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    Study Nutrition for less. Much less!

    Study Nutrition for less. Much less!

    It was exactly two years ago today that I received a call from IIN offering me a part scholarship towards their award winning course.

    I really wasn’t looking to go back to studying and certainly not to spend more money on yet another course…

    But something inside me said to listen up, because it can’t be a coincidence that I’m hearing about IIN for the third time in one week!

    And not just from anybody, but firstly from David Wolfe, then from Deepak Chopra, then from The Institute For Integrative Nutrition themselves.

    I’m not one to ever give in to a sales tactic (when I know there’s one), but I’m well aware of sincerity and that’s exactly what I heard from the other end of the phone line. From the other side of the world!

    I’m also well aware that some of the best decisions I’ve ever made were spontaneous ones.

    Can you guess what happens next?

    It took me an entire FIVE minutes to think (aka- talk to mum and dad!) before I phoned them back and enrolled to start in the new year.

    Best decision of my life?

    Not exactly.

    I’d be exaggerating if I said that it was.

    There are other decisions I’m more proud of… for instance- saying yes to Elliot, getting married in New Zealand, deciding on London for our permanent home, opening Tanya’s Cafe, signing on a book deal with Hay House and deciding to run yet another retreat in Ecuador next year.

    The funny thing is, that all of these decisions that I’m most proud of, began happening after I made the decision to do the year-long course with IIN.

    Interesting how when you are listening out for the signs and doing something about them, you manage to get on the path, that’s lit up just for you… and everything else falls into place, so the journey becomes pretty seamless really.

    I hope this message inspires you to say YES today.

    Whatever it is that you might be pondering over, just do it already!

    Be it a tiny or a massive decision, everything will be so much better when it’s made. Making a decision is literally the most liberating feeling there is.

    If it happens to have anything to do with becoming a certified health coach too, then call one of these numbers and tell IIN that you are friends with Tanya Maher.

    (877) 733-1520 U.S.

    +1 (212) 730-5433 International

    Happy decision making!
    What ever it is, just trust that it's the right one. I do!