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    Longevity with Tanya - Retreat schedule, menu and workshop program

    Longevity with Tanya - Retreat schedule, menu and workshop program

    The countdown to the most incredible event of the year has officially begun!

    Did you know that I’m hosting a magical rejuvenation retreat, happening 11-16 October, in pure paradise called Sardinia?

    It’s not a detox retreat, it’s not a fasting holiday, instead...


    And not just eat anything- you will enjoy the freshest locally-sourced organic fruits and veggies as well as exotic superfoods and sprouted seeds, made into gourmet raw vegan dishes.

    AND I will teach you how to make them all so you will go home completely purified, satisfied, ‘meditated’, yoga’d, inspired, energised and equipped with new skills for life.

    One of the people attending this retreat has been my coaching client for years and she valued the 5 day program to be AT LEAST 4 TIMES MORE expensive than it is.

    So I guess you can call it one heaven of a bargain :)

    To learn more, hop over to this page: https://tanyasliving.com/pages/longevity-with-tanya-retreat or see the program outline below...


    THURSDAY 11th October 

    Tanya Maher _ Supperclubs _ Sardinia Retreat


    4:30pm Meet & greet. Opening meditation, introduction & wish list visualisation skills workshop

    6:00pm WELCOME FEAST:

    Mum’s famous yellow sage soup

    Sunflower seed burgers with curried cream & juicy cucumber dill strips

    Butterscotch & chocolate swirl cheezecake



    FRIDAY 12th October

    Tanya Maher retreat

    8:00am Gentle yoga, palates and digestion awakening with chlorophyll chia seed water

    9:00am Conscious eating meditation & Superfood power breakfast

    10:00am Discover your soul’s message via Mandala drawing meditation

    11:30am TOPIC OF THE DAY: What are your food cravings trying to teach you about your deficiencies and the way your body communicates its needs.

    12:30pm COOKERY WORKSHOP: Learn the basics of raw cuisine, soaking and sprouting, nut milk making, our lunch soup and how to serve it, how to make easy sushi at home.

    2:00pm ASIAN FEAST:

    Thai spiced coconut soup

    Make your own sushi with home pickled ginger and sunflower seed ‘rice’

    Mango & coconut caramel slice

    3:30PM Your free time to explore 47 acres of stunning gardens, the beach and swimming pools, to book your included massage and detox Thalassotherapy Spa session, to meditate, to relax and to give your digestion a break or try one of the resort’s restaurants for dinner.




    SATURDAY 13th October

    Tanya Maher_ The Uncook Book_ Raw Food recipes

    8:00am Gentle yoga, palates and digestion awakening with chlorophyll chia seed water

    9:00am Conscious eating meditation & Superfood power breakfast

    10:00am TOPIC OF THE DAY: Discover how much Candida is present in your body & how to eliminate it, as well as what foods create inflammation and acidity, plus how to enjoy a pain-free energised lifestyle that is mostly alkaline.

    11:30am COOKERY WORKSHOP: Learn how to make the most incredible layered lasagne and the Tiramisu cheezecake, using only raw unprocessed plants and nuts.

    1:00pm Design your personalised energy juice, forage the gardens for ingredients and make the juice

    2:00pm ITALIAN FEAST:

    Creamy avocado & tomato basil soup

    Living lasagne with layers of marinara, herbed cashew cheese, mushroom ‘meat’ & pesto

    Tiramisu Cheezecake with vanilla coffee swirls & chocolate biscuit base

    3:30PM Your free time to explore 47 acres of stunning gardens, the beach and swimming pools, to book your included massage and detox Thalassotherapy Spa session, to meditate, to relax and to give your digestion a break or try one of the resort’s restaurants for dinner.



    SUNDAY 14th October

    Tanya Maher - raw food red velvet cake

    8:00am Gentle yoga, palates and digestion awakening with chlorophyll chia seed water

    9:00am Conscious eating meditation & Superfood power breakfast

    10:00am A self-mood discovery session according to each year following your birthday. Gratitude and self-love meditation.

    11:00am TOPIC OF THE DAY: All about gut health and learning how to break down your foods better no-matter your diet, plus how to boost your digestion.

    12:00pm COOKERY WORKSHOP: Learn about the art of fermentation and marinating to produce the most nutritious foods, and how to make a layered red velvet cake. Design and make your own energy balls!


