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    The world's most nutritious ice block

    The world's most nutritious ice block

    I reckon if there was a competition for the healthiest and most nutrient dense ice cream that kids actually enjoy, this recipe could very well be IT!

    It's easy to make in any blender and any ice block mould (or improvise with a baking tray like I've done below). And just take a look at the health benefits of the ingredients:



    Pili nuts:   These are my latest obsession and are possibly the most delicious nut ever. They taste like a blend of macadamia, cashew and brazil nut. The Raw & Wild brand which we stock at Tanya's already comes activated, so if you have a powerful blender, there's no need to soak! Pili nuts are ultra high in Vitamin E, magnesium, manganese, thiamine/vitamin B1, phosphorus and copper. They are also great for getting extra iron, zinc and calcium in you! This cocktail of nutrients is quite literally amazing for everything from healthy hair and nails to top immune system and bone health to better sleep and controlling your blood sugar levels to improving mood, brain function and even vision!

    Udo's Choice Oil Blend:  This oil blend of essential fats derived from flax, sunflower seed, sesame seed, evening primrose and coconut is honestly magical! It provides all the Omega 3s and 6s you need in one day in a single spoonful. Aside from being incredible for your skin and brain function, I add this to my family's recipes for great digestion. I'm so eager to have you giving it to your family that I've arranged a special 20% off discount for you... Simply go to the Udo's Choice website and enter promo code BETTERRAW at check out for the whole store!

    Mango:  Most of you might agree that no other fruit compares to a sweet ripe aromatic creamy mango. It therefore comes as a surprise to many that mangos are jam packed with nutrients which help combat diabetes, promote smoother elimination, protect against free radicals, strengthen bones and improve joints.

    Apple juice:  When you use freshly squeezed apple juice (or buy cold-pressed!), it gives you extra enzymes for energy and every bodily function really. Apple juice contains lots of Vitamin C, so it's great for the immune system. It even cleanses the liver! Please only ever use organic apples though, because if you juice conventional, you're consuming all the pesticides, herbicides and chemicals that come with them, no matter how hard you scrub your apples.


    Creamy Raw Vegan Ice Blocks

    2 x Ripe Mangos, peeled and de-stoned

    1 x 70g pack Original Pili Nuts (buy at Tanya's, Whole Foods UK, Planet Organic, etc)

    300ml x Organic Apple Juice

    3 tablespoons x Udo's Choice Oil Blend (see promo code above)

    Optional (advised for fussy kids): 60g Maple Syrup


    -If you don't have a high powered blender, soak the pili nuts in water for 4-6 hours, otherwise use straight out of packet.

    -Transfer all the ingredients into your blender and blend till creamy. Note: if using maple syrup, it is likely to taste too sweet, but don't worry because sweetness dulls once frozen.

    -Transfer into ice block moulds, insert a wooden stick and transfer to the freezer for a minimum of 4 hours.

    [We were in NZ at this time and didn't have our ice lolly moulds handy, so I found this baking tray and folded some tin foil inside to the point which held the right amount of mixture, so that the sticks had plenty of support]:


    In this below pic, Lake is 1, her cousin Stanley is [almost] 4 and cousin Theo is 2,5. At this age, Lake hasn't had anything sweet apart from fruits, so she was super into the ice-block and ate up the entire thing! For the boys, I wish I added the optional maple syrup, they would've finished more than 1/3 and got all those amazing nutrients into them.

    You know your kiddies and their fussiness best, so keep that in mind when contemplating the additional maple syrup- the overall sweetness of anything will always dull when food freezes. 

    raw vegan ice cream


    If you'd love to know more tricks for sneaking vital nutrients and vitamins into your children's lunches, as well learn some seriously delicious recipes that your 2-11 year olds won't even realise are healthy, my next class is for you!...  


    Longevity with Tanya. The Retreat. In Paradise.

    Longevity with Tanya. The Retreat. In Paradise.

    Imagine yourself here.

    Sardinia. One of the blue zones of the world, where more centenarians enjoy the best quality of life to anywhere else on earth.

    Forte Village. Truly luxury accommodation, voted the World's Leading Resort.

    Wake up to gentle movement through yoga and kick off your digestion with warm chlorophyll water.

    Pick your own vegetables for a truly personalised juice from an abundant garden set within the 47 acres of the resort.

    Understand yourself and your soul's message through mandala drawing meditation.

    Dive into hours of Tanya's nutritional teachings, ultra health coaching and raw food workshops for longevity.

    Experience healing and detox through massage and Thalassotherapy (a circuit of pools with saline and salt oil concentrations to draw toxins through the skin for ultimate rejuvenation).

    Enjoy the soft warm sand under your feet as you explore the long golden beach.

    Oh and did I mention the magnificent private gardens, breath work, organically grown raw food breakfasts and lunches with zero mileage, the best life changing conversations and free time in the evening to explore various restaurants? (Note that my wish for you is to truly relax, to feel ridiculously good, outrageously happy and...to avoid uncomfortable detox symptoms, so because most of us aren't used to a raw food cuisine 24/7, we recommend that you stick to a familiar diet at dinner.)

