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    And the winner is...

    And the winner is...

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    The moment you’ve all been waiting for…

    The Complete Raw Food Kitchen Giveaway, worth £3,000, has a winner!

    Big Huge MASSIVE Congratulations to Tanya Wilkinson from London!!

    Hay House picked a winner using random.org and to all of our surprise and delight, the system blessed us with #222 and another Tanya.

    Wow. So awesome.

    Here's a picture Tanya sent us when she learned about her insane luck:

    Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 21.58.45

    Here’s a note she sent:


    Thanks you for making my day, week and year all in one go! Have been floating on air all evening.

    I wanted to send a huge heartfelt thank you to Tanya. I have been so excited about her book coming out as I am a big Tanya’s Cafe fan! She has been a huge inspiration to me and a big influence on my cooking and eating habits – to the point where I was looking up the course at the School of Integrative Nutrition just last week. Am taking this as a bit of a sign and going to save the cash to make the plunge to do it in 2016, plus have tonight booked in to a food photography workshop at the end of September to sharpen up my shooting skills for everything I’ll be making. ”



    And here’s a picture from Tanya with her mountain of prizes:


    Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 21.58.28


    I tell you what- it certainly feels pretty damn good to make someone feel this amazing.

    How I do wish we could’ve done this for ALL of you to show you how much your support means, because it really really does. But then again this isn’t the last giveaway we will be doing and for now, let’s all congratulate Tanya and share some of the joy with her. Ah, we feel the joy!

    Thank you so so much to you guys for entering the giveaway, for purchasing The Uncook Book and for sharing your re-creations of my recipes with me on social media. I love seeing each and every post so much! To make sure that I don't miss them, tag #TheUncookBook (I will always read your post and like it, it's my favourite part of the day to check what you've made :)).

    Finally, thanks to our amazing partners and truly my favourite brands out there for your most generous gifts to make this competition the biggest in the industry...



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