    Russian traditional borsch & cashew sour cream

    ‘Creamy’ mushroom Strogonov with mashed cauliflower & probiotic sauerkraut

    Layered red velvet & cashew frosting raw food cake

    4:00PM Your free time to explore 47 acres of stunning gardens, the beach and swimming pools, to book your included massage and detox Thalassotherapy Spa session, to meditate, to relax and to give your digestion a break or try one of the resort’s restaurants for dinner.



    MONDAY 15th October

    Tanya Maher - raw chocolate workshop

    8:00am Gentle yoga, palates and digestion awakening with chlorophyll chia seed water

    9:00am Conscious eating meditation & Superfood power breakfast

    10:00am Learn how to release negative energy and interpret the difference within you and your soul’s message via Mandala drawing meditation

    11:30am TOPIC OF THE DAY: How to eat for beautiful skin, strong nails and thick shiny hair. Plus how to make your own face mask.

    12:30pm COOKERY WORKSHOP: It’s all about chocolate today! Learn how to make your own raw chocolate from scratch, how to fill the centres, how to flavour it, how to create different intensities between milky and dark, plus how to meditate using cacao.

    2:30pm MEXICAN FEAST:

    Vibrant vegan Gazpacho

    Lettuce tacos with spiced walnut ‘meat’, pineapple salsa and guacamole

    Make your own raw chocolate with filled creamy centres

    4:00PM Your free time to explore 47 acres of stunning gardens, the beach and swimming pools, to book your included massage and detox Thalassotherapy Spa session, to meditate, to relax and to give your digestion a break or try one of the resort’s restaurants for dinner.



    TUESDAY 16th October

    Tanya Maher _ Vilcabamba Retreat

    8:30am Final Superfood breakfast feast

    9:30am Closing power coaching session & Your best life ever takeaways



    Here are some love notes from dear clients:


    "Tanya really knows her stuff. Having had her as my coach for three years, I sincerely believe that her retreat is well below its true value. Being in her presence is powerful enough, but having Tanya teach you her very best recipes, nutritional information and meditation practices is life changing in the very best way."

    -Marianne Daniels, USA


    "I suffered with migraines, bloating, severe aching and burning limbs, constant reflux, regurgitation and heartburn, severe fatigue, lack of concentration, anxiety and depression. Just days after learning from Tanya, I could feel the burning in my stomach and joints has gone down dramatically, as well as all aches and pains. My reflux and heartburn have reduced by at least 70%. I found it most helpful to discover what the alkalising foods are and how they rate on the pH scale, so if I'm ever feeling acidic, I just refer to the list, make Tanya's recipes and quickly feel better."

    -Loretta Murphy, Australia


    "Tanya is a fantastic example of how to live a life with passion and purpose. She gives an amazing amount of value every time she is with clients. I love to work with experts and learn from the best, Tanya definitely ticks that box. If you are interested in finding what real health and energy feel like, then a fantastic start would be to see Tanya in action, you will never regret it." 

    -Graham Harris, UK


    To read more about the Longevity with Tanya Retreat, happening in Sardinia 11-16 October, and to apply - go here:



    Tanya Maher _ Sardinia Retreat






    Chelsea Eats

    Chelsea Eats

    Did you know that in all of my 10 year wellness journey, I felt unhealthiest while opening my ultra healthy organic cafe?

    I’m not alone in this.

    Shirin Kouros of The Good Life told me that during the launch of her first Californian-style 'feel good' eatery (around the corner from us in Chelsea), she too suffered from extreme fatigue, that caused her to have crazy facial breakouts, gave her a dry mouth, brittle nails and stomach inflammation resulting in weight gain and digestive issues.

    Although our diets are very different, we both have a lot in common when it comes to the lessons we’ve learned during these stressful times, especially what not to do the second and third time around (and even more for Shirin as she plans to open their 5th location). 

    We also have a lot in common when it comes to the evolving diets of the men we married, our fertility plans, our digestion experiments and struggles and the weird things we both do to tune in to our body’s requests.

    And for the first time ever, we plan to take this conversation public! 

    Join me, Tanya Maher of Tanya’s and Shirin Kouros of The Good Life, as we share our journeys on balancing entrepreneurship, wellness, relationships and motherhood.


    Moderated by Claudia Canavan, a renowned food and lifestyle journalist, this talk uncovers the how and why the health movement has changed in 2018 and what the future holds.


