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    Tanya's Talks - The Fitness Edition - Monday 18th July 7-9PM

    Tanya's Talks - The Fitness Edition - Monday 18th July 7-9PM

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    You love getting your green on and finding the healthiest choices for your day, and yet nutrition is only half the story of wellness. To reach optimum health you need to move your body.

    But what if exercise has never really been your thing? Sure you’ve tried a lot of classes, and different types of exercise. You’ve even given yoga a really good go, but somehow you lack the consistency of approach to really see a long term difference or find the body confidence you seek.

    It’s true that exercise can be hard to do, it can be challenging, overwhelming, confusing and it can be costly in time and money without always getting results.

    But when it’s the right kind of movement for you, when you get into the flow and stick with it, and when you actually see and experience the benefits… the feeling that fitness gives you can be out of this world!

    So what is the key to finding an approach to fitness that fits you?

    Our expert panel who have a flair for fitness will share their insights and tips to connect you with that fitness freedom that you’ve been looking for. Come and join the conversation with like minded people and reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

    Tanya and her alkalising welcome juice and organic energy balls will be awaiting your arrival too!




    Hear from…

    Pamela Lai about New and Alternative Fitness Trends: How to navigate fitness trends and know the finds from the fads,

    Adrienne Herbert about Intuitive Fitness & Body Confidence: How to listen to your body and know when you can push yourself and when you need to rest,

    Hollie Grant about Forever Fitness: Health, vitality and toning for a lifetime, not just a season.




    Here’s a little more detail of what to expect:


    Pamela LAI copy

    Pamela Lai is the Studio Manager of Slice Urban Fitness which offers a variety of fitness classes in its boutique studios in Parsons Green; over 100 classes per week including different styles of Yoga, Mat Pilates, Dance Fitness, Spinning, Rebounding, Pound Fit, HIIT, Boxfit, Pre and post natal exercise..and more! As well as managing every aspect of the studio, you will find Pamela teaching a variety of classes including Trampoline Rebounding, Barre, Aerobics, Total Body Workout and Zumba. With Zumba Pamela has had the opportunity to perform at various London events, including being on stage as opening for Beyonce’s Chime for Change concert in 2012.

    Pamela will discuss which exercise is right for you, how to choose from the variety of fitness options offered these days with some suggestions of what to try for different fitness levels, and will share examples of classes and success stories on fitness trends that worked for her and her clients  from Pound Fit to Barre, Rebounding, HIIT, Zumba etc…


    2015 Ev Sekkides

    Adrienne Herbert is a personal trainer, fitness model, mother and an advocate for women’s fitness and health. Adrienne shares her passion for fitness on her blog ‘That’sMyMum.com’ as well as contributing to Women’s Health magazine each month. Often teaching classes at fitness studios in London and Hertfordshire, Adrienne also leads talks and workshops to women about ‘Body Confidence’. For more information follow Adrienne on Instagram and Twitter – @AdrienneTMM.

    Adrienne is passionate about body confidence through women’s fitness and health. She will be discussing the importance of intuitive training specifically for women and mothers, as well as her tips to experience true body confidence.


    Hollie Grant copy

    Hollie Grant is an award winning PT and Pilates Instructor, owner of 1:1 London studio PilatesPT and creator of The Model Method online. As a huge advocate of the #strongnotskinny movement Hollie believes we should think more about how our bodies work and less about how they look. This ethos is at the core of all her workouts. Hollie has earned an impressive client list through her innovative method, which includes the likes of Ella Woodward, Millie Mackintosh and Melissa Hemsley. Hollie is passionate about the lifestyle and fitness benefits of Pilates and caring for your health not just appearance. Her training technique reflects this philosophy and her dedication means her clients never fail to leave happy, healthy and strong.

    In her talk Hollie will focus on function over aesthetics. As her fitness career began with teaching Pilates and focusing on the importance of posture and muscular balance she loves to promote how thinking about how your body works, and not how it looks, is the best way to experience lifelong fitness. She will discuss what muscle imbalances are, how they affect your health, performance and posture and how they can be addressed. As well as discussing how we can change our mindset away from short term gains to long term, sustainable, achievable change.


    We’re so excited about this event!

    Bring your questions, and join us for an evening of uplifting conversations about wellness and connecting with the fitness freedom you’ve been looking for!

    Tanya’s Talks – where great advice and great nutrition meet #TanyasTalks #TanyasCafe


    Terms of Purchase: Tickets are non-refundable, and non-transferrable.

    The Uncook Book launch and Pina Colada recipe

    The Uncook Book launch and Pina Colada recipe

    Hi my friends,

    Whoa what a week it's been.

    I don't remember the last time I felt this busy, excited, energised, exhausted, emotional, productive, behind, overwhelmed and calm all at the same time. Actually, I've never had a week this full on before.

    To sum up just a portion of events that occurred in this short space of time, I had a birthday and my huge annual birthday sale which is always exciting and mega busy, my bestie threw us the most incredible and emotional gender reveal party (more on this next time), I took Tanya’s Cafe and book signing on the road for the first time ever, our dear friends and travel buddies got engaged, my first published book was officially released all over the UK, the massive competition with an insane amount of entries came to an end, prep for The Uncook Book launch was in full swing, followed by the exhilarating launch party itself and ending with travel outside of London for uncooking demonstrations and book signings.

