkout), write a name of person (totally get yourself a copy too!) you'd like me to address the book to.

    personalised book

    I will write this default message inside the cover: "Dear Nancy, Be Rawsome! xTanya'. If you prefer a different short message like "Dear Nancy, Merry Christmas, xTanya' please write the exact wording into the box. If you prefer no name mentioned, simply write 'no name'. If buying multiple gifts, please list a new name in each line.

    3. Check your inbox on Christmas Day to see if you're a winner!




    Small print: You are able to purchase a signed copy of my book no matter where you live in the world, but please note the postage rates vary. The book weighs 900g and postage pricing is based on standard Royal Mail shipping. The competition is open to UK residents only. There will be only one winner, randomly drawn, and the winner will be notified by email on 25th December 2017. Tanya's Living will not be held responsible for any purchases arriving before Christmas. The last purchase before Christmas will be posted on Thursday 21st December and the following dispatch date won't be until Friday 29th December. Stocks are limited.

    Discount codes on awesome Christmas in the Raw products...

    Discount codes on awesome Christmas in the Raw products...

    There are sooo many exciting things I’m planning for 2016 and one of them could potentially mean that this is the last sale of this kind… indefinitely.

    If you’ve been thinking about equipment for your raw food kitchen, enrolling to Nutrition School or doing a New Year Alkaline Cleanse, now’s your chance to get the very best price I’ve ever been able to offer in the past.

    Sneaky secrets:

      1. The promo code TANYA10 is available to use on any of the Tribest products through their website: www.tribest.co.uk
      2. For the first time ever, my favourite products like the Green Star Elite Juicer and Sedona Dehydrator are available in the UK at almost 40% off!  Tribest have temporarily reduced their prices and you can get a further 10% discount using TANYA10 as a promo code at check out: www.tribest.co.uk
      3. The promo code Tanya50 is also available to use on an already reduced in price whole eBook Bundle: betterraw.com/shop

      Scroll down, take a peak, lick your screen if you like. It’s the silly season after all :)



      Tanya’s Alkaline Cleanse |  London delivery only for now

      Be it a purchase for yourself or someone else you love dearly, this is one gift that could (and does) transform lives. I designed it especially to work with the daily digestive cycles of your body in order to support you in a gentle yet very effective detox and boost your pH levels. You’ll be able to release the acidity stored in your body over the Christmas period, which is that awful thing that often reflects unwanted weight, aches, pains, dry problem skin and yeast overgrowth.

      [Sadly as we are still a small company only able to produce a limited number of fresh organic juices, this cleanse is limited to London deliveries only]

      Enter promotional code OHYEAH10 at time of order and save 10% on either 1, 3 or 6 day package>>



      Festive- The best raw food Christmas recipes | eBook

      This eBook contains the most flavour rich, luxury recipes perfect for the Christmas & Holiday seasons and any other time of the year. You will find 30 recipes with stunning photography. Everything is (as always) absolutely free from gluten, dairy, non-cultured soya and wheat, but definitely not the taste!

      Enter coupon code Tanya50 at checkout and save 50%. Take me there>>


      Hands down- the best travel companion for a raw foodie or anyone on the go with a busy lifestyle. You can grind nuts to make vegan parmasan, blend dips, sauces & salad dressings, and whizz up individual drinks to a creamy consistency. Mason jars attach right to the blender, drink straight away or put on a lid and have on the go.

      Enter coupon code TANYA10 at checkout and save a further 10% on already reduced priceTake me there>>




        Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 11.48.55

      The Uncook Book- The Essential Guide to a Raw Food Lifestyle | Hard copy

      Inside you will find over 140 easy-to-follow, accessible recipes with a modern edge, everything you need to know to set up a successfully raw kitchen and a whole lot of super handy tips that are both nutritionally viable and creatively fun. It’s the perfect book for anyone who wants to celebrate life through food and there’s even a Kid’s Section and a Party Section (with Superfood Cocktail recipes!), as well as a whole collection of never-before-seen signature recipes from Tanya’s Cafe.

      UK version (grams and ounces) available via Amazon.co.uk , click to save 30%Take me there>>

      US version (cups) available via Amazon.com, click to save 31%Take me there>>



      Purified- Your complete 7 day detox program | eBook

      This eBook is a step-by-step detox guide with 2 different menu plans- 1 for the luxury detoxer and 1 for the budget detoxer. Every breakfast, lunch & dinner recipe is designed with a busy individual in mind, taking only upto 30 minutes to prepare. Comes complete with shopping lists.

      Enter coupon code Tanya50 at checkout and save 50%Take me there>>


      Seduced- Raw chocolate recipes to get very excited for | eBook

      It’s all in the title really. This eBook contains 22 gorgeous & simple raw chocolate recipes, including raspberry jam centres, marzipan cigars & chocolate coated strawberries. There is even a superfoods glossary & none of the chocolate making requires any special equipment.

      Enter coupon code Tanya50 at checkout and save 50%Take me there>>


      Nourished- Comforting raw foods for winter | eBook

      This stunning full colour eBook contains 39 of my most carefully selected recipes to feel warm, comforted and nourished during winter & beyond. Get a whole heap of extra tips on staying healthy & immunised in the cold, as well as a guide to seasonal local produce.