    The Good Life Eatery

     Tanya Maher Andreas Thrasy

    When: 6:30PM-8:15PM, Wednesday 19th September 2018
    Where: The Living Room at My Chelsea, 35 Ixworth Place, SW3 3QX London
    Directions: Here's a great link for your journey planning. To view a detailed map and nearest parking options, visit our website
    Transport: The nearest stations are South Kensington and Sloan Square. Victoria Street Station is a 10 minute taxi ride away
    Cost: £15 which can be used towards food, drink and books on the night
    To reserve your spot: go here>>

    FOR SALE: Spiritual home in the Valley of Longevity, Ecuador

    FOR SALE: Spiritual home in the Valley of Longevity, Ecuador



    For the past 8+ years, my parents have devoted the most insane amount of energy, divine love and care to a land which now gives back over 100 edible fruits, vegetables and plants.

    People have turned up at their door step not knowing why they were guided there, only to discover that a very rare and sacred meditation portal on their land called them in to heal.

    Mum and dad hosted numerous raw food lunches on their property, I held multiple retreats and workshops there too, which attracted people from all over the world and SOLD OUT within days.

    This magical place is located in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. It’s known as The Valley of Longevity.

    Now my parents are off onto new adventures and to be closer to their beloved granddaughter, so another very very lucky family can enjoy the fruits of their labour.

    The house, the guest house (rental) and the land are officially for sale!

    vilcabamba 1111 home for sale

      Take a look:

    If the video above doesn't work, check it out on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRC8ZQKN78I&feature=youtu.be



    Immaculate Home & Income property for sale USD 297K.

    With only a 5 minute walk to town center, this picture-perfect hidden gem is the essence of Vilcabamba, aka The Valley of Longevity. The stunning organic orchard houses an immaculate double-storey property, a charming guest-house and a healing energy portal, which have all been developed with retreats in mind.

    Main house (240 m2): High ceilings, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (1 en suite with a jet Jacuzzi tub), mezzanine floor could be used as a library or an extra bedroom, big open plan kitchen and lounge, huge wrap-around balcony, large size porch which gets the morning sun, family sized sauna, 2 storage closets. Two of the rooms have built-in wardrobes and the master has a walk in wardrobe.

    Guest house (70 m2): High ceilings, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, mezzanine floor upstairs is currently used as an extra lofted bedroom. Open plan kitchen/dining/lounge, a porch which gets the afternoon sun and a separate street entrance. This lovely standalone property currently receives up to $1,500/ month in AirBnB income.

    Land features (flat section 2000 m2): Fully fenced and secure, this land is also flat. An impressive sun-gate numbered 11:11 is a welcoming statement to this magical property. The organic orchard has over 100 assorted fruit trees (citruses, avocados, cacao, guayabana, black and white sapotes, macadamia, cashew, almond, pomegranate, pitahaya, persimmons, papayas, apples, pears, apricots, guavas, mulberries, coffee, figs and more), separate herb gardens, a beautiful flower garden, and a green house full of year-round crop. Water well comes complete with a storage tank and a pump. There are 2 covered workshop places and paved parking for at least 3 cars.

    The highlight of this land however is the energy Portal: A meditation circle of 10 stones with the special meaning symbols, bordered off by a beautiful hedge garden for peaceful and powerful connection experience, ideal for spiritual meditation and healing ceremonies.

    Lifestyle: Self-sustainable, peaceful lifestyle. Grow your own organic sustenance, heal, relax and connect with Mother Earth.

      44-1 26-1 17-1 6-1 5-1

    To see more pictures of the property, I made this public album on Facebook, here>>

    To find out more about the location and how to get there, these FAQ's I wrote for retreat attendees might help>>

    For more info, email Elena and Vladimir on vladimiralekseev@ymail.com

    My findings on plastic and compostables

    My findings on plastic and compostables

    When we remodelled our restaurant into a store and opened doors again last June, I was faced with a major packaging dilemma.

    💚Most of our regular customers have been requesting that we get onto Deliveroo and offer a fast Grab’n’Go solution, which is why we changed our business model, but what to stock our food in? 🤔

    ♻️It felt like a no-brainer to go for the most eco-friendly solution so we put all the salads in recycled carton boxes.

    It was a disaster.

    If a juicy crunchy salad sits in that box for a couple of hours (which is every single meal), the dressing seeps into the paper, makes box super soggy and flimsy, while the salad becomes dry.

    ♻️Next option.

    I researched compostables and although they were 5 times more expensive than carton- it felt like a worthwhile initiative and I was proud to be doing my bit for the environment.