    Sounds super fun (and it really really was), but during all the celebrations, my inbox nearly exploded and I’m now weeks behind replying to everyone (if it’s you, now you know why, love you!), my sister’s flight was so delayed that she missed the gender reveal party which she was looking forward to since the moment she learned she was going to be an aunty, the wheels on my giant suitcase broke off on the way to the Birmingham demo which made the 30kg of equipment not only too heavy for helpful strangers to drag, but especially for me with a growing baby bump, which brought on a meltdown even I didn’t anticipate, and meanwhile ‘interesting’ events kept occurring at our cafes which needed my immediate attention.

    The last thing I wanted to do is to write a post full of what sounds like complaints, but I hope you can see that I am just like everyone else :)

    I cry, I get tired, I experience stress, I forget to drink water, I worry, I think too much and I take off my cape when it needs a good clean.

    Amazing how just one day, sometimes even one moment, can remind you that you do live the best life ever and that there’s nothing in the world which would have you trading it for another.

    For me that moment was last Thursday…

    The Uncook Book launch party with some of my favourite people in the world, at my very own happy place, with my dream publisher, blessing my pride and joy into the world, may have just topped all the best nights of all time!

    Aaaand finding out that during the first week of its release, The Uncook Book has already gone into its SECOND printing. Just wow.

    Thank you so so much, it's all because of YOU!

    Here are some of the pictorial highlights from my best night ever...


    The Uncook Book ready to party


    Peanut Butter Cups from the Kid's Section (really, Adult's section, but it was going to sound strange if I had an 'Adult's Section' in the book)


    Prep in full swing. Vodka Lavendade (less the vodka for a non-alcoholic version) and Pina Colada (scroll down for recipe), both from the Party Section

    Tanya Maher, The Uncook Book

    Here I am with my book baby and a 5 months baby bump

    Tanya Maher, 5 months pregnant

    See? There really is a bump. I love it!


    The adorable Hay House team, from left: Jo, Alexandra, Jessica, Julie (the incredible and talented editor), Karen and Ruth (the hard working cutie responsible for this awesome night). But where's Amy?


    Here she is! My sweet editor Amy and her bright smile as always. Fab and Lauren in deep convo


    No uncooking party without a cold-pressed organic green juice


    And another super adorable Amy. I've come to a conclusion that the best and cutest humans are named Amy


    Sister Party! From left: my soul sister (and the one responsible for introducing me to Hay House) Michelle, my sissy-in-law Saskia and my own sister-face Alissa


    The stunning Nikki Salamony, PR for Tanya's Cafe


    Serious chocolate talk with Kris from The Raw Chocolate Company and Richi Qi from The Wellbeing Now Conference


    The always gorgeous Christy, American Girl in Chelsea


    Food glorious raw food from various sections in the book


    Alkalising Cucumber Rolls from the Party Section


    My sis of Universe + Chorus , a Pina Colada (scroll down for recipe) and a summer roll


    Luigi and my Goji Berry Trifles from the Party Section of the book


    A few words turned into such a long gratitude list, you couldn't stop me talking


    That little muffin inside was all blissed out and still with so much gratitude pouring though my body


    The love squad. Thank you all so so much for your support


    Happy times with the lovely Maxine there in the back ground and Bronwen from NZ Biz Women's Network here to support too


    A tad proud of my cake, made using a combination of recipes from the book, especially having had my sister rolling the cute energy balls, my chef Eddie decorating the cake and Rebecca Campbell blessing it


    The amazing Linda Barker of BBC's Changing Rooms


    The Uncook Book launch


    Blogger and co-creator of Plant-based Picnic, Natasha Lipman


    The Uncook Book launch


    My favourite human, personal recipe taster and loving husband, Elliot

    The Uncook Book goodie bag

    And the prize for THE BEST goodie bag goes to... Can you believe how much goodness is in here? And all in support of the book launch! Thank you so much for such generous gifts: Superfoodies, Dr. Organic, Hay House UK, Neal's Yard Remedies, Udo's Choice, The Raw Chocolate Company, Planet Organic and Seasoul & Snow



    And because I believe that every successful party post deserves a recipe, here is one you will LOVE...

    It was a hit and a half at The Uncook Book launch (above), it's the first recipe of the Party Section in the book and it includes my favourite ingredient combination EVER. Introducing...


    Pina Colada

    (serves 1)


    45ml (1.5fl oz) light rum

    120g (4.25 oz) ripe pineapple, peeled and chopped, reserving leaves from the crown to garnish

    90ml (3.25fl oz) fresh apple or pineapple juice (6 apples or 1 pineapple will usually produce enough juice for 4-6 servings)

    2 tbsp coconut butter

    2 tbsp manuka honey

    handful of ice


    -Blend all the ingredients, except the ice and garnish, in a blender until creamy, then add the ice and blend again.

    -Pour into a chilled highball glass or a goblet, garnish with the pineapple leaves and serve with a pretty straw.