    Prices for 5 nights including all of the above start at EURO €1,845. (Approx £1,625).

    If this retreat, happening 11-15 October, sounds like an absolute dream and you'd like more information, read all about it here: https://tanyasliving.com/pages/longevity-with-tanya-retreat


    Berry Pie for glowing skin

    Berry Pie for glowing skin

    This dessert featured on my 'How to Eat for Beautiful Skin' workshop last month and since so many of you wrote me about this class, I decided to share one of the recipes as well as some key info, here for everyone :)

    In class we learned about where to begin in order to improve your skin's elasticity, heal acne, smooth out bumps and blemishes, avoid flareups, bring out your natural glow and even how to visibly minimise some of those wrinkles...

    The first step always begins in your gut.

    Healing your gut is a massive subject and may involve quite a different journey for most individuals, but the root of the cause is nearly always the same. And it's to do with your digestion.

    If you're not able to break down certain foods, if your system is quite blocked up, if you don't cleanse often, don't fast for long enough (think late dinner and big breakfast), don't get enough fibre or water, if you mix starches and proteins (think mac'n cheese, chicken and rice, baked potatoes with cream), if you have food sensitivities (80% of people don't realise they do!), if you get sleepy or sluggish after meals, etc etc etc... it's very likely that your body is trying hard to communicate that your digestion is not in order either through pain, like bloating and belly aches or visually by displaying signs all over your skin. 

    In my classes, we always focus on good digestion and this pie recipe very much falls into the easily digestive category. 

    KEY TAKEAWAY: If it's easily digestible, it's good for your skin!


    tanya maher raw food recipes


    How is this recipe different to other raw recipes?

    1. The base is not made out of dry nuts, it's all seeds. Nuts require soaking to remove the enzyme inhibitors and make them gentler on our tummies, but the cake would fall apart if we were to use soaked nuts. Seeds are easily digestible without the soaking step.

    2. The cream has nuts (cashews) which have been soaked and rinsed.

    3. Dried fruit and nuts combo falls under the Food Combination To Avoid when you're improving your digestion. With one exception- prunes. Usually a base contains some sort of nut or seed or coconut concoction and then on top of that there are also cashews in the cream. Nuts galore. Then for the base to stick together- dates and raisins are used a lot. They are of course an incredible snack to eat on their own as they provide fibre and slow releasing sugars for long lasting energy, but sadly when mixed with nuts- they confuse the system and can make you feel bloated. Prunes contain sorbitol which is a natural laxative, so they actually support the natural stages of digestion, help break down what ever food they are taken with (also helping you to assimilate its nutrients) and promote swift movement through your gut, which is all about the satisfying elimination.

    4. The cake contains lots of blueberries, cacao powder and additional maqui berry powder, which are all super high in antioxidants. Eating foods rich in these free-radical-fighting-substances will strengthen your immune system and protect your cells. Key to healthy skin.

    5. The coconut oil, sunflower seeds and hemp seeds contain healing essential fats, that work for your digestion like water works for a long and winding water slide. Without the water, it would take a long time to get down the slide, you'd stick to the sides, work way harder than you should and you won't enjoy the ride. Most fat is not even stored as fat, so it's time we start counting nutrients instead of calories.


    At last, the recipe...



    For the crust

    200g prunes

    75g sunflower seeds

    75g hemp seeds

    55g cacao powder

    ½ teaspoon Himalayan salt


    For the filling

    300g blueberries

    150g cashews, soaked overnight

    105g extra virgin coconut oil, melted

    50g maple syrup

    1 tablespoon maqui berry powder (I buy this one)

    1 teaspoon vanilla powder

    1/3 teaspoon Himalayan salt


    -Place all the crust ingredients into a food processor with an S blade. Process till sticky.

    -Transfer the mixture into a pie dish (make sure the base is removable) and press with your fingers and fists till it lines the entire dish and its sides.

    -Place all the filling ingredients into a blender, making sure the blueberries are at room temperature, otherwise the coconut oil will harden.

    -Blend using a tamper rod, till creamy.

    -Pour inside the crust and distribute evenly along the surface.

    -Transfer to the fridge to set for at least 4 hours.


    For upcoming workshop updates, sign up to our emails here>> and keep an eye on this page>>

    Super cheesy spread (with no cheese, cream or even cashews)

    Super cheesy spread (with no cheese, cream or even cashews)

    During one of my recent workshops, I taught you guys all about cravings, how they come up, what they might mean about the nutrients you're missing and what healthy stuff to eat in order to see those cravings vanish. Something that came up a lot was the craving for cheese. On the one hand it is the flavour and the creamy texture that people dream of but really it is a sign of calcium and essential fats deficiency. This recipe will sort you out! So so so delish, I really hope you get to make it.