    I then learned something shocking.

    The wonderful expensive compostables were not so wonderful here in UK at all.

    Tanya's Deli compostable packaging

    Firstly- they are produced on the other side of the world and have to travel a long way, leaving a giant carbon foot print.

    Secondly- if they are thrown into a recycle bin (what every conscious citizen would do), the bin will simply be sorted and compostables removed for the general waste bin.

    Thirdly- when they do go to general waste, they end up in landfills, taking up to 80 years to decompose, while producing methane as they break down (a harmful greenhouse gas).

    ♻️So not only was biodegradable packaging looking worse than plastic, it wasn’t even sturdy enough (lots of lids fell off & boxes fell apart) so our customers weren’t even happy.

    I really really didn’t want to revert to plastic as it was so badly perceived, but all of my research proved that if it’s produced close to home and recycled properly, it is literally the very best solution to a take away box.

    ♻️That’s what our stamp cards are all about. They work like a loyalty program, but not only do you receive a freebie when you return your packaging, you are helping the environment...

    We take care of all of the recycling for you, making sure that every last lid gets recycled and never reaches a landfill or the ocean.

    I think that’s pretty cool!


    Tanya's Deli plastic packaging

    My breastfeeding nightmare

    My breastfeeding nightmare

    I had no idea what was coming my way. 


    Whilst every bone in my body has felt ready for motherhood for as long as I can remember, nothing was going to prepare me for the breastfeeding hell.


    No book or instructions handout, no NCT class, no hospital workshop, no breastfeeding expert, no video, no hypnobirthing app, nothing and no one was going to prevent the two years of trauma that were to follow my child’s birth.


    For two full years, whenever anyone would ask me when we’re planning to make another adorable little human, I would literally cease up in discomfort and go into panic mode, my stomach burning with pain and my throat drying up. 


    For two full years, I thought it was the trauma of birth that did this to me. 


    [Without going into too much detail- every contraction made me re-live the car accident from 16 years earlier. It was as if my spinal fusion was being smashed from the inside and I felt my back breaking over and over for eight longest hours of my life.]


    It wasn’t until Lake turned two and I felt that she needed a sibling, that I was ready to address the wound and deal with the pain. I knew I wouldn’t want to bring another child into the world with so much fear occupying my cells. So I had my mum put together a cell memory clearing meditation for me to follow and I enrolled in The Journey course to help me through this.


    What I uncovered through this intense healing process was that it wasn’t the birth at all which I was most afraid of, it was the first three months that followed birth.


    And so in order to deal with the trauma and to completely let go, I went on to re-live the nightmare. My breastfeeding hell.


    I remembered the piercing screams of a hungry baby that simply wasn’t getting enough milk.


    I remembered the dozen or so midwives that came through our doors to ‘assist with the issue’ over time. 


    I remembered each one of them attempting to get the crying child to latch by forcing her over my breasts while I bit my fist in agony and cried with her.


    breastfeeding awareness week


    I remembered telling Elliot not to allow any visitors because it was too painful to put a top over the raw and bleeding scabs of my nipples.


    I remembered the heartache of not being able to comfort and to hold my baby too close for that very same reason. 


    I remembered Lake sucking only to peel the scabs off till blood ran down her cheeks.


    I remembered the midwives panic because my baby wasn’t only not regaining her birth weight at 10 days old, she continued to lose weight. She slept for 5 hours at a time because she had no energy and cried when she was awake because she was so hungry.


    Still they insisted that I persevere with breastfeeding and not give in to formula no matter what. 


    I remembered sobbing in the shower from physical pain of my exploding breasts, the scabs, the blood, the blocked milk ducts; and the emotional pain of feeling like a complete failure in my first task as a mother that provides for her newborn in the most basic way.


    I remembered how surreal and dehumanising it felt to literally be milked not only by strangers that came through our doors but even my own husband.


    I remembered never being able to sleep, not because I was over-exhausted, but because I needed every minute to mentally prepare myself for the immense agony of feeding a child as soon as she was ready to wake up.


    I remembered taking this innocent child into my arms and seeing only a mouse trap that was about to jam itself over my raw skin and send me into more silent screams.


    I remembered wanting to slice off my breasts because I thought anything will be less painful than them blowing up till I saw skin tearing with my own eyes.


    I remembered Elliot sprinting to Superdrug in freezing January to buy out shelves of any product relating to breastfeeding or soothing a baby.