      Enter coupon code Tanya50 at checkout and save 50%Take me there>>


      Slowly crushes fruits and vegetables at an incredibly gentle 47 rpm, greatly reducing oxidation for superior juice quality. The vertical design allows juice to pass through quickly, plus the Duoblade™ double-edged auger does twice the work compared to a traditional single auger – making this ‘slow’ juicer extra fast. The mincing attachment turns the Slowstar into a multi-purpose tool to create an array of recipes like sorbets, nut butters, pastes and sauces.
      [NEWS! Tribest have temporarily lowered their prices bringing this juicer down from £399 to £299 and with my promo code below you can get a further 10% off. That’s a total of 32% OFF!!!]
      Enter coupon code TANYA10 at checkout and save a further 10% on already reduced priceTake me there>>
      Tribest Green Star Elite Triturating Juicer


      Bringing you the ultimate in twin gear technology & maximising the benefits of your juice from any masticating juicer, there is no juicer like this one. Not only does it work to carefully crush produce without damaging nutrients, it cold presses the most juice from all greens & provides a 3rd stage- mixing, so that cell membranes can be easily opened to allow even more minerals to be extracted & preserved for longer.

      [NEWS! Tribest have temporarily lowered their prices bringing this juicer down from £599 to £399 and with my promo code below you can get a further 10% off. That’s a total of 40% OFF!!!]

      Enter coupon code TANYA10 at checkout and save a further 10% on already reduced priceTake me there>>
      The only dehydrator which offers an all-digital control panel to accurately control the way your food is dehydrated. Two digitally controlled fans divide the unit into two drying chambers for versatility or use either at its full or half capacity to save on electricity – choose to dehydrate four, five or nine trays of food at a time. Set the already quiet fans to night mode for extreme quiet operation.


      [NEWS! Tribest have temporarily lowered their prices bringing this dehydrator down from £425 to £339 and with my promo code below you can get a further 10% off. That’s a total of 28% OFF!!!]

      Enter coupon code TANYA10 at checkout and save a further 10% on already reduced price.. Take me there>>

      I totally get what it’s like to want to make all those frozen fruit ice creams, creamy cheesecakes, pastes, rawtella, nut butters, frozen cocktails, etc, but being left disheartened at the price of a Vitamix or Blendtec. Did you know that the best, closest, most incredible alternative does exist… and costs HALF the price!?
      Enter coupon code betterraw into promo code box and save upto 30%Take me there>>

      The easy way to make dairy free milks at home using the Tribest Soyabella Milk Maker. Simply add soaked soya beans and water to get fresh soya milk in 15 minutes. For raw-vegans, it can make amazing raw almond, cashew, hazelnut and other nut milks in as little as 30 seconds. It can also quickly and easily make delicious milks from a wide variety of other beans and grains such as oat, rice and coconut. The included grinding attachment can even be used to grind nuts, seeds and coffee beans.

      Enter coupon code TANYA10 at checkout and save a further 10% on already reduced price.. Take me there>>

      Become a Health Coach!Wondering how I found a career I love and became a Health Coach? I studied holistic health and nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition! IIN is taught part time, entirely online, by the world’s best speakers, nutritionists, doctors and spiritual gurus. Check out the entire first module of the curriculum here>>


      Call +1(877)-733-1520 and mention my name (Tanya Maher) to save upto 25%I wanna sample a class>>


      Sale starts now and ends at 11:59PM GMT 31st December

      Raw Breakfast Club is almost here!

      Raw Breakfast Club is almost here!

      Can you believe how close Christmas Day is?

      The idea of Christmas feels especially surreal to me this year, because not long after, Elliot and I will meet our daughter.

      I literally can’t believe I just said that.

      Each time the mini muffin moves inside my belly (ie. all day, every day, each minute, non stop, always), I’m in total amazement at the superpowers of my own body. There’s a real baby in there! Well maybe it’s an alien- it certainly feels like that at times- but then again the other day I felt a teeny tiny foot with five perfect little toes and fell even more in love with this living creation within me.

      So while I hear all sorts of stories about her coming for the world earlier or staying cosy for longer, I’m not going to plan any new workshops till we know for sure…

      That means that THIS Friday's Raw Breakfast Club is not only my final mini workshop for the year, it's the final indefinitely. OMG!

      If you're in London, it's the one morning you'd be glad you slipped out of work for!

      You will meet a bunch of super awesome like-minded people, receive a little Christmas gift from one of our partners, learn how to make living raw Christmas Mince Pies (and take the recipe home) and indulge on the most beautiful and nourishing flavours of this silly season!

      Take a look at the menu...

      IMG_0027 (1)

      So yeah, I’m pretty excited!


      Will you join me in the festivities? I hope so, but the tickets will be sold out shortly no doubt, so come on over to this EventBrite page and reserve your seat, before someone else does.

      Where |  Tanya’s, myhotel Chelsea, 35 Ixworth Place, SW3 3QX

      When |  Friday 11th December, 8:30am- 10:30am
      Transport |  South Kensington Underground Station
      Fee |  £35pp, book via Eventbrite here>>