    3/4 Cup Pinenuts
    3/4 Cup Macadamia
    6 Sundried tomato halves, soaked if they are too dry
    Juice of 1 Lemon
    ¼ Cup Udo’s Choice Oil Blend (or another healthy oil blend like flax, hemp, olive oil, etc)
    3 Tablespoons Liquid Aminos (or 2 Tbsp Tamari)
    2 Garlic cloves
    1/3 Chilli with seeds, or more to taste
    Water as needed
    -Put all the dip ingredients into a high speed blender, starting with about 1/4 cup of water and adding more if required. Use a tamper to assist the blending process.
    -Scoop out into a dipping bowl to serve with your veggie platter or on sourdough bread.


    sourdough bread with raw vegan cheese spread

    My secret to healing 12 years of acne

    My secret to healing 12 years of acne

    If you've been reading my posts for some time now, you might recall a one all about how awful my skin used to be.

    The truth is, it wasn't just awful, it was repulsive.

    After the stress that my body underwent during a car crash, the inflammation that nearly cost me my pancreas and the amount of morphone that was pumped into my veins, my entire back broke out in hideous unsightly acne.

    Over the next few years, I discovered healing via raw foods, Chinese herbs, homeopathic remedies, meditation, juicing, liver flushes, breathing techniques, fasting and more.

    The effect of each was clearly visible in my eyes, my hair, nails, the skin on my face and neck, my energy levels and my overall attitude.

    But the acne on my back wasn't budging.

    I learned to live with it to the point that I'd often pull out of a beach outings, take a sick day over school swimming events, wear long sleeved tops during scorching summer days and choose the sports that I played according to how well my back will be covered up.

    I hid my back for TWELVE whole years.

    It wasn't till I started sprouting in a very unique way (keep reading), that I began to see changes. Dramatic changes.

    sunflower seeds shoots sprouting tray

    Not just sprouting seeds till you see a little tail, not sprouting wheatgrass (my body could never take wheatgrass EVER), but growing proper green shoots in trays over a bed of soil. 

    Aaaaaaand something else (the 'unique' bit)....

    I soaked these seeds in the same water that I would soak my feet!

    Sounds a bit gross, so let me explain. 

    I got this wild idea after reading the book 'Anastasia' (read her take on gardening for healing via below link).

    The fact that our toxins contain all the information about us really resonated with me. It made perfect sense when I read that if you were to pass on this information to a seed, that it would grow for you as if it was your very own doctor, offering the exact nutrients you needed to heal whatever pain or illness via its fruits.

    I also knew that we perspire a lot via our feet, so it made sense for me to soak my feet (free from nail varnish or creams) in a bucket of hot water. Now this water was equipped with all the information about me, my organs and my cells, through the sweat/toxins that were released.

    I then let the water cool and only after doing so, I added dry peas and unhulled sunflower seeds to this water.

    I then sprinkled the seeds over a bed of soil and continued to water them with this same water until green shoots began to appear. After this (Day 3 approx), I would simply water with purified water or water infused with a little spirulina or chlorella powder. 

    Snowpea shoots sprouting tray

    When the shoots were ready to harvest, I would juice or blend them up into a smoothie. They were super yummy to eat on their own too, but I was juicing lots at the time and needed all the greens I could gather.

    I have to be honest, I began doing this not to heal the acne on my back (I gave up on that long ago) but because I was getting really into sprouting and was genuinely enjoying watching my indoor garden flourishing.

    At the same time, I felt called to do a little experiment.

    There was no doubt, that there was still a fair amount of healing that my body and the whole crash-disrupted digestive system needed to experience. I also knew that Elliot was super healthy, energetic, fit and enjoyed a strong immune, digestive and metabolic system.

    So, I had both of us soak our feet in separate buckets, doing our own sprouting with pea shoots, in our own trays, watering at the same time with our own water, in the same room, under the same conditions.

    Over the course of 3 weeks, my sprouts were evidently taller than his. Literally by at least 3 whole centimetres taller on Day 12!!

    It was as if we were seeing a real green medicine cabinet sprouting before our eyes and mine required just that much more prescribed goodness in order to heal.

    I didn't even really notice the changes to my back, the whiteheads drying out, the bulged bumps disappearing or the acne scars on my back flattening, until I saw that during the second month of this experiment- Elliot's and my sprouts started to grow at the same rate.

    On Day 12, they were now the same height.

    It was then that I ran my hands across my back and felt nearly smooth skin for the first time in many many years.

    Nothing short of a miracle!

    Nature is a miracle.

    If you'd like to have a go at sprouting pea or sunflower shoots, take a look at my step-by-step guide, here>> 

    cucumber rolls Tanya Maher skin workshop

    Remember that it's is only a step to healing your skin though. During this key process, it is also extremely important to know which food combinations are like a pimple feeder so you can avoid those, how stress can contribute to ageing and what simple breathing techniques you can do to infuse the life back into your skin even on your busiest days and of course which key ingredients are vital for keeping your skin smooth and radiant.

    I will be dishing out all of those important tips and teaching you beautiful recipes in a workshop called 'How to Eat for Beautiful Skin'.

    The workshop is happening THIS Sunday 20th May 11:30am- 2pmat Tanya's in My Chelsea.

    To book your space, head here: https://tanyasliving.com/collections/workshops-and-events/products/how-to-eat-for-beautiful-skin-sunday-13th-may

    It's only £45pp, which doesn't even get you a facial cream these days, let alone the miracle cure. Scrumptious tasters are included and everyone that attends will get 25% off the entire shop on the day.

    I really hope you can make it!