    I remembered how much I wept from the depth of my core when I tried using a hand pump to relieve me of the milk build up, only to feel the scabs of my nipples crack open and see nothing but blood drip into the bottle.



    I remembered how exhausted I was to care when someone finally picked up on the fact that Lake was tongue tied to latch properly and had a severe case of asymmetry. (Her neck was jammed in one position and her head was always turned to the right, which meant that feeding equally on both breasts was not only difficult and painful for her, it was pretty much impossible, till we called in a cranial osteopath to release the muscles. This apparently happened as she was developing inside me- she was growing into a long baby inside a short mother so there wasn’t much room to move and she kinda found a comfy position to keep growing with her head turned to one side).


    Meanwhile a fellow NCT mum offered to lend me her electric pump and I refused because of what happened with the hand pump. She insisted that I give it a try and had it brought to my house. I stared at it with deep fear for at least a week.


    By the time we had Lake’s tongue tie fixed, by the time the osteopath’s magic work began to take effect and by the time I discovered how a miracle electric pump was going to give my nipples a break for a chance to heal.... my milk pretty much dried up.


    The next round of painful experience began.

    My baby was literally screaming from starvation and I felt like I failed her yet again by not having enough milk and by giving in to formula.


    For the first time in weeks, I could see the child was satisfied. Thank you Lord for baby goats!



    The midwives still went on about how important it is that I don’t give up and continue to breastfeed. 


    So I persisted and committed to trying any tip going that might help to increase breast milk production.


    Again, there was no chance for me to sleep. I was a mum on a mission...


    It felt like I had warm compresses on my breasts around the clock. If I wasn’t nursing Lake, I was expressing. If I wasn’t expressing, I was in a hot shower massaging my breasts to stimulate the milk production.


    I upped my calorie intake and started loading on complex carbs like brown rice, beans and whole grain pasta. I was steeping fenugreek, raspberry leaf, stinging nettle and fennel seeds all the time to take as a tea. I started drinking dairy for the first time in years, because I heard that a glass of warm milk before nursing will increase my own milk. It did work for a short time and when it didn’t, I started to drink formula myself. (That was one of the low points of the whole mission). 


    The next round of painful experience began. My baby got the taste for formula milk and was no longer interested in mine. 


    It was also a big effort for her to breastfeed, while the bottled milk just flowed. 


    It was difficult enough witnessing just how much she no longer wanted my milk, but when a stranger dining at my cafe made a remark like ‘I do hope that’s breastmilk in that bottle’, it left me in tears for weeks.


    I knew how it looked to an outsider: A raw food expert with her own organic cafe, promoting natural living, that's free from animal foods - wasn’t even breastfeeding her own newborn. Instead she was feeding her dairy milk formula! 


    I hated feeling like I had to explain myself to friends before I pulled out bottle feed, but the last thing I thought I’d be doing is avoiding my own beloved haven of a restaurant at the risk of the judging eyes.



    It’s Breastfeeding Awareness Week and every year starting August 1st, I see hundreds of posts on the importance of breastmilk, as well promotion to stop the shaming of mothers nursing in public.


    Although I am 100 percent in full support of this incredibly important initiative, I felt like I needed to write this post for a number of reasons-


    1. I needed to do this for my own healing to be complete. I have a brand new life growing inside of me now and I am determined to bring this child into the world without fear. (Surprise!) 
    2. I now know what to look for (ie. tongue tie, asymmetry, electric pump) the second time around. Hopefully someone else reading this will benefit from knowing these signs and won't need to suffer for as long as I did.
    3. If you’re also struggling with so much pressure to breastfeed, while crying from unbearable agony, just know that all this pain and fear is being passed on to your child via the hormones in your milk. Yes, the goodness in your milk may outweigh the fear hormones and Yes, we don’t know what the animal that was being milked went through and what fear hormones it might be passing on via formula, but I do know this... As soon as I relaxed and the pressure (mainly in my own head) to breastfeed went away, the love and the bond between me and my child blossomed. Love is the ultimate fuel. Babies need our love just as much as they need food to survive (if not more).
    4. Please whatever you do, DO NOT judge a mother feeding her child in any which way she possibly can. You have no idea how many tears she cried till the point that she could comfortably breastfeed in public. You have zero clue as to how often she was losing the will to live until she could soothe her baby with a bottle. Believe me when I say ‘she is doing her very very best’.


    So much love going out to all the new mamas, the newborns and the judging eyes. We are, after all, the ones that need it the most.